There are many ways to express yourself. You can speak, write, sing, dance, and create. Most often, the latter is related to a multitude of topics and themes that would be difficult to express just by speaking or writing. This just goes to show that illustrating and creating are highly impactful ways to express one’s self, but sometimes, it can get a little slow in the boiler room. You may encounter an artist block. It’s similar to a writer’s block, where you can’t get any ideas in your head. If you’re in this pickle, you can surely use the apps listed below.

1. Draw It!

Draw It

The Draw It! By foxy devs app is one of the apps with high ratings for Art and Designs for Android users. It is especially for when people need inspiration on what to draw next.

On the app, you can join in weekly challenges to have creative tasks. It has a variety of drawing inspirations for you such as fantasy cartoon characters like knights and dancing habits, monsters like dragons and krakens, environment pictures like a city in Rome or different landscapes, and animals like sleeping otters and hunting foxes.

You can have your creations posted on the app’s official Instagram site too when your work gets chosen. All you have to do is post on your profile and add the tags #drawit_app and #drawit_weekly.


2. What to Draw? Drawing Ideas

What to Draw? Drawing Ideas

What to Draw? Drawing Ideas app by perful draws out your creativity even more because of their many interesting themes of drawings that you can choose from.

The app is not only for professionals but also for beginners who need help and ideas. It has a generator that suggests what you can draw based on your answers from its four questions.

Although, it is certainly not t necessary for you to follow what it exactly generates but it gives you a hint and the idea of what kind of unique story you would like to draw next.

This app is completely free for Android users and is one of the highly downloaded apps for Arts and Designs.


3. Creative Drawing Ideas

Creative Drawing Ideas

The Creative Drawing Ideas app by ASHAI is another one that belongs to the most downloaded Art and Designs app among Android users. It is completely free without any in-app purchases needed.

The app aims to aid anyone who seeks to learn new art drawing skills. It helps you to come up with new ideas and inspirations whether you are an aspiring artist or a professional Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Illustrator, or any type of creative professionals. It has a group of artists who can help you create and come up with different ideas and concepts.

On the app, you will find different kinds of tools. One of which is the Pencil Sketch which lets you choose among three styles: Sketch, Doodle, and Hatch.


4. Sketch a Day

Creative Drawing Ideas

Sketch a Day app is a one of a kind app. It is not only an app where you can get different kinds of ideas and inspiration of your next creation, but it is also a community of different kinds of artists where you can share your daily work for everyone to see.

On the app, you can submit as many creations as you like to check out and follow your progress with your drawing skills. In the community, you can also comment on other people’s sketches or ask them tips.

The Sketch a Day app also helps you improve your drawing skills as it has tips and tutorials each day specially made for beginners and different challenges for every user.

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5. Canva


This popular image editing app is really making its rounds whether you’re using mobile phones or a desktop web version. Canva is a great app that allows you to edit images, use templates for a variety of specific purposes, and they have a ton of free stuff. So if you’re an artist and you need to get some ideas in your head, check out Canva because they have a ton of templates which can help you start on your design and drawing projects.

You can use Canva’s mobile app or web-based app, so that means wherever you are, Canva provides access to all your needs.

Canva is free to use but provides enhanced editing and suggesting experience when you go for the premium version.

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6. Instagram


So by now, you may be skeptical about reading the sub-title “Instagram.” Well, it’s one of the largest repositories of images in the world because the world’s population went social pretty fast. So if you’re an artist and you’re looking for some inspiration, you can just tap open your Instagram app and scroll away.

How will this be helpful? Well, the images, videos, and stories can give you some insight into specific topics that surround your type of art. Just type in a keyword, and you can find out the posts that are relevant to you. On top of that, you can follow a whole bunch of other people and keep track of their published works. This way, you can instantly find inspiration from others and the images they post.

Scroll through Instagram now and get your next project idea here.

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7. Pinterest


Pinterest is another giant repository of images which will inspire you to create and do everything yourself. One of the major reasons that people who frequent Pinterest have is that the platform is expertly curated with great content which is designed for creative people. It’s a place where people can find inspiration and gain a following from their published work.

The app is very user-friendly and intuitive. You’ll have to sign up with a Google or Facebook account, and you’re all set. Just tap on the words which best describe your interest, and you’ll see that the app will show you images based on your interests. This means you’ll be able to focus on your interests and view only relevant content to your type of art.

Pinterest is free to download for any type of platform.

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Bottom Line

If you’re struggling with a certain project or you’re running out of creative ideas, then you can always turn to technology. One of the greatest things that technology has provided the world is a growing and freely accessible resource for discovery. Check out any of the apps listed above if you ever need any help. You’ll surely get pointed in the right direction.