If you want your battery to have a better performance, you should download a good battery app that will save your battery from draining too fast. Having excellent battery performance will help you maximize your mobile phone. In this quick guide, you’ll find the seven best battery saver apps for Android.



DU Battery Saver Pro is an app that you can download and install on your Android Device; this app will help your battery have a long-lasting life. This app extends the operating time of your battery and improves the performance of your battery. DU Battery Saver Pro is an app that offers a lot of features that you can use to save your battery from discharging fast. This app isn’t just a simple battery saving app, but it also serves as a mobile cleaner and a temperature monitor that will save you from issues and bugging problem.

Once you download this app, you may now start figuring out the functions that are inside the app. The features that are commonly used in this app is the Phone Cooler that will help and save your battery from overheating and discharging fast. Clean Junk File is also one of the most popular features that you can use to optimize, clean, and delete unnecessary files or documents that fill up storage space and that causes your mobile phone’s slow performance.



The Battery Doctor battery saver app is a professional app that you can download to help manage your device’s battery. It has cool, simple, and easy to use features if you want to save your battery from discharging at a fast pace. This app is free, and you will not regret downloading this app because it has a lot to offer.

There are a lot of features that you can enjoy in using Battery Doctor app like the One-Tap Power Optimization; this feature will show you the other apps that are draining and consuming your battery life when you tap this option. Battery Doctor also has Battery Cooler that will cool and lower the temperature of your battery and your mobile phone. This app is beneficial in saving your battery life as it extends the number of hours of your battery. This app is free to download and is very simple to use without doubting and double thinking.



Power Battery is nice to have on your phone. It’s very colorful and has a lot of services to offer which you can enjoy and use. This app is one of the most popular apps that you can have in your mobile device because there are a lot of options that you can choose from to saving power and prolong your battery’s actual life. This app gives you optimization, cleaning, and boosting your battery. You can see the percentage of your battery life without requesting for it; you can also optimize the apps that are consuming a lot of your battery life, you can also clean the storage that is causing the slowing performance of your mobile phone.

This app would boost the charging time of your device if it did not yet reach 80% of the battery line. Power Battery app also provides power saving option to minimize the running apps that cause the high number of battery life. This app helps your storage device to reduce unnecessary documents, apps, and other files that needs to be removed and needs to be cleaned for your safety, security, and for you to have a healthy, long, and fast-charging battery.



Kaspersky Battery Life lets you enjoy your battery’s performance in your mobile device. There is a lot of information that you can get about your battery like the percentage remaining before the low battery. It will also inform you how many minutes or how many hours you’re going to wait while your mobile phone is charging. This app removes high consuming programs which eat up your battery life. Further, it will also stop the apps that cause slow performance on your device.

Kaspersky Battery Life gives you alerts, warnings, and pop-ups if there are apps or if there are files that are very high consuming, if you’re notified and there is a warning in your screens, you may decide whether to stop or to continue using the high consuming app. You may optimize your storage if you want to have fast performance, you may also cool your device if you’re going to avoid overheating, draining, and avoid slow performance. This is a free app that you can enjoy to save your mobile phone and battery from getting drained every time you use it for different purposes.



This app has joined the battle of saving, helping, optimizing, and cleaning your mobile device. Avast Battery Saver is an app that you can use everywhere, and every time you need to have you want your battery and mobile device have a better and fast performance. This app is straightforward, clean, quick, and easy to use if you need to optimize and remove apps that are high consuming in battery life.

Avast Battery Saver provides five (5) kinds of profile, the Smart, Home, Work, Night and Emergency. These five (5) kinds of the profile are useful if you want to save battery life and if you want to limit some apps that you can’t use for the meantime. Profiles provided in Avast Battery Saver have different settings and different options depending on the percentage of your battery and depending on the performance of your mobile phone. Avast Battery Saver leads you to a good result in optimization, cleaning, and boosting your battery life, mobile device, and storage memory. This is a free app that you can use if you’re looking for a free, simple, easy, and fast battery saver app.



Greenify serves as one of the most informative and most useful apps that you can download and install on your mobile device. This app helps you in optimizing, cleaning, and boosting your battery life and storage. One of the unique features of this app is that you can hibernate the apps that you’re not frequently using to save space and to prolong your battery life for essential purposes. This app helps you select the apps that need to be hibernated and needs to be optimized for a better and faster battery and mobile performance.

Greenify is a safe app that you can download and use online or offline whenever you want to optimize and prolong your battery life because Greenify will not ask anything about your data and will not take advantage on the information that you have provided for essential purposes.

Since you’re free to select the apps that you’re not frequently using, you’re also allowed to decide if you want to hibernate essential apps or if you want to shut down apps that you don’t want to be bothered on if you’re in an important meeting or if you’re busy with your work. It is a friendly app that will cater to every concern that you want to raise and it will give you a solution if you’re having trouble in boosting, optimizing, or cleaning your device.



Super Battery Saver app isn’t getting any farther amongst other battery saving app because this provides a lot of options that will rescue your battery life from fast discharges. This app is a straightforward app that will help you choose what kind of mode you’re going to use, help you decide what app you’re going to remove to free up space and to prolong battery life, and this app will help you prevent unknown sources that may affect your mobile device’s performance.

Super Battery app has a different kinds of modes depending on the percentage of your battery and depending on the performance of your device, there’s Saving Mode in which you can activate if your battery is running low, you also have sleep mode that pertains to be used when you’re sleeping to avoid unnecessary activities that can discharge your battery, and there’s a customized mode that means you can customize the settings of your mobile depending on the set up of your choice.

There are a lot of things that can happen when you download this app, and you will never regret installing this because this will help you in prolonging your battery life and this will help you free up some space for your upcoming apps.

Bottom Line

Save your power for the most important aspects of your day. You never know when you may need more battery to connect to a wireless network or to simply call a friend. Consider getting more for your download. Use the battery saving app that has other functions such as storage cleaning and temperature monitoring.