Entertainment has also reaped from the benefits of turn of the century improvements from technology. This pretty much has a linear and chronological path from the time of the first television, to seeing the moving people in the box in Technicolor, and on to 1080P High Definition (HD).

During this time, entertainment has shifted from VHS Tapes to Compact Discs to DVD’s, and now, everything is just streamed online. Although, there is still a pretty good number of DVD users out there.

One fun fact of life is that smart phones are also capable of serving as the home and entertainment system remote control. This can consolidate all the remotes of your appliances into one device. The convenience is mind-blowing because you always keep your phone by your side. No more searching under the couch for the remote. There’s an end to always looking for a specific remote for every piece of appliance in your home.

Here are 7 best DVD Remote Apps for Android and iOS:

1. AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote

The AnyMote Universal Remote app is a good app that lives up to its name. It works best with Samsung, AVR, Sharp, Panasonic, and other prominent brands.

This smart remote app lets you customize your entertainment control needs by re-arranging buttons, changing color, positions, text, icons, and many more. You can also create macros to execute multiple commands on a single touch. Use automated tasks to execute commands without interaction like a mute on call.

You can do voice commands too through Google Now and you can have access to the app even while you’re sing other apps on your phone. If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, then you can certainly do air gestures with the app.

With the app’s paid access, you can add unlimited remotes, backup or restore any remotes, even get your personalized customer support, and many more.


2. SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Remote is dubbed to be the world-leading and award-winning Universal Remote Control App for home entertainment and smart home. This app lets you easily control your smart TV, media streamer, smart lights, air conditioner and more within just minutes of downloading and installing.

You can use it through voice commands with no need for integration with external voice assistants. You can also conveniently browse and play your music and videos by folder since it supports all popular audio and video formats.

The app works best on smartphones that’s equipped with an Infra-Red or IR blaster. If you’re phone doesn’t have this, no need to worry, you can use a Broadlink Wi-Fi-to-IR converter to enjoy all of its features. Using your Wi-Fi with it will enable you to control numerous smart TVs and media streamers such as Samsung, LG, and Amazon FireTV.

The SURE Universal app also has a customer support to answer your requests and suggestions anytime.


3. Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide

Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide

Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide is an app that revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV listings into one, easy to use, app.

The Peel Smart Remote app, lets you control your TV, set-top box, DVD player, Apple TV, audio system and other home appliances using the built-in Infra-Red or IR blaster on your phone. The app provides you with smart show recommendations and TV guide listings based on your preferences or your past viewing behavior that’s organized in a simple and easy to navigate interface.

Using the app will enable you to customize your Peel Smart Remote. You just have to choose and select your favorite channels and shows. This way, you can find out when and where your favorite TV programs and movies are available. The experience is easy and quick.

This app also lets you discover new TV shows and movies on any of your streaming video services like Netflix or Hulu.

This app is available for all Android and iOS users.


4. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller

The Mi Remote Controller is sleek and handy for a remote control app. This app will allow you to control your electronic appliances through your phone. It supports your TV, air-conditioner, DVD player, projector, camera, and many more. It also compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and many more brands.

You’re sure to be able to install the Mi Remote app and use its features as most phones with IR blasters support it. Also, all mobile devices can be used to control Mi TV/Mi Box and other smart TVs with standard protocols over Wi-Fi.

This app is available either through Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.


5. Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control

The Universal Remote Control app is versatile and full of features. The app works with smartphones you have like the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, Xiaomi Mi 4, Huawei P20 Pro and other phones with infrared port or IR emitter.

Using this app allows you to control your home appliances such as your TV, cable box, air-conditioner, DVD Player, projector, car audio, game console, and many others.

If you have climate devices such as the Carrier, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and others, you can also use this app with it.

This app is exclusively available via Google Play Store for Android devices.


6. ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR

The ASmart Remote IR is a universal remote control that lets you take control of your electronic devices. This app is really great because it has that authentic remote control feel.

With the ASmart Remote IR, you can even take control of your air conditioner, DSLR camera, streaming box, or projector. The app is a simple and easy-to-use. The developers constantly provide updates so its features and capabilities are always relevant to newer electronics.

This app is exclusively available through the Google Play Store for Android Devices.


7. IR Universal TV Remote

IR Universal TV Remote

The IR Universal TV Remote is a good replacement for your Television remote control. The app was designed in order to provide convenience to users. You can have your console duplicated so when you need to quickly switch channels on your TV or anywhere else or perform some other action, it’ll be quick and easy.

You can also easily browse through different categories and code sets to find the best remote settings which works for you. You can use the app with any phone that has an IR Blaster such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

You can create completely custom remotes with it and edit almost every aspect of your remote like changing the tool bar color or the background color. You can also upload a background image and customize your remote however you want it.


There are many types of remote apps available and this is all thanks to smart phone technology that work compatibly with old and new television models. The only thing to keep in mind is to that the app will working with some considerable testing.

Consider downloading one or two apps on this list then test them out. You’ll find the right and comfortable app which can stick with you until you change your device or so.