Basketball has always made headlines everywhere. People are enigmatically drawn to this became because of the excitement and intensity that the athletes have every time two teams go all out on the court. However, it wasn’t always easy to get updates on the teams and the league standings.

In the past, one had to wait for the sports section in the broadsheet to get updates if you missed watching the game. It was excruciating for fans to have to wait to know who won the championship series. Fast forward to the age of the internet, things got easier for fans everywhere. All it took was to connect to a network provider, and then you just had to visit a website.

In the glory days of Yahoo, it was their sports page that updated sports fans on the current events and live games of national league sporting events. Yahoo Sports was one of the huge basketball news provider. This happened to be ESPN’s rival.

Now, many other names have taken their share in the spotlight to provide fans with their daily sporting fix news. On top of that, the growing fan base for basketball has greatly brought national leagues into the limelight. This all includes college basketball, NBA, WNBA, Olympic Basketball, and the FIBA Basketball world cup.

Here are 7 best basketball apps for Android and iOS:

1. The Athletic: Sports Coverage

The Athletic: Sports Coverage

The Athletic: Sports Coverage app is real-time updated when it comes to national sporting events. See the latest basketball news while on the go when you download this app to your mobile phone.

This app provides exclusives stories, ticker tape score, editorials, and inside scoop on various sporting teams. The app also lets you follow your favorite sports teams as if you were directly in the room receiving updates from the coaching staff.

The Athletic keeps you updated through push notifications so you won’t miss a thing. If you have this app, you might be the one to update your group of friends when you meet for your lunch hour.

One of the things you’ll like about this app is that there are no obstructive ads so you get the full blow by blow and a seamless viewing experience.


2. Basketball NBA Live Scores

Basketball NBA Live Scores

Basketball NBA Live Scores is an unofficial app for scores, updates, and news regarding the NBA.

This app has gathered quite a following draws its users to its growing community. When you download this app you’ll be part of fastest growing group of enthusiastic sports fans. Other than the growing community platform, the features of the app includes up to date team & player scores and stats, real-time play by play ticker, pre-game information, overtime, and more.

The app sends you push notifications when its game time or when the game is almost over. Just make sure to have a working and stable network connection for real-time updates.

This app is exclusively available via iTunes for iOS devices.


3. NBA App


This is an official NBA app which shows team standings, scores, and statistics. This is good to have and easy to use, hence it is recommended to be installed on the phones of sports fans.

You can get the latest spot, scores, and news just with a few taps. The app updates real-time so you won’t miss the action. The app also makes it easier for you to follow live games and your favorite teams.

On top of the live ticker updates, you can also watch games online, or download them later on to watch offline. During the regular season, the app is going crazy with updates and real-time feed. When the season is over, the app will usually have post game highlights, predictions, trade news, and draft roster articles.

This app is exclusively available via Google Play Store for Android devices.


4. Sports Alerts – NBA Edition

Sports Alerts – NBA Edition

Sports Alerts – NBA Edition lets you stream basketball games on your phones and tablets. Just download the app and sign in to watch the NBA games on the go. This app provides team schedules, live play by play, live scores, real-time updates, and many more.

This app is essentially useful if you’re always moving from one place to another and you don’t get home in time to watch the live telecast of the games. This app also allows the user to be alerted anytime for news and game results. Just make sure to have a stable and working network connection for real time updates. This means you don’t need to search for site that will give you the result and stats you’re looking for.

You can download this app via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.




ESPN is one of the most popular sporting channels available globally. When you download the ESPN app, you can get access to the channel’s national coverage on games and game exclusives. This app is perfect for sports fans, not just basketball fans.

You can watch and listen to live national and regional ESPN Radio stations and podcasts. This app updates in real-time so long as your device is connected to a network provider.

The ESPN app is perfect for the avid basketball fan. Whenever you access and check the app, you’ll find all the relevant information from live scores, play by play, replays, and live streaming.


6. NBA: Official App

NBA: Official App

Previously, the NBA App was shown in the early section of this list. This one, the NBA: Official App, is another NBA app that caters to your basic basketball needs.

You can watch every available NBA League game with your family and friends through this NBA Official App. If you’re behind on current scores and team standing, this app is one of the best to refer to.

On top of the real-time feature, this app will provide notifications when something really important has transpired. In this sense you can be updated on what is going on with your favorite teams.

The app also has a social platform where it will let you interact with the other fans. As an added bonus, you can also look for other videos like news footage or postgame highlights.


7. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

You might’ve been pumped up from all the basketball apps you’ve read above. If you are and can’t wait to get in on the action, then download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball on your device so you can keep playing and balling until the championship season starts again.

The app supports single player and multi-player through the network connection of your phone.

Play your favorite team and bring them to the championship with NBA LIVE.


For the love of the game, you need to have at least one of these basketball apps. You’ll follow each shot, keep track of every score, and be updated with all the ins and outs of your favorite players and teams.

If you’re an avid fan of one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world, then you’ll surely enjoy browsing these basketball apps on your phone.