Cooking with fire is a technique dating to man’s pre-historic roots. One thing about it is that you can burn your tongue if you’re not sure about the taste of the food you’re cooking. However, in this age of technology, the know-how and high-tech apps can quickly take the guess work out of cooking and grilling.

If you want to be the Queen or King of the grill, then read on till the end because you may pick up a skill or two, especially if you’re just starting out. Further, you’ll be able to see recipes that are well featured, with photos of all the ingredients. This way, you can tap on the app to learn more about barbeques and grilling.

For some apps, the photos are a good sample where each step of the planning and cooking procedure is visualized. Here are 7 best apps for barbeques and grilling for Android and iOS.

1. Weber® iGrill®

Weber® iGrill®

You can enjoy grilling using this app and its variety of features. If you notice, the benefits are Grilling by temperature range, Easy in-app connection through Bluetooth, Custom and preset temperatures to name a few. No need to wonder if the food is done or when the right moment to flip your patty is close at hand.

It’s time to take the fuss out of grilling with a newly designed Weber iGrill App. This absolutely lets you concentrate on the key to a good looking meal while spending time with love ones.


2. Traeger

Traeger is an app that’s easy to love. You’ll totally like this app because of all its features. It has the ability to set up multiple timers at once which means that you stay on track with your grilling session and responsibilities.

Traeger provides quick and hassle-free, finger-tip access to timers, temperature monitoring, and more. It can change the grill temperature, set custom cook cycles, and monitor internal meat temperatures, all through the app at home or across town. This app is for free and you can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the iTunes App Store.


3. GrillTime


Well, if you have knowledge with grilling, but want to have a meat timer to keep you from over cooking dinner, then look for the GrillTime app which will make cooking highly enjoyable, will make you like a skilled without exerting any effort. You can select the food you want to cook and get the instructions on how hot the grill should be, when to flip the food, and also inner temperature.

The app lets you set timers for any food you want to grill, including burger, steak, chicken, and more. And also it tells you how long each type of meat should be grilled. You can also create your own customize timers and create your own recipes.

This app is only $1.99 via the iTunes App Store.


4. The Pit Pal BBQ App

The Pit Pal BBQ App

Pit Pal is arguably a great app because it makes monitoring so easy. Grilling times, temperatures, and procedures are mechanically measured based on the size and desired texture of your food. It has also multi-timer that can easily manage several items on your grill at the same time.

With a swipe and a tap, you can rapidly start, stop, and add time. You can set up a timer using this app to prompt you when it is time to flip the meat.




If you’re capable of grilling over an open flame, but need some help doing the delicate food handling, let Meater make it easier. You can save all your future backyard cooking events by using this app.

You can get your grill the right temperature and your food cooked to perfection. Unlike other smart meat measuring system, MEATER is entirely wireless. All of the electronics are controlled inside the Meater app, you won’t find any need for external wires. You simply let this app do the work.


6. BBQ Grilling Fever – Backyard Party

BBQ Grilling Fever

When you hear the words backyard party, the first thing that comes to mind is barbecues. If you’re having a backyard party or a barbeque, then it’s a good idea to refer to a list or a recipe so things won’t go out of hand.

Now, BBQ Grilling Fever is perfect for these home occasion. You can spice up your grilling rotation with some instructions through this app. With BBQ Grilling Fever not only do you get a gorgeous app that is fun to look at, but you get a simulation of the cooking which will help you improve your grilling prowess.

BBQ Grilling Fever has many free grilling recipes for pork, chicken, beef and even vegetables. Also, if you’re looking for new recipes to serve your family try this app.


7. Barbecue Recipes free – Grilling & BBQ

Barbecue Recipes free

Barbecue Recipes free – Grilling & BBQ app is all about celebrations. If you find yourself craving grilled and smoked meat, then you need to download this app. This will show you a comprehensive menu to explore so you can find your next grill recipe. With this app you’ll become a grill chef in no time. It’s best that you try the app first before you gather your friends and family for a home style BBQ.

This app has really helpful features like beef recipes, veggie recipes, pork belly recipes, chicken recipes, skewers recipes, kebabs recipes, and many more. On top of the recipes, the app also provides a grocery list for you to refer to when you’re at the store.

This app is exclusively available for Android devices. Download it now through the Google Play Store.


8. Pro Tip 2: Bbq and Grilling Recipes

Pro Tip 2: Bbq and Grilling Recipes

This app has lots of barbecue and grilling recipes, with tips and clear instructions. It’s time to break free from the kitchen or grill and let the BBQ and grilling app monitor your food for you. When your food is ready, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile device. This way, you can stop looking at your food cook, providing you more time to work on the other important things.

The app has features that you’ll love, it has a very simple presentation that’s easy to follow. You can look for a recipe by recipe name or category and you can also share the recipes with love ones thru social media.


Bottom Line

These app were created and produced to make your life much easier. Although it is debatable to think that cooking and grilling is hard but most can agree that it’s challenging, especially to newbies. Download the apps above to make your life simple and hassle free.

You’ll learn techniques on how to cook a great tasting meal for your family and friends.

Pro Tip: Always think about safety first before getting into any activity. Ensure to minimize the risks involved.