Communication, or ease of communication rather, has contributed greatly to bringing the world to the digital age. Imagine if the world was still using the pen and paper, waiting for the mail carriers to forward documents to their destinations. Sending a raven or a carrier pigeon would be much more efficient. A big thanks to the invention of encrypted messaging through wire, or the telephone is definitely in order.

Now if you swing your attention to the mobile phone. It’s best to keep in mind that the main function of these devices is to be reached for a phone call wherever possible. This is because communication is so important to the world that each individual may be reached for a call.

So what happens if you don’t want to be reached or you’re in a predicament like your phone is low in battery, and no signal. Maybe you’re expecting a very important call and you don’t know what to do.

Then you may have to rely on call forwarding because this feature can divert phone calls to another number/location so you can either dodge some calls or get them to reach you when your main line is unavailable. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best call forwarding apps for Android.

1. Call Forwarding App

call forwarding app

Call Forwarding App is free and easy to use. You can quickly set this up yourself when you download the app. You just choose a number to forward calls and it will do the job when a caller comes in.

It’s a very straight forward app. Sometimes if you realize you’re not receiving calls, you may still have this activated. In this case, you may need to remember to deactivate the app to receive normal calls once again.

This one also has a delay in terms of forwarding time. This is used in order for you to determine if it’s the call you want to answer or forward to another number.

2. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding by Android Buddy is a light and simple app for diverting calls to another number. If you are looking for an efficient call forwarding tool, then this app is one of the options for you.

You just tap any of the buttons to activate or deactivate the service. It won’t lead you astray because the dashboard is simple and the design will allow you to focus on the functions of the app.

3. Simple call Forwarding

Simple call Forwarding

Simple Call Forwarding is a handy call forwarding tool that saves the numbers of your forwarding history. This means you can forward your calls to different numbers but only one active number will be recipient at one time. This one has step by step instruction upon setup so there’s no reason for it not to work.

On top of that, the app can appear as a widget on your home screen. Download this app and try it out now. The app is available for only $2.00.

4. Call Divert – Forward or Divert Calls with Ease

Call Divert

The Call Divert app is simple, attractive, and fully functional. It’s got a very simple dashboard for selecting the options you need. This way you won’t get confused regarding the functionality of the app.

This one allows, and activates, call waiting straight from the app.

When you use this app, you just have to check or tick all the options that will fall as conditions to forward calls.

5. Forward my calls

Forward my calls

Forward My Calls is a few years old and can be considered as one of the tenured apps in the market place but still works very well. It was developed to work with Android Version 4.0 and older so you can say that it is basically very simple and accessible.

This app adds practical conditions to the forwarding service such as forwarding your calls over Wi-Fi, and when the battery is low. The default option is manual forwarding. You must enter the number where you want your calls to be forwarded and choose forward to begin the forwarding process from your primary phone to your chosen number. If you’d like to turn off the forwarding, select cancel in the app.

If you’d like automatic forwarding, the app will forward your calls when it detects a network connection or Wi-Fi, this option will help save on inward call charges.

6. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding app puts together new features for the call diverting service. This app is one step ahead amongst others because of its feature that allows you to forward both calls and text.

You can also save different numbers where you’d like calls to be forwarded to. This will save you time and input effort because you only need to select the number from the dashboard list.

7. SMS Forwarder

SMS Forwarder

SMS Forwarder is an app that does a forwarding feature for text messages received by the mobile phone. When you download this app, you can nominate an email address or another app, or another number as the destination of the forwarded message.

In addition to that, there is an area where the app will ask about the specific type of behaviour when it comes to incoming messages. It can filter receipt messages by contact or by group of contacts.

If you’re keen on being productive for the day and can’t be bothered until you’re out of the office, then this app is for you.

Bottom Line

You may have several reasons to use call forwarding but the fact remains that this feature is available and can be of great use whenever possible. There are several apps available so it’s good to give one or two a try so you can get your own opinion on how it feels and responds.

It may also look like these call forwarding apps are all the same because of their names, features, and functions. So it’s definitely important to try them out so you can see how well they forward actual calls.