One of the things that people look out for when it comes to new gadget launches is the camera capability to take better photos. When you’re taking better pictures, you can update your social media profiles and get a wider following. Sometimes, photos aren’t enough to describe the things you want to say.

Hence, you have apps that allow you to draw on pictures. These apps are great because you can put focus on a particular subject in your image or better describe the objects you’re talking about. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best apps to draw on pictures for Android and iOS.



Pocket Paint app gives you an extraordinary experience of drawing your images. You can do resizing, cropping, editing, coloring, drawing, and inserting images that can fit the file you’re working on. You can choose the photos that you want to edit in your Gallery or photo library, you drag and drop, and you can start to edit.

You select the parts that you want to edit, enhance, or add some beautification, you just need to use the square selection and it will be focused on the part of the image, clip, or item you’re going to edit. You can also draw a new picture like for example a clip, emoji, or a figure that you want to save or include in the image that you want to post on your social media accounts.

There are a lot of features that you can do to beautify the image that you can make, you can transform the image that you want to do, crop the specific image and edit it to place emphasis. You can also adjust the color of the particular parts of the image, and you can also change the color of the image that you want to edit.




Simple Draw is the most literal drawing on the pictures app that you can ever have. You can draw on the image that you drag and drop to the app itself. You choose the photo that you want to be drawn and you can now start to draw the things you want on the image that can be seen on the screen.

There are a lot of features and options that you can choose from to beautify, edit, and draw on the image. With the brushes, you can select different kinds of brush, big or small brushes, you can also select different kinds of pen, like point pen, fine pen or shading pen that you want to use in writing or drawing the image that you chose.

From a simple image to a colorful picture, you can create a beautiful masterpiece that you can save and use for some purposes. If you feel that the image that you have edited is not yet enough, you can put a lot of drawings to make it more beautiful, and there are a lot of color schemes that you can choose to beautify your drawing.

Android iOS



Paintastic ranked number one to this Best Drawing App on Pictures because it gives you the ability to edit the photos that you have in your mobile device. You can make invitations like wedding, debut, birthday, or christening invitations with the provided shapes, font styles, font size, and font colors of the app. You can create a beautiful figure like flowers, benches, trees, and other figures that helps you in making up a beautiful image. Paintastic provides you different kinds of brushes, from pencils, to pen, and paint brushes that helps you in making invitations, sketches, or any ordinary drawing that can be included in your images.

The app gives you a lot of options to choose from when you want to have a beautiful masterpiece. If you’re going to send an e-vite, you can select from installed templates like greeting cards if you’re going to and edit the content and design of each card. You can share these kinds of cards or edited photos through your Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media networking sites that you want to share with.




You Doodle app is the same as the other app in which you can write, draw, add text, and add shapes on your images. You select a specific image on your gallery or photo library and upload, from there, everything can happen. You can add text to the image that you have selected, select font style, font size, add font color according to the blend of the image that you select.

You can also add a frame to add some effect and creativity. You can choose different kinds of frames from the most simple to the most elegant available. You can also create memes according to the photo that you have selected, and you may put the text above the photo, in the center, or below to make it exciting.

There are a lot of options that you can choose from like you can fill in the whole photo that you have selected or fill in the text or the border of the text that you have made to complement to the image that you have chosen. You can also cut the photo and the text that you made and paste it to other places within the frame of the image that you have selected. You can also choose stickers and emoji if you want it to be placed in your images.

Android iOS



Sketchbook Draw and Paint is one of the most popular apps that you can use on your mobile device. If you’re a graphic artist or you like drawing, this app is for you and this is very useful to your everyday life. This is very simple to use app that you can utilize online or offline, if you’re bored, riding on a cab, or something else.

This is a relaxing way to relieve your stress because you’re mainly drawing, coloring, shading, filling, sketching, and adding some effects on the drawing and image that you have made. This is not just a simple drawing app, you can also attach an image from your photo library and you can make a vector out of it.

Android iOS



From the word itself, the Let’s Draw app lets you draw from one image to another. You’re allowed to draw at every corner of the image that you choose from your gallery or photo library because upon selecting the photo or the image that you want to edit, you’re free to add texts, shapes, and other figures to make the image or the photo even more beautiful and creative.

There are a lot of features that you can choose to make your drawing more creative, colorful, and beautiful all at the same time. The picture you want to put is based on the image that you have selected in your library. This is an easy to use app because all you need to do is draw, add some colors, and beautify the image that you want to enhance and make some colorful shapes into it.

You can also draw flowers, places, or anything that you want to draw to a blank page, this app allows you to select the type of brush to make your drawing more creative. You’re also allowed to select the level of thickness and thinness of the pen you’re going to use. This is great for creative users.

Android iOS



If you want to draw using your fingers this is the best app for you. Why? Because you’re allowed to draw from a blank page. This is an essential app that you can use in drawing basic shapes, texts, quotations, or any other form of writing. You can adjust the level of thickness or thinness of the pen that you are going to use. You can change the type of pen, pencil or crayon based on the image that you’re making. It is not just about you drawing on an image, you can also select images from your photo library or gallery, and you can drag it to the template of this app.

You can select whether you’re going to draw the text that you want to put in the image or you can add a text and type via the keyboard input. You can also select different variations of colors. This app is free to download, but you can also buy the premium version that offers an ad-free experience.

Android iOS

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an editor that will allow you to edit the photos you’ve just taken, then you’re at the right place. Consider downloading a few options to see what type of experience they offer. This way you can build your standards regarding drawing and editing apps.