In this day and age, everything can be accessed with a tap of a finger. The internet, which used to require a phone connection and a clunky desktop can now be carried around wherever you need to be.

This is the reason why so many companies are getting in on the app development industry. People can always be reached via their phone at any point and time so there’s a very high chance to success once your app was downloaded unto a device.

If you think about it, this is also the reason why it’s a good idea to have religious and motivational apps on your device. You can access the app any time you want and at any time you feel the need for it. So in this guide you’ll find the seven best bible apps for Android and iOS.

1. YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion Bible App

Much of the motivation that can be taken in daily life can often be found through the Holy Bible. YouVersion Bible App is something you can place in your phone if you need to be updated and reminded of God’s unending grace.

When you get this app and you will enjoy tons of Bible verses. You can easily select from hundreds of Bible versions, listen to audio passages, customize playback speed, and timer controls. On top of that, you can experience the Bible App in over 40 different languages, and with variation between 1,400+ Bible versions.

This app also has features like reading plans, personal commitment lists, and Bible study ideas.


2. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible app provides over 30 Bible versions, in words and audio. The app is easy to use with its intuitive dashboard. You can scroll, tap, bookmark, and highlight text with this great app. It has an advanced search feature where you can look for your specific topic faster.

This app helps you develop the discipline of daily scripture reading because you don’t need to carry a heavy book all the time.

There is a growing community around the Blue Letter Bible which has been taking advantage of the app’s features to conduct Bible study and worship sessions.


3. NIV 50th Anniversary Bible

NIV 50th Anniversary Bible

The New International Version 50th Anniversary Bible is comprehensive and easy to use. The app itself is a custom-made Bible reader. When you download the app, you can get free downloads of Bible versions or purchase other readings so you can read them straight from the app.

Other than its reading features, you can also listen to audio versions of passages and texts. On top of that, you can gain access to study notes for in depth Bible study.

The NIV Bible was produced by more than one hundred scholars working from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. This app gives access to one of the most contemporary rendering on the market.

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4. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway

The Bible Gateway is a good reader app for any smart device. The reading experience can be likened to reading a book when you’re in landscape layout or using a tablet. Users can turn virtual pages in order to read through the current passage they are in.

Just like other apps, it has features that are very easy to use and navigate. The app supports various languages because you get 90 different text translations and over 20 different audio version. These include English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and more. The app also has a powerful search button for easy navigation. As the text passages have been translated to suit modern times, this could be a great version for students or anyone who is just beginning to research the Christian faith.


5. Logos Bible Study Tools

Logos Bible Study Tools

Logos Bible Study Tools is a definite need for students, Bible scholars, and anyone interested in learning more about their faith. The app has many essential study tools for beginners and seasoned scholars.

Logos also gives passage guides for beginners including suggested Bible verses, cross-references, literary typing, and resourceful ideas.

You can also access the audio book so you can listen anytime and anywhere.


6. SermonAudio App

SermonAudio App

If you find it difficult to read, then the SermonAudio app is another title you can try. Bibles are filled with text and verses and it can get pretty difficult for the older generation to read through a small screen. So how about listening to Bible verses and sermons instead. You can easily download audio files from the app so you can listen to the sermon or lecture anytime and anywhere.

The SermonAudio app is easy to use. It has its audio files well organized so you can easily find the speaker or the topic that you want to listen to. If you’re lucky, there might be a video tagged with the audio file so it’s a deeper experience through the app. The SermonAudio app also has various categories such as Family, Marriage, Contentment, Songs, Hymns, and Daily Devotionals.

This app is highly recommended for anyone on to go or has difficulty with prolonged reading.


7. DBV: Daily Bible Verses


The DBV: Daily Bible Verses is your light and friendly app to bring along with you whenever you need to be reminded of God’s saving grace. The app uses push notifications to give you a daily Bible verse that you can apply to your daily life.

This app can surely improve your mood and outlook every day because it offers messages of hope, love, and salvation. When you open the app, you can find various categories such as Friendship, Faith, and Family. These categories are there so you can go into a relevant one and find a verse that you specifically need.

The DBV: Daily Bible Verses app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


Some would argue that the pace of life is often reliant on the person in the driver seat. If you’re encountering struggles in your life, consider downloading a Bible app. Read through the chapters and passages solemnly and slowly. You may find new hope and inspiration to start anew. If you’re currently trying to overcome challenges, it’s important to always stay motivated and to keep in mind that the storm will pass.

Pro tip: Try a Bible app that has reading and audio book features. This way, you can listen whenever you won’t be able to read. You’ll be consistent and continue with the routine of following the scriptures of the faith even if you’re busy with the rest of the day.