Writing, publishing, and citing academic work directly from a tablet or a smartphone is now possible. These electronic gadgets have been upgraded in terms of screen size, CPUs, and storage.

Apart from the devices and the internet, you also need access to writing apps with the relevant features and capabilities. Some apps are suitable for Android, Ios, and markdown. Here are the best apps for writing an essay on a smartphone that you need to know.


The editorial app is a powerful app suitable for iOS with features offered by any good writing app. It can help you to write an essay from scratch because of its powerful and intuitive interface.

Editorial features a Dropbox sync that comes with version support and an online workflow community. This can enable you to export and publish a document easily. The editorial’s interface can also adapt to your writing needs and therefore, you can use it for writing and citing essays without the need for backup apps.


The writer is aimed at simplifying the writing process. The most important feature of this app is the flagship feature that is almost similar to what is found on Lenovo laptops. This can allow you to accurately place the cursor at the right place when typing.

Write supports several sharing services, granular interface control, passcode lock, and more. It also exports documents easily.

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An academic essay should include citations detailing the sources of your research work. Citing goes beyond formatting a reference list. There are a set of rules and guidelines that you have to follow so that you can structure and cite your essay well. If you are not conversant with these rules, especially for MLA citation, you can have your work cited using the MLA format generator for essays by EduBirdie. The professionals at EduBirdie know how to use writing apps on smartphones to write and cite academic essays.


Jotterpad is designed for Android smartphones as well as markdown and has advanced features that make it a great writing app. It comes with export options to DOCX and PDF, something that you may require when writing your essays.

You can download this app free of charge, but you may be required to pay a one-off fee to access some features and unlock the creative mode. Jotterpad has a design feature suitable for making the app suitable for Androids.


iAWriter works well across Ios and Android smartphones. The Android version of this app has lesser features but it is still a good writing app. The Ios app has advanced features like syntax highlighting that can enable you to see verbs, adverbs, nouns, and adjectives in a highlighted document.

If you cannot have the IAWriter directly on your smartphone, you can access it through third-party platforms so that you can write and cite your work easily.

OmniOutliner 2

OmniOutliner 2 is one of the best apps for college survival because, besides offering a great writing experience, it can allow you to outline and organize writing ideas.

If you are one of those students with a challenge in structuring an essay, this is the right app for you.

OmniOutliner can allow you to create reference notes for ease of access and has excellent external keyboard support and the ability to export documents in a variety of formats. It is mostly used by pro writers but it’s open to everyone.

Drafts 4

Drafts 4 is suitable for Ios and it facilitates quick entry of thoughts that you can transfer elsewhere. The app opens to a page so that you can begin typing immediately. Drafts 4 can allow you to send many other apps and services. This app can be regarded as a great scratchpad for writers.

Drafts 4 also features an Apple Watch app to allow you to view drafts inbox. It facilitates a split-screen on an Ipad. Drafts 4 has a customizable bar suitable for markdown shortcuts. The app also allows you to have an editing experience with several interface adjustments to let you customize fonts and control document spacing, margins, and line-height.


You can use apps on a smartphone to write and cite essays from anywhere. Different apps have different features and therefore, your task is to choose what is most suitable for you. You can begin by accessing free apps and test their capabilities before subscribing. You want to use user-friendly apps that are compatible with your device to ensure smooth completion and citation of your work.