Are you looking to expand your vocabulary? Do you have some spare time and don’t want to just sit around and read all day? Well how about downloading a crossword app. It’s fun, time consuming, and very challenging. When you start placing your first few words, you’ll find yourself engrossed in the game and before you know it, an hour or more would have already passed.

Crosswords aren’t just available in the daily newspaper anymore. You can have it straight on your phone so placing words becomes quite easier. If you think about it, it’s cleaner to erase letter inputs on a phone app rather than filling out the pen and paper crossword that comes in the daily broadsheets.

So look no further because in this guide you’ll find the seven best crossword apps for Android and iOS.

1. New York Times Crossword

New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword is a game app developed by The New York Times Company, hence the name. When you subscribe to its full version, you’ll have full and unlimited access to every puzzle and you can play anytime and anywhere. It has a daily puzzle released every 10 PM Eastern Time and it gets harder as the days and weeks go by.

It also contains mini puzzles for you to play with. These crossword puzzles can be played without a subscription so the app gives you a balance of paid and free content. If you like, there are also downloadable themed puzzles for you to add on your collection.

You’ll have a seven day free trial before the app asks you to subscribe. The subscription is only $6.99 a month or if you want to have it annually, it is for $39.99 a year. This app is available for Android and iOS. Download it through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

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2. World’s Biggest Crossword

World’s Biggest Crossword

World’s Biggest Crossword by AppyNation is a cool crossword app. You can solve hundreds of original puzzles with over ten thousand clues and quests to complete. Once you complete puzzles you get to earn trophies.

You can choose a game mode from its seven options. Among the seven modes are World’s Biggest Crossword where you’ll have over 350 classic puzzles, World’s Tallest Crossword where puzzles have bigger grids, longer words, and tougher clues, Daily Diamond Crossword where you can get extra rewards with snack sized bonus puzzles, and Codewords Puzzle where you’ll have to decipher a code to complete the crossword grid. There are more game modes so download the app to find out all of them.

AppyNation’s Crossword app is available for all Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download via the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and supports in-app purchases for additional features and items.


3. Little Crossword Puzzles

Little Crossword Puzzles

The Little Crossword Puzzles app is also known as the 5 Minute Crossword Puzzles app developed by Second Gear Games. This app has a variety of small sized puzzles that you can solve while on transit. You could be riding the bus to work, or in a train headed for school, or riding an uber and passing the time because you’re in stuck in a traffic jam.

The app lets you choose which level of difficulty you want to play in. The app is available in three languages: English, French, and Russian. The functionality of Little Crossword Puzzle will allow you to scroll down to see the entire puzzle or zoom in to read the text. You can also skip any crosswords when you find them too difficult to solve. Take note, you have to remember that you have to solve each in 5 minutes.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


4. Clean Crosswords

Clean Crosswords

Clean Crosswords will fit in nicely with tea time and biscuits. The app is written in British English and allows you to play unlimited crossword puzzles on your mobile phone. The different thing about this app is that you won’t find the clues outside of the grid or the puzzle as they are shown right in the puzzle grid making it easy for you to view and play.

The Clean Crosswords app is another crossword app for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. It’s also free to download and supports in-app purchases for any additional items.


5. Crossword Puzzle Redstone

Crossword Puzzle Redstone

Crossword Puzzle Redstone has the best looking dashboard on a crossword app compared to other apps. The free version already provides access to thousands of crossword games which are perfect pieces to exercise and stimulate your brain. The app is also very handy so you can use the app anywhere with a connection.

Its features includes a smart look up where you’ll get word suggestions when you encounter difficult clues. You also have the multi-word hints to see whether the answer has two or more words. You can also skip filled cells when you navigate through the puzzle with the smart step tool and lock completed words to keep them when you’ve guessed them correctly. It has many other features which can help you complete the puzzles in the app.

The Crossword Puzzle by Redstone is a free app for all Android and iOS devices. Download the app through Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. The app also supports in-app purchases for more items.


6. Crossword US

Crossword US

The Crossword US app is a US-style crossword puzzle with 540 professional and casual level crossword puzzles. The app is free for download and supports in-app purchases. The initial 50 puzzles are free with no advertisements to bother you. Then you may want to consider purchasing some puzzle packs. There will be 55 extra puzzles per pack.

Part of the functionality is the option to change your keyboard colors, and more.

It features a US style game with no hanging letters and you can pinch to zoom in to the grid. You’ll also have a clue list view and have 3 keyboard choices.

Overall, this is a pretty simple app but still worth checking out.


7. Crossword Quiz

Crossword Quiz

The Crossword Quiz app is a free app with different levels of difficulty which ranges from easy for beginners to extremely hard for seasoned professionals.

When you access the app you can choose from various sizes of crosswords. There’s a 5×5 crossword for beginners for easy solving. You can even get some clues to help you with the answer. Then after that, you can have the 7×7 crossword for a slightly difficult game. Then, you can go for a 9×9 if you’re really looking for a challenge. Lastly, you can opt for the extreme level and have the 11×11 crossword puzzle. When you finish that, you can crown yourself as an expert player.

This app suits any type of player from all ages. Download it through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


Crosswords can actually illicit various reactions from different people all over the world. Some people think the word game is fun; some will say it’s hard but overall crosswords stimulate the mind to think and look for solutions to creative problems. Download some of the apps listed above and give yourself a challenge.