Sometimes the same old gin and tonic can get plain boring real quick. This usually happens when you’ve attended several social gatherings and lost count of the times you’ve had to raise your glass over the different festivities. You may even encounter the feeling that you’ve been at the club or bar way too often in the same month when the bartender automatically hands you the same old drink every time.

Well, sharing a drink with your friends is a good way to bond and have a good time but here are some alternative ways where you can save a bit of money and get a tad creative with the socializing.

On the top of the list would be drinking games and creative drink mixes. So if you’re 21 and up, read on ahead because these drinking apps and games are great ideas to liven up the party. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best drinking apps for Android and iOS.

1. iPuke: Drinking Game

iPuke doesn’t exactly sound appealing but it does sound like a challenge waiting to be accepted. This drinking app is actually a fun drinking game with many interesting challenges. All you need is a mobile phone, your group of friends, an unending supply of drinks, and this app, then you’re good to go. Just follow the manual. Do the challenge or drink.

iPuke is really a fun app that should be with you every time you host a party or a simple celebration. You’re sure to have the best times laughing at the silly antics caused by this app. Word of caution, before you use this app, make sure to get everyone’s consent so there won’t be any trouble ahead.

This app is available via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

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2. Drink-O-Tron


Drink-O-Tron is a fantastic game. This is a highly recommended download because the party will surely be much more interesting with this around. It’s easy to use and quite simple to understand.

You just start the app, lay out the cards on the center of the table. Make sure to have your friends around the table. Then, take turns picking out the cards from the app. The cards have different topics and it may tell you to make someone drink or run around the place with your hands pulled into your shirt.

This app is available via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


3. Seven Drinking Game

Seven Drinking Game

The Seven Drinking Game is great. It’s really funny and can possibly get you drunk faster. If you’re looking to speed up the pace of the party, you may need to call on the powers of this app. It’s great for parties, bonding, and making sure that your guests are going to drink more than they should.

The Seven Drinking Game has three modes of difficulty so it’s either going to be casual, hardcore, or ultimate. Regardless of the game mode, definitely, this game is full of laughter, Vikings, and drinking. The actions involved are really easy but can get a tad difficult when you’ve had quite a bit to drink already. The interface is nice and attractive. The icons are really funny.

This app is exclusively available for Android devices. Download this app via the Google Play Store.


4. Circle of Death Drinking Game

Circle of Death Drinking Game

Circle of Death Drinking Game is a concept game related to Kings and cards. It has more than ten game categories which will make sure your night will end up with lots of stories and a major hangover.

The app also allows you to edit the game rules so if you want to change something, you are free to do so. This game will come in really handy when the night is getting boring and everyone is just blankly staring at their phones.

This app is available via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


5. Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes

Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes

Your bartender dreams are now much closer to reality with Cocktail Flow. This app is awesome because you get to mix drinks and share them with your friends.

This app lets you discover your next drink when you’re feeling adventurous and spontaneous. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to make a great cocktail or mixed drink.

This app can also be your bartender cheat sheet if you’re just starting out your career as an esteemed bartender.

Download this app for free via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


6. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is a simple drinking app which works really well for small groups and celebrations. You just need to install this on your phone, spin the wheel, and drink.

The design of the app is quite minimal which adds to its simple appeal.

Gather around the table, with the phone in the center and then take turns spinning the wheel. This app is perfect if none of the people in group are willing to do drinking challenges.

This app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


7. King of Booze – Drinking Game for Adults

King of Booze

One of the most important things when it comes to drinking games would be two things. A high amount of drinks and an open mind. King of Booze is a great drinking game app that has over 220 game challenges.

You’ll surely spend the night with laughter and crazy stories because this game will not let the players off easy.

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Download the app via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


Bottom Line

You could be out with friends or just staying in. These drinking apps are sure to make things much more interesting and fun. You could even get funny videos out of it. Make sure to check your phones after you nurse your hangover because you’ll surely remember a great time.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink and drive. Drink moderately and responsibly.