Here are the 7 best app locks for Android devices:

1. AppLock – DoMobile Lab

AppLock – DoMobile Lab

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the best app locks for Android. They have more than 400 million users and does well-locking apps and services of the phone in order to protect data and hide sensitive information. The app supports fingerprint recognition, pin codes, and passkeys.

The app is easy to install and is only around 8MB in size. When it first starts up, it asks for a pattern lock and an email so you can easily reset the app if you forgot any of the codes or patterns. The first pattern it asks for is the key to open up the app so no one can easily change the lock settings by opening up AppLock.

The dashboard of the app shows all the installed apps on your phone and the services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Auto-Sync. There’s a small padlock icon next to the apps and services so you can easily just tap this to lock the desired app. The app comes with ads but a premium mode will remove this.

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2. Perfect App Lock (App Protector)

Perfect App Lock (App Protector)

Perfect App Lock is another light download which means it’s easy to install. This app supports pattern, pin, text, fingerprint, and gesture locks. One of the unique features of this app locker is that you can set up unique locks for different apps. For instance, you can use a fingerprint lock for your email app while you can use a pin code lock for the gallery.

This is great but it’ll be hard to remember so many passcodes, patterns, or pins.

The app also includes a Watch Dog feature which means it’ll take a photo of the person after the third failed attempt.

Overall, this is a good app to check out and try. It has the necessary lock features and add-ons like control of rotation and brightness for individual apps.

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3. App Lock Master

App Lock Master

App Lock Master is a good app to have when you need to seal up some apps and keep information secure and protected. The app starts by asking for a pattern lock and a security email in order to have an option to reset App Lock Master.

The dashboard of the app shows the installed apps and the services of the phone that can be secured. This one also has a photo and video vault for important things that must be kept secure. This could be photos of valid identification or images of credit cards that you keep in your phone.

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4. App Locker

App Locker 

App Locker | Lock apps – Finger Print, Pin, Pattern first asks you to enter a pin. This pin is used to lock the app itself so there wouldn’t be any other way to unlock your apps but through the codes and pins you set.

The first pin you set should be four or more digits. The next screen lets you set a 3×3 pattern lock. After these two locks have been set, you’re good to go to set the feature on the apps you want to secure and protect.

The app’s dashboard looks quite attractive and the lock service seems quite secure. Download and try this app now so you can get a feel of how it works and if it will suit your protection needs.

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5. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint

For a very tiny package, Applock – Fingerprint is a great app. It’s only 3MB in size but it takes on big security intruders. The AppLock – Fingerprint has the basic lock features like pins, passwords, and fingerprint recognition but it does more in order to have more security. For instance, it uses more dots and points as compared to the regular 3 x 3 for pattern recognition.

This makes it more difficult to guess the patterns if an unauthorized person attempted to access the phone. The supports multiple passwords for different apps which means there is more security when dealing with apps at the individual level.

This app supports App Lock Time which will enable locking at certain time intervals. This is good to have when you have children around the house.

As a unique feature of the app, it will take a photo of the security intruder. This is something I’d definitely like to have in an app locker because this will give you concrete evidence on who is attempting to steal your data or snoop through your phone.

Lastly, the locks put on apps are discreet and are masked as error codes so people wouldn’t realize that the app was locked.

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6. App Locker

App Locker

App Locker by Wisdomlogix Solutions is a very straightforward app locker. It does all of the basic app locks through pins, passwords, patterns, and gestures. The features include app locks and file encryption which means you can secure files like images, videos, and etc.

This is essentially good for isolated data or sensitive information that you’d like to remain hidden or kept away from public view.

This app locker has a simple design and allows you to customize the dashboard’s color on your preference. I like that it has a simple way to conduct its lock service.

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7. Lock


In this list, Lock App is the smallest app download which is less than 1MB. I was surprised as well but it does what it says and locks the screen. However, it does lack in functionality like the ones that were previously mentioned. But this is worth to mention and to have because it easily locks the phone without any fuss or ads.

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Bottom Line

You may have noticed that the predominant app name in this guide is app lock or app locker. All of them function in the same way, which is to protect your privacy from those who would overstep boundaries.

My personal preference is the app locker that has support for fingerprints, pins, and keyed in passcodes, as well as the secret photograph of the perpetrator. This will help you know who is behind the act of snooping around your phone.

If we consider the features, the more methods the app locker supports, the more difficult it is to get past its security. With locks and protections, you’d want to use a key that is unique, difficult to identify, and is with you at all times.

Thank goodness for having fingerprint recognition technology available on handheld devices. But if your device doesn’t support this yet, you can use an existing pin and passcode locks or upgrade to a device capable of fingerprint recognition.

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