Disk analyzers in any device are still important to maintain and understand the amount of remaining storage space that you have in your different devices. For mobile phones, the disk analyzer usually lets you know which of the major file groups occupy the disk space. This often refers to images, videos, documents, and apps. Definitely, Disk Space Analyzer will be great for letting you know if you can still save that movie to watch offline later on.

Disk analyzers are your reminders if the apps that you want to download and install are still enough to be shown in your device. Some apps are greater than your disk space, so it will give you a pop-up reminder if it is not enough or it can be converted into a smaller space for you to install and download it. There are also devices that have a small storage disk space, so it is very good to have disk analyzer for you to know what apps you’re going to download to save disk space.

In this guide, you’ll find the five best disk pace analyzer for Mac.



Disk Drill Basic is a simple at the same time useful and comprehensive kind of app that you can use to analyze your drives so you can free up your space on your Mac. This allows you to have a rundown of apps that are in your Mac computer, and it will show you the specific items if you want to. There’s a so called “Target” button where you can specify the file that you want to check and analyze, for example the images, videos, documents, and all other files that you have in a specific directory.

It will show you how much space that file or folder has occupied, if it took up a lot of space, and it’s the main folder that you use for saving. The analysis will use color coding; it will be colored red because of the amount of space that you have occupied. It will also show you the important and not so important files that you can delete for you to free up some space.



This app can be used for Mac users because it is very simple and easy to operate. This is a commercial based app in which you can purchase it or buy it if you want to use this analyzer for a long time, there’s also a free trial for you to experience this extraordinary app for your Mac. This is an app that has a cool and simple feature because of its physical visualization and operation. This app is the most or the most popular in Mac users because this is the app that can be used at anytime and anywhere.

It will help you determine what disks or what systems are connected to your device for you to know the files that have been downloaded into your computer. This is a wheel type kind of analyzing documents and files with colors, where you can determine the app or file or document have occupied so much of your spaces. This will also show you what to and what not to delete for you to free up some space for your convenience.



GrandPerspective is somewhat different compared to the other apps that you can use for you to analyze and free up some space in your Mac Computers. This one has a simple feature that will keep the reporting clear for you if you’re a daily user. For some users who would want to try this app, you might be confused at first, but you will get it once you frequently use the app. This will give you a full screen of data occupation for you to see the spaces that your Mac Computer has occupied. This is like a game because it is colorful and tricky sometimes.

This will show you the time range of the documents that have been saved and installed, For example some files are downloaded and installed 15 days ago, and some was 5 days ago and so on. There’s a corresponding color according to the date you have saved your files and it will give you an option whether to delete that file based on the time range. Kind of like clothes that you haven’t worn for over a year will go to a donation bin.



This app will help you decide what are the files you’re going to save or delete. This offers you a very detailed report about files occupying your disk drives with different kinds of sizes and types. This is workable if you’re a person who saves a lot in your computer and forgets to save or transfer it to other drives for you to free up some space.

This is a free app that you can use to save up your computer’s space disk. A lot of documents are saved, and sometime it will leave you to a damaged device. For you to save your disk drive and your computer as well, you need Disk Inventory X and let it work for you if you need it.

This is very helpful if you’re saving a lot, this allows you to see the tree map wherein it will show you the colors or the files that have been occupied the most space. You can directly see which occupied a lot of storage space by clicking a block that is the biggest, and it will lead you to the specific document. This is very time saving because you go ahead and select the biggest block, lead you to the specified folder or document, and it is up to you to decide whether to delete it or transfer it elsewhere.



OmniDiskSwepper is almost the same with Disk Inventory X App where it shows you a tree map so can determine how big or small you have occupied into a certain folder or drive. Their difference is, OmniDiskSweeper allows you to see how much space you have occupied in that particular drive and it will show you what are the files that are inside of the specific file folder. Since it is very simple to operate, it is also very simple to see which files have gotten much space. It is a free app that you can use to your Mac computer.

There are colors that will determine what file folders or how much you have occupied a space. This will also give you a pop up if you’re having not enough space and if the size of the app you want to download is still enough for you to save it or you might save it to other drives. The files can be specific for you to see the other files that occupied your storage space, so it is better to download OmniDiskSweeper to help you free up some space in your Mac Computer.

Bottom Line

Nothing beats the pie chart report that will let you know how much space you’ve consumed on your disk drives. If you need help getting a clear and comprehensive report, check out these amazing disk analyzer apps.