Your hair is your glory in your life because it brings joy, beauty, and confidence in yourself. You can change your hair color according to the color you want to have; you can have different colors in your hair if you’re going to. If you’re going to have a beautiful and vibrant color of your hair, you choose the right color that suits you and the color of your skin. If you’re going to have the best color of your hair, you should select the color that will reflect your skin color and length of your hair.

Nowadays, choosing your hair color is digital. You can select your hair colors online and try it on your photo to see if the shade suits you. In this guide, you’ll find the five best apps to change your hair color in your photo.



Hair Color Changer app makes you focus on the hair color app itself because it shows you different shades of colors that you want to choose and select. You can see the name of the color, the tone and after applying the color to your hair, you can adjust the brightness or darkness of the color just like the adjustment of a real hair color. You can select a photo to your photo library, or you can take a picture of yourself if you cannot find a photo that shows your hair.

There are more than 100 shades of hair color that you can choose from, and you can select base on the style of your hair and based on the tone of your skin or based on the style of your choice. After putting hair color on your photo, you can now add filters on your photo, and there are also a lot of filters that you can choose from, you can remove or blur region that is not necessary on your photo to give your photo more vibrance and focus.




Hair Color Booth colors your hair according to the style that you want and according to the trend that other social media networking sites are publishing. You can select hair colors according to the availability of colors that Hair Color Booth offers, from the rainbow colors that you can think of up until to the complicated colors that you want your hair to be styled. You can select your photo to your gallery, or you can directly take a photo to capture your hair length for digital coloring.

If you choose color red to the palette that is offered to you, you can click red, and you can start editing the brightness or darkness of the color that you want. You can also complement colors according to your color choice; you can change the red color into burgundy by mixing the black color into the color. You can also add different set of colors like yellow, red, green, blue, if you want a colorful hairstyle. If you want to share your created hairstyle, you can share it to your different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.




Hair Color Studio comes with different shades of colors that you can choose from. You can select a photo on your photo library and choose the best photo that shows your hair, and you can also take a picture if you want to color your hair thoroughly. With Hair Color Studio, you can directly pick a hair color of your choice, since there are a lot of hair colors to choose from, you can also select distinct colors that are impossible to apply with your hair by combining and blending the colors that you want to have a beautiful outcome.

You can differentiate your hair color to the hair color you want to apply in your photo click the comparison button, and you can now see the difference and changes of the colors that you have. If you chose the color that you want in your hair, you can also select some other colors that would complement and blend those colors to the whole dye of your hair to make it more vibrant, natural, and effective in the eyes of others. If you cannot decide on what hair color you want to apply on your hair permanently, you can download the app and try the available colors and this will help you decide on what color of hair to pick from.

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Instyle Hairstyle is an app that allows you to choose the hairstyle of celebrities that you idolize. You can select your photo directly to your gallery, or you can take a photo on your camera and upload it to your app. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from, from the style of a celebrity up until to the form of your own. You can customize the style of your hair and your look to make a new “You.”

There are a lot of hair colors that you can choose, from a single colored dye up until to a multiple layers of colors. The colors that you can select may vary from the celebrity that you idolize, your customization of hair colors, or the style of your own. The good thing about this app is that, you can choose and see if the method that you have chosen suits you because you can select the edited and the raw photo of yourself if you want to compare the raw picture to the hairstyle that you have made and chosen.




Hairstyle Magic Mirror is a men and women app looking for a perfect app to digitize and choose their hairstyle before putting it in an actual app. Hairstyle Magic Mirror helps you in choosing your hair color, haircut, and hairstyle in one app. The purpose of this app is that, it is not only women who can select their hair colors and hair styles. Also men can do the same by downloading this app and selecting their perfect style.

You’re provided four (4) models that you can choose from; there are two boys and two girls who will be your model in styling your hair. If you want it to try on your own, you can select a photo on your gallery showing your hair, and you can take a photo directly on the app.

You can choose the type of hair you want to put so you can choose a better style for you, and you can also select hair color according to the hairstyle that you have selected from the hair available in the app. It is very natural like you do something to your hair. You can choose a one color palette on the app, and you can also select colors with a combination of other colors depending on the style that you want.

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Bottom Line

Sometimes it’s easy to give in to fashion trends and raves. However, it isn’t easy to remove something permanent, like getting your hair colored in a salon. It’s always best to simulate and envision the outcome before going ahead and doing it, only to find out later on that you’ll be regretting that decision. Check out these awesome hairdo apps now before you get the famous shade of rainbow in your hair.