Autotrader has come to its way in the whole world. If you want to buy and sell your car may it be a brand new or a second hand car, you have come to the right place. With Autotraders, you can distinguish whether the car you want to buy is a brand new or used or a second hand car because the staff you’re going to talk to are very knowledgeable when it comes to cars. This is an online marketplace for people who wants to sell their car. With the help of this marketplace, you will be more knowledgeable and wise in buying or selling a car online.

Today, there are a lot of online marketplace that are very similar to AutoTraders, but there are a few that are credible and reputable. There are alternatives to Autotrader that will lead you to some background in cars because with these alternatives, you can guarantee a 100% chance of trading your car in good hands. In this guide you’ll find the seven best Autotrader alternatives.



Carmax is an online marketplace that has guaranteed a lot of customers like you that really likes buying and selling cars. They also offer service plans and financing for you to have more knowledge about the car that you want to buy or sell. Carmax allows your car to be inspected, tested, and also tell you if how much are you going to be paid or how much you’re going to pay for that car that you wanted. Since Carmax is a guaranteed brand with over 200 physical stores that you can visit, they won’t allow selling cars with a lot damage in the car.

They are very honest, and they are very trustworthy regarding to the cars that you sell and you buy. They are repairing or replacing and either inspect the car that you buy or sell to have the car a better quality, for you to sell it in a worthy price, and also, for you to buy it without hesitations. They always make sure that the car you buy or sell is in good quality. They also allow you to choose your car based on the budget that you have in hand and you won’t regret when you’re going to listen to their sales strategies.

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Do you want to buy a used car? With no dents, scratches, or damages? Carfax is the right place for you to buy a second hand car. Carfax, lets you know the history of every car that you want to buy because the app tells you the history of the car and where it came from. They also have the service called myCARFAX in which, they inspect the car and give the information that they found out. They will also report to you what are things you need to do with your car. They also remind you on tune up dates for oil change and other important activities.

Carfax also offers a service which you can call used car listings, wherein, you can search for the car that attracts you the most and the system will give you the information about that car like where it is made, where it is originally located, the model, the history, and also you can look if the car that attracts you have the record of accidents or incidents.

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Cargurus will offer you a lot of options in buying or selling or trading your cars at the best price. You can select to either buy a used car or a new car and they will give you the list of the cars that you have selected. Cargurus is associated with good reputation in buying or selling your cars because they will talk to you and give you options in how are you going to buy the car that you wanted. With their financing strategy, you will know that you’re not wasting your money and the deal that you have with Cargurus.

With Cargurus, you will also know the value of the car you want to buy, sell, or trade, for you to have the idea if you’re selling, buying, trading it in the best way possible. For more than millions of cars that the Cargurus will offer you, it is better to know the value of the car that you want for security and for all other options that you and the cargurus can give. They will allow you to choose cars that is based on your budget so you will not go wrong in choosing the best car for you.

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Truecar is a very detailed app. It’s a great alternative app for autotrading in buying, selling, or trading your car at a very affordable price. They will give you the actual price in which they call it trueprice, including the taxes and other fees. This will also allow you to research and compare the cars that you wanted, from the frames, the model, the pictures, and it will also give you reviews on the chosen car that you’re very attracted from. With Truecar, it will help you decide the car that you really like cause they are going to show you the market value of the car that you like, and they will run down the details of the price and with Truecar, they will give it to you in a discounted price and also a good quality car.

Truecar has a lot of car models to offer, starting from the simplest one up until the newest model that you can see in showrooms. They also offer new cars or used cars for your own convenience.

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Carvana is an online marketplace for used cars that are very affordable and very accessible in some cities. They good quality cars and also they sell cars that are equivalent to the price and the budget that you have in hand. Before trading, selling, or buying, Carvana also wants to make sure the sure buyers or sure dealers they accept because they have the terms and conditions that most of the car buyers, sellers, traders have.

They have this background information regarding the paying subject, since they are an online marketplace, they want to make sure that their buyers are legitimate buyers for them to avoid scammers. They are selling a good quality cars that are on hand, you can actually check their cars that they offer for you to choose what’s best for you.

They also allow deliveries where the delivery time is within 48 hours. On top of that, they also offer pick up service. Carvana has a lot of unique offers and a seven (7) day trial test, in which you can drive the selected car for seven days and if you find something wrong about the car that you have bought you can freely return and ask for a refund in Carvana.

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CARS.COM offers you a wide variety of cars that you’re looking for. You can compare the cars that you really like from the cars that you’re choosing from for better selections. With this, they will allow you to research the cars that you wanted, like it will show you the history, the model, the brand, and the year it was released. They also provide services like repairs and replacement of car parts whether you want it to be repaired or sent in for an inspection. will also offer you the pre-owned cars, the car listings, the comparison of car prices, and a lot more. Comparing the car price is a good service that you can use to know more about budget and financial requirements in owning a car.

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Ebay is a market place platform that will help you get the car that you want at an affordable and quality price. With Ebay, you can bid the price of the car that you want and buy them at a set price. Ebay motors offer you a lot of car listings, from old to new cars, from used to brand new cars, from customized to stocked cars, and a lot more. There are a lot of models for you to choose from. The best thing in choosing the car that you want is from the price itself, the ratings, and also the model or on how many people have bid to that car just to get it.


Bottom Line

Autotrading has never been this easy and simple thanks to the internet and the emergence of mobile technology. If you’re in the market for a new car, consider check out the apps found on this guide. If you’re in the market for selling your car, you can also use the apps on this guide to help you sell your car to another individual who will take care of it like you did.