Education and learning is a continuous process with the help of the right tools. Everyday you’ll meet new people whose culture and language is different from what you currently know and comprehend. Thus, you must keep up with the changes around you through self-improvement and continuous learning.

You’ll encounter new foreign or profound words that you don’t even know the meaning, let alone pronounce them. It would be a great help if there’s a tool that you could use to search for the word, look for its meaning and apply your newly acquired knowledge. Nowadays, everything should be within arm’s reach and your phone is something you have all the time. So the best way to go is to have a resource of reference tool in your mobile phone.

Here are 7 best dictionary apps for your daily reference:

1. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

This urban dictionary is not like the usual dictionary. You may consider this as your secondary dictionary since it helps you to know the latest invented words. You’ll definitely encounter a lot of new words when you browse around internet sites. You may even find abbreviated phrases like LOL for laugh out loud.

If you’re looking to finding out the meaning of modern words and languages then this app is the right one for you. Nowadays, there is a lot of newly invented words that you don’t know the meaning and urban dictionary is the right resource. Sometimes words don’t literally mean what are so urban dictionary will be here to help figure those complicated words out. This app also defines many inappropriate words so thread carefully.


2. Oxford Dictionary of English: Free

Oxford Dictionary of English

The oxford dictionary has over 600,000 words with three million quotations for over one thousand years of English. This app may help you learn more about old and new English word and find the meaning of any word, anywhere you want.

The app is easy to browse and very practical if you’re a student or a professional. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate.

This is a free app, but you can opt to upgrade to remove ads and any unnecessary obstructions.


3. Dictionary by The Free Dictionary

Dictionary by The Free Dictionary

Dictionary by The free Dictionary is a comprehensive app that gets its information from three sources such as the Webster dictionary, American heritage dictionary, and Roget’s Thesaurus. You will find millions of English definitions, 13 other languages, idioms, and slang vocabulary.

This is a vital resource for students, teachers, and professionals. If you’re looking to improve your English capabilities, it would be very practical to have this app on your phone. You’ll never know when you may need to look up a word.

The app’s design is pretty simplistic and takes the layout and feel from traditional physical dictionaries. Further, you’ll love that these apps can directly speak to you and pronounce the word you’re looking up.


4. Wordweb


The Wordweb app has over 285,000 words with 70,000 usage examples and 85,000 text pronunciations. It’s not just the definition that you will find here but also the synonyms, and antonyms of words, as well as the alternative words as provided by thesaurus of the app. The Wordweb app is free and works whenever you’re online and offline and has no advertisement or in-app purchases.

The app’s dashboard is very clean and easy on the eyes. It has two tabs that are essential app features. You tap on lookup to find a specific word while you use search to discover new words. You can input the necessary filters during the search. These filters refer to nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and more.


5. is a free app but also has premium options. What’s good about this app is that it has word of the day, which gives you interesting blog articles about the origin of the word, and it will show you on how you can use in a sentence. It’s like your regular dictionary that you could use online or offline. You may also save words that you like the sound, the meaning or just the word itself. Like a bookmark.

The app is very easy to use. It also has a playback feature where the pronunciation of the word will be retrieved through the app.


6. English Dictionary Offline

English Dictionary Offline

The English Dictionary Offline is a very wide ranging app. This app has over 243,000 words that is for you to learn. The good thing about English dictionary offline app you get the chance to learn new words and have fun at the same time.

It will let you play the game “hang on, man”, which works just like hangman. This game will test your vocabulary skills. It works just like Google search where you just need to enter the word and it will give you the definition. There’s a lot of good features this app has, like you may look into the history of your searches, save words, write notes, and manage your bookmarks.

This app is exclusively available via the Google Play Store for Android devices.


7. Merriam Webster

This app is one most favorite and well known amongst other dictionaries. It’s most likely everything you will need to learn about English. You will find this app very useful since it offers audio pronunciations, word of the day trivia, synonyms, antonyms and example sentences. This app has a free version and if you don’t like ads you may subscribe for only $2.99.

The app is very straightforward. You can use the universal search bar to look up the word you have or speak it directly. The app will recognize your speech and look for the word within its database.


The dictionary is a very thick reference material that has all the words in a certain language. Well, all of the official words. It’s not really practical to have it all the time unless you’re a student whose always lugging a big school bag filled with books. The dictionary app is definitely a resource that should be in every mobile phone because you’ll never know when you need to look up a word, or two.