Mobile phones are commonly used for voice calls, instant messaging, internet browsing, and taking photos. But now, they’re also being used to measure distance.

If you think about it, a mobile phone to help provide measurement is great because we already do so much work and computing on our phones so why not take it a notch higher. Also, builders would have to lug around so much tools to get the job done. But what if parts of the job, like measuring, could be done faster and easier.

Another thing to consider is that we often need to know the measurement of a certain space. It could be the space between your current location and your destination, or the space of the object we’re trying to fit in the car. Definitely, measurement is a part of your daily lives and app developers are out to make sure that life becomes a little bit easier by incorporating the distance measurement tool for Android and iOS devices. So in this guide, you’ll read up on the seven best apps to measure distance for Android and iOS.

1. Auto Distance

auto distance

Auto Distance is a fairly good app to use. Its dashboard is not as simple but it has all the essential elements you need in order to determine the distance from where you’re standing to the object you are trying to measure.


2. Distance Meter Free

Distance Meter Free

Distance Meter Free provides the method of doing things and the rationale in order to draw out the correct inputs. This would translate into the correct way of using the app in order to draw upon accurate information.

You’ll like that the app uses a red cross hair in order to make sure that you point the camera with accuracy.

The app is free to download and is exclusively available via the Google Play Store.


3. Smart Distance

Smart Distance

Smart Distance uses its extensive background in statistical data to come up with general averages in order to benchmark the distance you’re trying to figure out. In order to use Smart Distance, you need to input a number like a height or a width. Then two parallel lines will appear. Once you’ve aligned the target with the two lines, you’ll get the approximate distance.

The usage is pretty simple because of the process flow of the app. This app is part of a set of three. The others measure short objects 1 to 50 cm and short distances 1 to 50 m.

Smart Distance is exclusively available for Android devices and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.


4. EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App


EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App is very smart, intuitive, and useful. It has the right programming in order to come up with the right measurements just by pointing your camera at an object. The app uses the height of the camera lens and the tilt of the angle to compute for the distance to the object.

The app’s dashboard is very easy to understand so using EasyMeasure will be a breeze. EasyMeasure uses a 3D engine in order to measure distance like a tape ruler.

This app is available via Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Android | iOS

5. Map Distance Calculator

Map Distance Calculator

Specific application of distance measurement is for routes. You can plan a shorter and faster route when you have the measurement of the distance between the place you want to go and your point of origin. The Map Distance Calculator serves this purpose very well. The distance calculator shows the actual distance between two points but the map also reveals the distance when you need to consider roads, turns, and corresponding routes.

Map Distance Calculator can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices.


6. Smart Measure

Smart Measure

Smart Measure is the medium range tool of the set of three tools of Smart Tools Co. Apps. Smart measure’s dashboard is like Smart Distance. However, this medium range app uses trigonometric functions and rules in order to approximate a measurement. The range is from 1 to 50 meters.

Smart Measure requires you to point at the shoes or the base of the object you are measuring. This is based on triangular trigonometric rules which will calculate for the appropriate measurement.

The app can be calibrated through the menu in order to produce more accurate results.

This app is available via the Google Play Store and supports in-app purchases.


7. 3-in-1 Ruler

3-in-1 Ruler

3-in-1 Ruler is a great app that uses the entire phone as a ruler. It has the necessary line markings via it’s’ dashboard. It acts like a real ruler in augmented reality. This app is most useful for small measurement projects or objects.

You’ll really like using this app because it even has an option to print a ruler. Also, it doesn’t have any ads, in-app purchase offers, and tracking so you’ll feel quite secure using this measurement tool.

3-in-1 Ruler is free to download and is only available via the iTunes App Store.


Technology has really come a long way. The apps listed above were just a figment of the imagination of the past. Pointing something to an object and getting a statistical reading was something that could come out from a science-fiction movie.

Although most of these apps have claimed that they’re not as accurate as a tape ruler, but it’s still worth to note that they’re at the forefront of development by proactively coming up with these type of apps.

Pro Tip: If you have projects related to construction, design, and more. It’ll be a good idea to have professional help after you’ve used the apps we’ve listed above. This is due to the fact that you’ll need exact measurements which will contribute to the overall safety, quality, and integrity of your projects.