Cars are one of man’s most innovative inventions. It has brought the world from horses and chariots to engines and long haul trips. Everyone needs cars because it’ll take you to work, school, and just about anywhere. However, the responsibility that an automobile will cause can soon pile up fast. Sometimes, owning a car isn’t as practical as it sounds.

Now, with the onset of the mobile phone and the proliferation of the internet, you can now get car information, products, and services in a matter of a few taps. Who knew there would be car apps that could help you upgrade your car, save money, avoid traffic, and find the perfect parking spot for you. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best car apps for Android and iOS.

1. Fair: Get a Car on Your Phone

Fair: Get a Car on Your Phone

The Fair Car app allows you to shop and sign for a car right on your phone and you will have the actual freedom to walk away anytime. With this app, you won’t have to worry about any long-term commitment; you can drive the car of your dreams and return it anytime you want just as long as you give a notice at least 5 days prior.

The app allows you to shop and get approved by just a scan of your driver’s license, sign in for a car with just a few taps of your fingers and set up the payments all by just using the Fair Car app. It’s less hassle as there won’t be any physical paper works needed. It even includes a limited warranty, routine maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

This app is available in Arizona, California, and major states in the USA.


2. Waze

Waze is a brilliant app to use to know which road to take especially when you don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam. The app acts as your real time GPS navigator app and gets you out of every traffic jam in real time. The app will even let you know if there’s any roadside construction on going or any accidents that have just occurred so you can take alternative routes and save on travel time.

The app can get you to your destination by navigating faster routes. You’ll need a network connection so the app can behave properly and function well. You’ll see red highlights if the road is experiencing congestion.

The app automatically takes you on the fastest route so you just need to follow the voice prompts. Waze will display your estimated time of arrival to your destination based on the live traffic data. On top of that, you can choose from a variation of different voice guides while you drive and play music right from the app itself.


3. Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer Speed Box

The Speedometer Speed Box app is a free app that allows you to track your speed and distance right on from your iPhone or iPad.

The app actually displays your MPH, KM/H, or KNOTS. It has a digital speedometer which supports portrait and landscape mode. You can also set your distance to arbitrary value by just a single tap from your fingers.

The “Pro Pack” offers you more cool features such as 10 designs for your app that you can select, a map view and a compass display. You can also get a speed warning so you don’t get caught over speeding; it also lets you track your top speed and your altitude.

This app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store.


4. Germany’s Largest Car Market is another app that lets you search and browse for your dream car. It’s an app from Germany with its largest car market with over a million registered vehicles.

The app has a wide variation of different vehicles ranging from brand new cars, used cars, motorhomes, and motorbikes. You can even create an ad on the app itself when you want to sell any of your vehicles.

The app is easy to use has no charges where you can buy a car and sell one and search for any cars you want with its precise search criteria.


5. Radarbot


The Radarbot app is perfect for any real-time traffic alerts and comes with a speed camera warning device and an advanced speedometer.

This app warns you with any kind of speed cameras such as traffic light camera, dangerous traffic areas, tunnel camera, ANPR cameras and fixed speed cameras. It also features a GPS navigator that you can use as your map where you can also receive navigation alerts. It has 4 different visualization modes you can choose from with voice notifications.

The Radarbot is available for free and comes with a pro version without any ads.


6. Car Camera DVR

Car Camera DVR

Who would’ve thought that you could actually turn your iPhone or iPod into a full featured Car DVR recorder? Well, you can with the Car Camera DVR app. This car camera app is the unique because it can do a recording of high quality and high definition driving videos so you have your own personal dashboard camera.

The app records your videos with resolutions in 640×480, 1280×720, or 1920×1080 and up to 30 FPS. It also embeds data overlay into videos with the current time, speed and coordinates and even includes audio in the recording. It continuously loops the recording so your older videos are overridden with the newer ones and stores your recorded videos within the app itself. You can export your recorded videos into your gallery and do video playbacks within the app.

Car Camera DVR app is exclusively available for iOS devices. Download this from the iTunes App Store.


7. GasBuddy – Find Free & Cheap Gas


The GasBuddy app lets you save money on gas, win instant prizes and even get rewards. The app informs you when and where to buy cheap gas. It’ll show you the location of the gas stations near you that sell the lowest priced gas. This way, you go further with much less spent on fuel.

The app also uses your phone’s motion detection sensor to detect your driving habits and events that mess up your car’s fuel efficiency. GasBuddy is a real money saver.


Bottom Line

Sometimes cars can come at a high price tag. Even more so, the cost of owning and maintaining a car may outweigh the benefits of owning and driving. However, with the help of the apps listed above, you’ll find out the best app to find your dream car, to find your best route, and to save up on gas.