The Catholic Bible is one of the translated versions of the original Holy Bible. The Catholic Bible is the word of God about his messages for His people. If you’re a devout Christian, you can read and see that the word of God is your strength and salvation. With the technology of apps, you can now search and look for a specific scripture or word of God if you’re going through challenges in life. You can always depend on the Bible if you want to read and know the presence of God and his words to enlighten your everyday life. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best Catholic Bible Apps for Android and iOS.


Bible Gateway is a combination of hearing and reading the word of God. This one is an app that you can learn and reflect every word and every scripture you’re reading. You can find everything you’re looking for. Use the search button and look for the right reading that you need. If you want to listen and reflect on the verses, chapter, or scripture, you can browse for the proper verse, and you can start listening to them as an added feature. This is an app that looks like your handy bible; the only difference is, Bible Gateway is a digital bible.

English is the primary language of Bible Gateway, but there are a lot of translations that you can choose from if you’re in a different place or if you want to learn about the scripture in a different language. You can read, bookmark, highlight, and take notes. This is essential if you want to share with your friends, family, and acquaintances. You can also share the verse of the day through your Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Twitter. A straightforward app that makes your life more meaningful and can be easily shared in every way.

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Catholic Audio Bible is a rare app that you can have in reflecting and in listening to the word of the Lord. It is mainly a listening type of Bible that you can enjoy and reflect at any time of the day. This app will take you to another place, precisely in the Kingdom of God because what you can hear is the voice of narrators who wants to spread the word of God. In the original Bible, you can see the chapters that are involved in the life of Jesus. Subsequently, with the Catholic Audio Bible, it is just the same but using narration and listening.

Everything will be laid down in your list, and you do not need to download every audio that is playing in your app. You need to click the play and pause button to listen to the word of the Lord. It will not take a lot of space if you download this app because the audio that you’re going to listen to is built-in and no need to download.

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Ipieta is more on works and prayers. There are a lot of languages and versions that you can have and use to understand the word of the Lord. This is the only app which has the Liturgical Calendar for you to be updated in every situation and event in a liturgical year. The said events will be listed down, it will give you a specific date, the things that you do, the prayer for that event, and how long will it happen.

There are a question and answer version of this app for you to know and for you to reflect on what happened to the day you’re reading. You can learn the life of the Lord, and you can reflect on everything that happened in that situation. It is not just about reading; you can also hear the word of God, the Prayer and other work if you want to listen and reflect holistically. You can search the specific verse and prayer of the day so you can be updated in daily readings. There is a night mode for this app, so if you want to read in the night time, you can open and reflect.

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Holy Bible or the YouVersion Bible is a holistic bible app that you can have in your mobile device. You can listen, read, make art, share, and watch every scripture, passages, chapters, and verses. The Bible lets you search the word of God if you’re looking for a specific verse that will help you enlighten your day. You can also watch every devotion if you’re one of the devotees, you can watch over a hundred videos if you want to hear and watch devotions at any time and anywhere. If you want to reflect and read verses, you search or click the scriptures, and all of the verses will be laid down to you.

This app will let you listen and read every day verses for your strength and challenges in life. If you want to share some beautiful verse artwork, click on the specific verse and you can now use it to make beautiful artwork and share it to your friends and loved ones in your social media sites. You can also have a bible study with your friends and family if you want because this app has articles that will guide you in your group reflection.

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Laudate is one of the unique and comprehensive Catholic Bible that you can have. This is not just an ordinary Bible because what’s inside are the Liturgy or the Word, Responsorial Psalm, daily prayers, Stations of the Cross, and the Rosary. A regular Bible has the scriptures and testaments, with Laudate there are prayers, reflections, response, programs and many more. You’re allowed to arrange a mass because Laudate caters the Mass Program and other prayers that you need during the Eucharist. There are also Daily prayers that you can have or that you can immediately read if you’re having a bad day or if you want to be guided by Jesus throughout your day.

There are a lot of translations and versions that you can have when you have this app. If you’re in a different place and you want to share the word of God with people, you can automatically translate it so the people can understand and for you to share it directly to them. Laudate is not just responding and listening to God’s prayer, and you can also import prayers and bookmark a prayer that affects your personality in the app. So if you’re looking for a more comprehensive Catholic Bible, Laudate is the best app for you.

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Bible Catholic Study is an app by Ignatius- Augustine Institute version where there are complete verses, scriptures, and other Bible parts. This app is focused on Talks about Saint John and some commentaries that will lead us to answers which we questioned a long time ago. This is a unique app that you can have in your mobile device because it will show you the reality and the word of the Lord. You can search on the verses, scriptures, or talks in the bible in the Search button, everything will be listed down, and you need to select the specific and the exact things you’re looking for.

This is a simple app that you can use in your everyday reflection. This app also has an audio feature in which you can hear and reflect on the daily homily and the daily talks about Jesus. Not only reading and listening to your daily verses, but you can also purchase via the relevant verses and everything you want to know about the Bible. You can make your playlist for you to listen every time you’re going through something or if you’re going to reflect at any time of the day.

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Just like the Catholic Study of Saint John, this is an app that makes you feel really, and that will take you into the Church, because of the Gospels ad the features that Truth & Life offers. You can search for a specific verse that you might want to read and want to listen every time you want to be enlightened because this app has a complete Bible verse and an entire scripture based on the original Bible that you have in your home. You can listen to the different scriptures if you want to because the app offers 40 days straight listening to audio.

Not only the Bible wants you to reflect through this app, but you can also hear and read the verses and words according to Mark. The homily that is focused on Mark is one of the main pages of this app. You can also listen to the radio drama of more than 50 actors that will take you in a real setting. It will give you an experience like you’re in a real Holistic Mass, and all the people are listening to the Homily.

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Bottom line

Technology has brought a lot of industries into the digital frontier. This also means that religion, not only Christianity, can benefit from the technological revolution brought about by the internet and mobile phones. You don’t need to lug around heavy hardbound books because apps have made it easier to store and access data, whenever, wherever.