Craiglist is one of the largest classified ads that you can access anytime and anywhere. There are a lot of people who are using Craiglist and are connected with the community to have a mutual connection and also to have a higher chance to search and find what you’re looking for in just a short time. Listed below are apps alternative to Craiglist that you can download to your mobile device to help you find the things that you’re looking for and to connect yourself from the community who are members of these apps.



CPlus ranked number one because it is one of the licensed app for IOS and Android that Craiglist approved to be used in searching specific services or jobs. CPlus is one of the best for browsing. CPlus enables you to automatically find particular needs in your nearby city so that it will not be hard for you to travel and spend money on transportation.

CPlus app has a lot of features to offer for a user like you, as it enables you to search multiple places according to your choice all at the same time. You’re also allowed to preview your search results according to your preferences, you can preview it in a photo- description mode, photo mode, and description mode. You’re also allowed to save and add your searches in your “Favorites” section to avoid repetition, to edit, and add notes whenever you want to remember, put additional information, and access your previous searches if you’re going to go back and update things that you put in that specific searches. CPlus can be downloaded freely to your Android and IOS Device if you want to have a more convenient and comfortable time in looking for the things that you need.




CSMart is one of the smartest, safest, and powerful app that you can have in your mobile device because this is the app that you can rely on whenever and wherever you want to look for jobs, for rent houses, for sale houses, automotive, services, and a lot more. This app is highly recommended for people like you who like colorful and well-detailed items, listings, and other options. If you’re looking for a specific thing or job, then search filters are one of the best options that you can use to look for particular items. The app lets you filter the prices, brand name, model, color, size, and all other filtering options for you to look for the specific item that you’re looking for.

CSmart also offers a multiple city searches in which you can search for items, for rents, automotive and other things in multiple cities near you all at the same time. You can also save the keywords, and the places that you have searched in your search history.




Most of you’re fond of searching items that are near in your place; you’re also fond of looking at the details of the things that you’re looking for to know if the item that you’re looking for is the same as the item that is in your Craiglist searches. Qwilo helps you in searching for items, services, jobs, or other things that are in your feed near you.

If you want to be notified on certain items, jobs, or services, you need to pay $1 for unlocking the notification feature and enjoy the related topics that are in your search result history. You may select the mode of your screen, there’s a night mode feature that you can use for a fresh physical appearance, there’s also a feature that you can enjoy from time to time, it is the contact button beside the item or the services that you want to call for easy access and for you to contact the person who posted the image and detail right away.




Do you want to look for a specific item that you will not go to a remote place to find that item? Here is the solution, CL Mobile app or the Classified Listings app can help and offer you when it comes to looking for a specific thing that you can’t see in different stores and also, Classified Listings allows you to search for opportunities that are related to you and your skills, it also allows you to find for services that offer affordable and quality results. CL Mobile is an app that not support Craigslist classified ads, but it also supports other classified ads platform like Facebook, Google, and a lot more platforms that are compatible with CL Mobile App.

You can, and you’re allowed to filter searches if you want to have specific results. You can filter your search by clicking the options that CL Mobile provides. The unique feature of CL Mobile is that you can save your chosen ads to the “Favorites” section of CL Mobile and you can repetitively go back to where you saved it and check if the ads that you saved are still there for opportunities and services. CL Mobile comes with a Free and In-app installation if you want CL Mobile comes with a free advertisement app to avoid multiple pop-ups and notifications that are not necessary for your classified ads.




Daily Craiglist Classifieds App is convenient and has lots of features to offer. If you want to post your items, jobs, rentals, and other services, tap any images in full screen to see the exact details of the items or things that you’re really interested, if you want to share different markets that are for sale, for rent, or services on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and if you want to access this app quickly, there’s a handy tool for all of this options and start posting your items within the app.

This app is a free tool with advertisements so, if you want to look for a job, for rents, for sale, automotive, you’re in the right place. You notice that this app have a single feature that you can use all the time, and you can figure things out without having any tutorial.

Do you like replying in the items that most interests you? And what you’re saying is the same as what you’re saying in the previous conversation with a person? With Daily Craiglist Classifieds app, you can save the replies that you’re entering all over again as a template and you can copy or paste it if you saw something related to the item that you’re looking for.

You can receive notifications through the app whenever there are items or places or services or jobs that are related or the same with the search results that you’re looking for. You can set the time, or you can schedule the time if you want to be notified when you’re not busy and when you have time searching the notifications all at the same time.




CPro is an app that offers a lot of items, rentals, services, automotive, and other things that you’re looking for in one app. This app is free to download, and you can get the full details and full features of CPro app, you will not regret downloading and getting this app because there are features that are unique among the other app. You can be guaranteed when you buy items or services inside the app itself. You can make sure that all the things that are posted in CPro app are legitimate, the details are accurate, and the price are reasonable and affordable according to the condition of the items.

If you like games with rewards like coin rewards, this is the best app that has a similarity with those games because they offer coins that you can use in purchasing items. Further, those coins have an equivalent to your real money.

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Minimalist physical appearance, simple to operate, search anything specific, look for classifieds near you, these are some features that Postings app offers you. Postings app is one of the Craigslist search apps that you can use if you want to look for an apartment for rent, house for sale, in-demand jobs, automotive, or services near your place or any place available. This app is effortless and easy to use because you need to enter the things that you’re looking for and Postings app will find a way to look it up for you.

Postings app have a minimalist physical feature that makes you more interested in searching and expect what Postings app has to offer to you. You can filter the things that you’re searching for like you can edit the location, you can also sort your search result from the newest post to the oldest post, you may also select if you want your item to be shown in a photo only, title only, or a combination of the two, you can also put the price range of the things that you’re looking for you to know the minimum and maximum amount of money you’re going to budget out, and you’re now good to go. This app is free to download, so you don’t regret having this, remember the features it offers.

Bottom Line

If you’re an avid CL user, then you may want to check out some of the apps listed above. They’re easy to use and lightweight. They offer a comprehensive CL experience on your mobile phone. Download and try them out today.