Driving games are a bit different from racing games and rally racing games because driving games is purely driving and you need to learn how to drive, enhance your driving skills, and do public driving. This looks like an ordinary driving game but it will take all the encouragement and fun and interest in you once you download games like this.

Once you download driving games, you will learn how to test your patience in driving, you will how to distance yourself from getting harm while driving, and you will know your speed limit when you already have this in your mobile device. These apps will help you in learning and will help you in enhancing your skills as a driver.



This is a 2- Dimensional graphic game that will give you an intense and fun experience in driving. You will be operating on a public road with all other cars along your way, and you will start to drive with them. You can choose your car to drive, and you can see the speed limit, the condition, and the class where it belongs. There are a lot of cars that you can choose from, and you can choose beautiful ones if you want to. While you’re driving, you can see your steering wheel, speedometer, brakes, clutch, and gear shifter all at the same time.

You can see other cars in front of you, there are a lot of cars that you can see, but those cars are not for racing; it is only for testing. This will help you practice your driving skills, your patience, and your speed in driving. You can also see in your screen the time remaining while you’re driving, this will determine how long you’re going to drive in a public place. You can also see if you’re going to be bumped into one car from another one. This is an interesting game that you can have if you’re practicing, this is a basic game to play, but you will have a lot of lessons to learn when you’re going to download and play Dr. Driving app.

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Driving School 2017 will take you to another level of learning how to drive. You can say that it is an easy way to learn because you’re guided by the instructions, but you will be more encouraged in learning how to drive when you’re already playing it. You can choose your car for you to drive on the road, from one car you can select for over 100 cars and know the details of the car you want to drive. You can drive different kinds of cars, from vintage one to the modern kind of car.

This is not a racing game but will be able to follow a map for you not to be lost and for you not to go on the wrong way. The interior designs are fantastic, and it will help you in driving better. You can see your accelerator, brakes, clutch, and gear shift, not just those one because those are the most important buttons that you can use, you can also find your lights button, horn, and wiper button if you want to use it in case the place will have a circumstance in raining. This is one of the good training ground because it will lead you in driving good and you will learn a lot from this game.

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Driving School 2016 is one of the most popular driving apps that you can have if you want to practice driving online. You can drive different kinds of vehicles like cars, pick-ups, trucks, vans, and a lot more. Not only that you can drive different kinds of vehicles, but you can also get different kinds of licenses when you’re done with your practice. You’re going to complete 50 levels in driving, and each level has a different level of difficulty.

You can drive in a country road, highways, traffic areas, and all other places that you need to drive to complete and pass the level that you’re into. The cars have different kinds of models, and those cars also have details when you’re driving. You can drive in the night time, and in day time it is your choice what time of the day you want to drive as long as you drive all the vehicles you need to drive. The cars are like real cars that you need to look at, the interiors are highly complete, and the sound of the engine is like a real starting car. You download this app for free and start driving at your own, learn how to drive and experience different kinds of vehicles in driving.

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This is a driving lesson app because you’re going to learn how to drive, follow road signs and other rules and regulations, and park your car at the right parking area. You’re going to finish some tasks or some levels for you to be a certified driver. All those tasks will have their difficulty, with those difficulties or levels, you can face and drive different kinds of roads, park at the most difficult parking area and so.

Before you go on your driving lessons, you need to learn first and know the road signs that you’re going to encounter while driving. You will be given enough time to learn and know all the road signs that will be provided to you. If you’re going to choose your car, there more than 100 cars that you can choose from, you can have automatic transmission, and you can have manual transmission if you want to. Remember that all the features of your car will be provided and can be seen in front of you. You will be driving in tracks with the easiest and hardest ways, road signs will be provided, and if you didn’t follow, you’d get busted.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fun, interesting, and extreme racing game that you can have. You can choose your car at your most convenient brand and model. You can customize the paint of your car so you don’t have any similarities with another car that you’ll be seeing along the road. This is an app where you can learn how to drive, race with your friends or other online players and stuck in traffic like you’re in a life-like scenario. You can drive with different places or maps if you want to, you can drive off- roads, airport, and other places.

With these places, your skills in driving will be trained and will be tested on how good you’re. The car that you will be handling or that you will be driving may either be in an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Your speed will me metered above, and there are three (3) camera angles that you can choose from. There are different kinds of cars that you can choose from, and it is up for you to decide what kind of car you can drive along the road if you want to race with other car or learn how to drive and encounter all the practices and levels that you need to take.

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Racing in Car is one of the most realistic kinds of game in the whole racing game industry. This app allows you to drive along the way with traffic, different kinds of cars, and all other commotions that leads your way. This is an endless racing game that you do not need to race from one car to the other, no need to see your speed limits, follow road rules and regulations, and there is no need for you to finish track lapses.

This is a 3- Dimensional graphics game that you will enjoy when you download this game. You have no competitors on the road that you’re driving, and you do not need to activate your car boost, you only need to follow the rules and regulations and follow the road that you’re driving. You can buy your car with the money that you collected from driving. You can earn as many coins as you want and later on, you can buy your car or car accessories if you want to.

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Real Driving Sim is an app that will make you go crazy about roads and cars. This is not just an app that will help you learn how to drive, test your patience, and drive along the road that you want to go through, and this will also help you in competing and racing with your co-players who wants to race and play with you. This is a real-time app that you can have in your mobile device if you want to drive and experience all the challenges and mode of player that you wanted to play. You can customize your own car, after buying or after collecting the car that you wanted, you can customize its exterior and interior designs for your car to be unique, extraordinary, and high speed when you want to use it.

All the controls that you have in your car are Manual Transmission, there are also automatic transmission, but if you want to use Manual Transmission, there are also cars that you can use. From the steering wheel, gear shifts, accelerator, brakes, clutch, and lights are given when you drive. You can drive in the night time or in the day time. You’re going to drive in an open map in Whole Europe, and you will encounter all the snow, mud, dirt, and asphalt kind of roads. If you want to play races with this game, you can choose with racing, consumption race, and high-speed racing. This is an endless game that you can enjoy during your free time.

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Bottom Line

Try these driving game apps now. You may learn something important about road safety when you download and access these apps. This is especially true for apps that provide real-time scenarios and life-like settings.