The Bible is not just a handy book that you want you to read and carry every time you want and need to hear God’s words. With this generation, everything is almost in your mobile device, food delivery, errand staff, and such. With the Bible, it is already in a handy app. You can download apps that have Bible verses like you carry the original Bible book. With the apps that you can download, you can select the specific verse that you want to read before everything else, you can read verses if you feel you need help from something you want to achieve, you can also read verses that can help you with everything you do, and you can read verses for the day that God has given you at the end of the day.

In this guide, you’ll find the seven best bible verse apps for Android and iOS.

1. BIBLE.IS is an audio Bible app that leads you in the real setting where every verse takes place. This is a narrated type of Bible that you can read and listen to at the same time if you want to get essential notes from the audio. You can also highlight the most important word or sentences that caught your attention, and that felt your emotions. If you want to read and hear the Bible Verses offline, you can download the verse or the audio for you to watch, listen, read, and take notes too. You can also add notes if you want to because this is a free app that allows you to do everything you want to do.

If you want to listen and watch the life of Jesus for how many times, is the best app for you. You can watch the life of Jesus with this app. You can watch it every time of the day. If you want to watch it offline, you can also download this movie and watch it everywhere. You can select and choose the different versions of this app, and you can also choose different languages if you’re in a different place, location, or if you want to share the Bible with someone who has a different culture. If you want to share Bible verses with your friends, you can copy and paste the specific verse and share it to them via email or via your Social Media accounts.

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Blue Letter Bible app is straightforward and easy to operate app that you can share with your friends and family to spread the word of God. You can search the word of the Lord according to the word, chapter, verse, and the testament that you want to search. You can see the languages that are available in Hebrew and in Greek where they are the first languages available in the original Bible.

If you want to highlight the word, the verse, of the chapter that you have read in a specific chapter, you can highlight it by choosing a lot of colors that you see in the menu, and the colors can also be selected if you want to separate the categories that you made for easy selection. You can highlight the words of the Lord if you wish to and copy and paste it to the category that you want the copied text to be placed. You can select categories from the menu button of what you want to do in your digital Bible. You can also see your history and choose if you still need the verses and chapters that you have read and searched before.

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ESV Crossway Bible is a simple app that you can have in your mobile device. You can browse the Bible with this app because it will show you the lists to the Old and New Testament in the physical Bible that you have in your home. Since everything is digital, You can select the testament that you want to read and select what verse you want to read and share with other people. This is a fundamental app because you can search the verse or the name of the verse and everything that it contains will be listed down for you. You can highlight, copy, and paste the specific verse you’re reading and share it to your Facebook or Twitter account and the link will be shown for other people’s reference.

This is a very basic and simple app that you can have in your mobile device. If you want to read the Bible at every time, and everywhere you want, you can download this app and feel that you’re carrying your pocket bible in wherever you go. You can share the verses with your friends if you want to comfort them and if you want to enlighten them throughout the day. It is just the same typography as the EVS Bible that you can see physically in every book store in the world.

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Glo Bible is an app that is artistic and very reflective in every way because every verse and every chapter in the Bible offers different kinds of artworks, articles, photos, and reflections. You’re going to search for the chapter and the verse, and it will list down the chapter that you’re looking for. You specifically see the exact words and the chapter listed down in your menu, and you meed to double-tap the chapter that you want to read, and the verses of that chapter will be shown in the body. It will give you complete verses of every chapter and verses if you tap it two times.

You can highlight and add notes to the verse if you want to give some explanations or if you want to note that you will share it with your friends. You can also put a comment on the verse that you’re reading. You’re not just going to read the plain verses and chapter of the Bible, and you can also see photos, articles, videos, and maps where it happened in relation to the situation or the verse you’re reading.

It will also give you the life of Jesus in a narration type, reading type, or video type for you to understand what has happened to the life of Jesus back then. You can download this for free, and if you want to download the premium version of Glo Bible, you’re just going to pay for some amount, and you will enjoy the features that you can have with this app.

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NIV Bible has a lot of stories to tell because you’re able to read the Old and New Testament of the Bible and even read the commentaries of the people who want to share their insights and for you to understand the Bible in a more in-depth phase. You can see the inside of the Bible in alphabetical order, chapter, and verse version, you just need to tap the Name of the Bible, you will be redirected to the chapters that it contains, if you want to look for the verse there is a feature that you can follow to be redirected in the complete information of the Bible you’re looking for.

There are a lot of versions and translations of the Bible that you might want to check, from the original version up until to the international version for you to understand the Bible very well and for the other people to understand if you want to spread and share the word of God into different places.

You can highlight then words, phrase, or the whole verse that you feel important and if you want to share that specific verse to your family and friends. You can also take notes while you’re reading the verses you’re into and for you not to forget what you’re reading if you cannot highlight the verse or phrase you’re going to save. You can copy and paste the verse, and save it to the category that you want to put relating to the verse you have read.

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Olive Tree Bible App is one of the simplest and easy to use Bible app that you can have to strengthen your devotion and habit in going near to God. You can read the words of God and take notes relevant verses that you want to share to friends and family.

The daily verses are from the Old and New Testament from the Bible, and you can also receive personalized or customized daily verses if you want to. You can highlight, take note, and share the verses with your family and friends not only to personal meetings but also to your different social Media Account and emails.

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YouVersion Bible app is the famous app that you can see in every app store in your mobile device. You read, watch, highlight, and add notes with this app. You can also listen to the verse that you want. You can also watch a devotion video for a better experience. In YouVersion Bible App, it is not only a listening, watching, and reading God’s words, you can also add notes, highlight every word that strikes your heart, and you can also share it to your friends if you want your friends to share the bible with you.

You can select different colors for you to add notes, explaining what the verse meant for you. You can also share it with your friends, the verse that you want to share and want to comfort them. You can also make an art out of the verse you have read to post and share it in your Social Media accounts.

You can quickly look for a specific verse if you want to because there are a lot of verses that you might want to read and share. There are also different verses that you can read if you have this app, not only verses but there are also a lot of languages that you can select to understand the word and the wisdom of God directing from your heart.

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Bottom Line

If you need a quick refresher or a dependable resource, consider downloading any of the apps listed above. You’ll find that technology has really helped bring the Bible into the modern light.