Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is one of the most interesting developments in mobile gaming. Game companies use a variety of AR combinations to turn your surroundings into elements for a different experience.

AR apps and games use your movements to progress through the storyline which makes the whole experience much more immersive than usual methods of gameplay.

The AR gameplay ingredients require a smartphone with a camera, an internet connection on occasion, and hours of play time.

1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular title that’s perfect for the AR environment. The game is developed by Niantic and has become a huge global hit. If you’ve watched the Pokemon TV series, then, you’ll love this game.

You get to go out and use your mobile phone to try and find these mystical creatures that are hidden in all sorts of places.

You can walk to your neighbor’s or the coffee place and find different types of pokemon.

The game is constantly updating to add more features such as gym battles, trainer battles, and more pokemon.

Pokemon Go Play Store

2. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is also a title developed by Niantic and is a unique experience in AR gaming.

The interface makes use of real street maps which serves as the gameplay environment.

You can collaborate with friends and go on in an adventure to save the world. Just make sure you’re back home in time for dinner.

Ingress Prime Play Store

3. Knightfall AR

The game sets out in the time of the Knights Templar where you must protect the City of Acre and the Holy Grail. You can collect coins, weapons, and set up proper defences against waves of invading enemies.

The unique interface uses the ARCore tech and allows the game to be set on any type of flat surface.

Knightfall AR Play Store

4. Zombie Go

Here’s a great way to pass the time, shoot down zombies in your living room or while you’re on the bus.

Zombie Go is developed by HITGPX Media and gives us a pretty neat look into what a zombie apocalypse might look like. You get to run, tap on first aid kits, and shoot a ton of zombies.

Zombie Go Play Store

5. The Walking Dead: Our World

Another one of my favorites is The Walking Dead: Our World. If you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely check this game out. You go out to your street, team up with friends, and fight walkers.

This development by Next Games is free for download and offers in-app purchases. Run from zombies, team up with Rick and Michonne, and aim for the zombie’s head.

The game also allows you to collect some weapons and upgrade them so you can kill more of the undead zombies.

On top of that, this game is patterned with the release of Season 9 of The Waking Dead series so you can expect missions to have a similar flow.

The Walking Dead: Our World Play Store

6. My Tamagotchi Forever

Did you ever own one of those cute little Tamagotchi toys where the pet goes to eat, sleep, and poop?

That was a craze that took over back in the day. Now you can play the Tamogtchi pet in full color along with an AR interface mode.

My Tamagotchi Forever is exciting, fun, and addictive. I found the game really cute when I selected the hide-and-seek mini game in AR mode.

My Tamagotchi Forever Play Store

7. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive really lives up to its name with all dinosaurs that you can create, collect, and share.

This game’s explore feature will really get you to go outside and find new types of dinosaurs.

I like the game’s new addition of missions and team achievements for a more interactive experience.

Jurassic World Alive Play Store

8. Fishing Strike

Fishing Strike has great graphics and has what it takes to be one of the best fishing games out there.

The game play is filled with action and the best part is that you get to keep the fish you catch and build a collection.

I tried this and got immediately hooked. The AR mode gives you a full 360 degree view of all the amazing fish.

Fishing Strike Play Store

9. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Go outdoors and seek out some unique and interesting treasure. Temple Treasure Hunt uses interactive AR maps to make the game more life-like.

It’s very fun to play and I spent hours looking through clues and passing by treasure protectors.

Temple Treasure Hunt Game Play Store

10. WallaMe – Augmented Reality

WallaMe can be considered a combination of a social app and a mobile game.

The AR interface lets you share and hide messages with the added feature that your friends can also share and hide with you. I tried it out and left some hearts for my friends to find.

WallaMe Play Store

Bottom Line

AR games are really fun because of the new concepts and the way it’s become very interactive for everyone.

This is especially true when new and updated devices are really changing the landscape of how we perceive gaming to be.

The new releases of phones and devices will surely improve the game play and we can only expect AR games to become better at providing a seamless gaming experience for casual and pro gamers alike.