Drag racing is very popular not just from one place, and it is popular in every corner of the world. This attracts a lot of cars and professional drivers who want to compete from one driver to another. All the drivers that are into drag racing are professionals, and with licenses, they have limited cars with specific gears to make their cars faster and unique.

Drag Racing is not only for a personal matter of driving, but you can also play drag racing virtually. There are a lot of apps that you can enjoy when you want to experience drag racing on your mobile phone. Those apps will be giving you a more extreme experience in driving, you will be competing with different kinds of cars, and you will be competing with all around the world. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best drag racing games for Android and iOS.



Drag Racing Classic is a real-time racing app that you will enjoy while playing the game. You’re about to play with your friends online and meet other drag racing players in your app because this app will help you meet friends and enhance more of your driving skills. You’re going to choose your best drag racing cars, from one model to another, you can check and select the colors that you want for your vehicle to be more stylish and unique. Upon checking your car, you can see the details that you want to know like the speed, the engines, the turbo, the insides, and all other parts and details of your car.

The interior design of your car looks like a sports car that you will be amazed because instead of you having an ordinary steering wheel, you’re going to have a steering wheel wherein the turbo are included. You will be going to drive your own car, overtake and shut down all your opponent and take the leader board. You’re also allowed to drive your opponent’s car if you want to. There are a lot of features that you can do with this app that you will never regret to play when you download this.

Android iOS



CSR Racing is one of the most downloaded app in the whole corners of the world. You’re playing the world’s most racing game in the drag racing world. This app will give the most outrageous cars that you want to have in real life, note that all the cars that you’re playing here with are licensed and limited just for drag racers only available.

There are levels that you need to take, a challenge that you want to finish, and a line that you want to race with your friends may it be online or not. You will be completing tracks that are according to the choices that you have made, and you will be given enough time to finish the race and allow the leader board and your car to determine who is leading the way. You can beat all the racers that are competing with you, and if you won, you would be joining the International competitions and take pride of your place for another level of tier competition.

Android iOS



CSR Racing 2 is for players who are really into cars and who are into racing games. You will be able to race with different kinds of cars and players all around the world. You will be competing with your friends online in Multi-Player game, knowing this game mode, you can see the photo of your friend driving the car that he or she chose, you can also see the name of your friend and see what is the place of his car to yours. The cars that you will be using are ranging from the classics or vintage up to the modern types of cars, and it comes with different brands, models, versions, and details.

You will be choosing the designs of your cars from the exterior designs up until your interior designs. You may out some unique stickers and plans to make your vehicle more attractive and thrilling. You compete with your friends, finish the laps and make it into the number one in the leader board. You will choose what kind of map or track you will be driving, with that being said, you can select and race with everyone who is joining your competition in a drag race.

Android iOS



Drag Battle is an app that you can play at any time and anywhere. You compete and race with your friends online or offline battles and win the competition and races. This is a 3- Dimensional graphic game that you can enjoy while having your break time, and you will be choosing a lot of cars that you can use for your race, you can also customize the color and the design, from the design of your lights, wheels, and other specifications. You will be free to choose whatever design you want as long as you make it unique and fast.

Before driving your car into the race proper, you can see the speedometer of your car, the accelerator, the nitro, the lights, and the time that you’re having while driving. You will be given enough time to finish the race, that time will determine the speed of you on how long would you take to complete the game or the competition. There is also a free race game that you want to try if you’re going to enhance your skill in driving and if you’re going to test your speed in a time limit mode game.

Android iOS



Asphalt 8 Airborne is an app that will lead you to the air while racing. This is a fantastic app for you because there are no rules, no specific kind of car that you can use to run, there is no limit of friends to join the game. This is a 3- Dimensional game that you will enjoy in every bit of its feature. You will be choosing your own car and even in your motorcycle with different kinds of models, versions, types, and brands.

There is an existing location that you can race before you download this app, but to be more innovative and updated, Asphalt 8 Airborne launched and unlock great tracks, maps, and places that you can go for a race. There are a lot of challenges and modes of the game if you want to choose from any of it, from the time-limited match up to the free race challenge that you want to enjoy. You have your free will to arrange everything, from your car, location, up until your game mode for a more exciting and challenging game.

Android iOS



Nitro Nation Drag and Drift is one of the most addicting games that you can have in your mobile device. You can race with your friends online and offline, join tournaments, and rank number one in the leader boards during the race. You’re going to have an extraordinary experience when you download this game because there are a lot of features that you can enjoy while playing. You will be given a chance to customize your own car, change the colors of your car, choose what kind of decals you will be putting, stickers to put in your car at the front and at the back, and you can also choose the type of tires you can have.

From classic vintage cars up to the innovative modern cars, you can select every inch of the car brands provided for you. In choosing the best car for you, you can see the details for every part of it. You can check the engine, speed limit, model, version, brand, and other interiors that you want to check. You will be driving a Manual Transmission, so all the controls that you will be having are from a manual transmission cars. You also have a customized a control or button for your nitro boost so if you’re racing with your friends and you’re aiming for a number one rank in the game, and you might use this button to load the game.




This is the most realistic racing game that you can encounter and that you can download in your favorite mobile device. You’re allowed to customize your own car depending on the design and style as you want to for your car to be more unique and beautiful. You can play with different tracks of your choice, asphalt, grass, and sand. The primary purpose of this game, if you play, is that you can drift at any surface of your tracks. This is here if you want to take a break from drag racing games. You can earn points and test your drifting skills wherever surface you’re in track.

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