Download Manager is a software that actually manages and shows the files that you’re downloading, for example, a document, a picture, a simple video, or a movie that you want to watch offline or online if you want to. This software will allow you to see how many percent have added to the file, movie, or photo that you’re downloading, you may see if the downloading process is moving fast or slow or depends on your internet speed. This software will allow you to see the title of the movie or the file; you may also see if it is in a folder or not.

Download Managers is very helpful for your everyday life because it is very convenient, it will save you from waiting while downloading because you can do a lot of errands while the file you want is downloading. Download Managers will automatically save the file that you have downloaded or will ask you where the downloaded file will be located. Moreover, you can just let the downloader save it for you, and you can just see or find the downloaded file according to the location where you want it to be located.



Download Manager can also be called Free Download Manager because it is not just free, you can also have it in your Google Chrome by adding the extension of this software and it will be applied whenever you need it.

With Download Manager, you can see the categories that are related and where the file came from, you can see the drive where the downloaded file will be located, the Family category wherein you can see if it a folder or it will be located in the Family folder, the YouTube category in which it where the file, the music, the movie or the video came from, and lastly, the Torrent where the file came from. The colors according to the categories of the file will be displayed beside the downloaded or the downloading file.

You can see if it an audio or movie file can be available for download. This software is actually a convenient software for you because while your files or videos or movies are downloading, you can do other errands while waiting for your file to be completely downloaded and saved on your computer. You may also see the percentage of the movement of your downloaded file for you to know if it is fast moving or if it becomes stagnant.



Download’em All is one of the simplest Download Manager that you can have in your personal computers, laptops, or MAC by adding it your Extensions in Google Chrome.

You can download images, PDF or HTML files, videos, or movies directly from the website that you’re seeing in your screen as long as you have the Download’em All software. When you want to use it, you can just click the Extension in which you can see the icon of Download’em All and select which one you’re going to download. Click the specific category, and the file will already be downloaded. You can download as many as you want because it is free and unlimited.



Download Master is a balanced software for downloading files. Download Master is easy to use because you can just download the files in a specified Web page. You can just click the Download Master Software in your extension, and copy the link or links that have the files you want to be downloaded. This will give you an option whether you will select the images or the files that you want to download or just download all the things that are included in the web page from top to bottom.

When it comes to video downloading, it is just the same as the downloading your PDF, images, and files but the only difference is that you may set the file size for Download Master to easily download your videos. Upon clicking the URL or the link of the video or videos that you want to download, the settings and the buttons of Download Master will change according to the file that you want and need to download for preferences and convenience.



This software can easily be found via the Google Chrome Store, and you can also add this software as an extension for easy access. This is actually simple and easy to use because you can definitely download and save online videos to your hard drive. No more buffering or interrupted watching.



This software has the easiest way of downloading your favorite videos, because you can search for the websites that your favorite movies or favorite videos have, and you can directly click the icon of the Flash Video Downloader. You can see what’s being downloaded by the app because it will show you the title. You can also pause the downloading if you need to move attention away from it. For more than 1,000 websites, you can search your favorite videos, movies, or audios that you want to download, Flash Video Downloader will give the best quality and speedy download of your favorite videos all at the same time.

This supports any quality or resolutions of the videos that you want to download, may it be 1080P or 720P, depending on what’s available. Flash Video Downloader supports movies, videos, audios, Facebook Videos, and all other. When it comes to YouTube, there are some videos that cannot be downloaded for privacy and copyright content, but Flash Video Downloader will give you more than what you’re expecting to have a better quality of outcome when you save it to your hard drives or internal drives.



Online Download Manager is very free to add to your Google Chrome extension. You can also see the icon if you would add this to your Chromecast. You can manage all the downloaded files like the Images, Videos, and Audio files. There are different ways to download the images, videos, and audio of your choice because, it has corresponding settings or options that you can use.

For images, you can download bulk or single image at a time depending on the necessity and number of images you want to download. You can just go to the web page of the images that you want to download, and it will automatically show it to your Download Manager, you can see how it is going and what the size of the images you have downloaded is. Videos are one of the most important things that we need to download for us to watch offline and if you don’t have internet.

You can just go to the web page where your favorite videos are located, and you can start to download them and easily manage the time and size of the videos you’re downloading, it will also automatically be saved on your computers. ou can download as many files as you want, and you can download the things you want to download as long as Online Download Manager supports the format.



Eagleget Free Downloader is also one of the simplest Google Chrome Extension that you can add to your Computer. This software can run on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. This will easily help you with everything that you need to download — documents, movies, images, videos, and audio files that you can enjoy offline. The dashboard of Eagleget Free Downloader will show you the files or other things that are in process of downloading.

Eagleget will also show you where the completed files are automatically saved in your hard drive. You can also see the pending items that are for downloading. This software can also be integrated with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You can actually see the documents that are on downloading process, you can see the percentage of how fast it is for it to be completed. Since it is very simple to operate, the documents or files that you have downloaded can be categorized or sorted based on the details of the items for you not to be confused in the location of each item that you have downloaded.

Bottom Line

One of the most powerful productivity tools available is Google Chrome. It has collaborative software, email, cloud storage, and app extensions. If you’re hunting for the best stuff the internet can offer, get Google Chrome with the download manager extensions. They’ll make grabbing files as easy as 1-2-3.