Wouldn’t it be nice to play your mobile games on a bigger screen or enjoy your Netflix or Hulu subscription on a screen that wasn’t designed for ants? Well, you can with the power of mirror casting or screen mirroring.

Mirroring casting is a bit of technology that you can utilize to mirror what’s on your Android screen and place it on a nearby device, preferably with a larger screen. You can do this through native features or with a number of Android apps you can download off the Google Play Store.

Rather than thumb through the dozens of mirror casting apps you will see if you search yourself, 7 of the best Android mirror cast apps were compiled to save you time.

What is Mirror Cast?

You’ll hear “screen mirroring,” and “Mirror Casting.” Others will call it “screen casting” and “Share Screen.” One of the popular terms is “MiraCasting,” which is also officially recognized by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It goes by many names, but they all mean the same regardless of any official naming.

Mirror casting projects whatever content is on your mobile device’s screen and onto a nearby device via signal. However, this signal is special, in a way. You see, you don’t need Wi-Fi to make mirror casting work; in fact, you don’t need Wi-Fi at all. Isn’t that great?

So, if your network took a dive for awhile, you can still enjoy some of your local content and still cast it to your TV.

1. TeamViewer


If you want the ability to mirror cast to other devices while also being secure, you should take a look at TeamViewer. By using 256-bit AES encryption, TeamViewer adds a layer of security to your screen sharing that isn’t seen by the other apps below.

Why? Well, TeamViewer is typically used by large groups–an essential piece of software in the workplace. A company can use it to share a program that they only have one license for. It also serves as a great way of running diagnostics from a distance. However, it can also be used by a single person.

If you’re using it for personal reasons, a single person, then you can use TeamViewer for free.

Download TeamViewer for: Android | iOS | BlackBerry | Windows Phone | Windows | Mac OS | Linux | Chrome OS

2. Mirroring360 Sender

2. Mirroring360 Sender

Normally, mirror casting apps limit themselves by casting to only TVs, which Mirroring360 Sender can do–Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick–but Mirroring 360 can also cast to your computer, like Windows PC and Mac OS or to another Android device.

Furthermore, Mirroring360 is also available for desktop. Install it to two separate computers and you can mirror one screen to another.

However, you should be aware that Mirroring360 Sender requires that your Android device be version 5.0 and above.

Download Mirroring360 Sender for: Android | iOS | Chrome Web Store | Windows | Mac OS

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Most of the apps listed here have one thing in common: casting your Android device to a nearby TV. But what if you wanted to do the exact opposite and cast your computer to your Android device? Is it possible? It is with Chrome Remote Desktop.

While better suited for an Android tablet, it still works with Android phones. In order to make use of Chrome Remote Desktop, you’ll have to install the app to your preferred device, Android or iOS, and then install the desktop version to your computer.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for: Android | iOS | Chrome Web Store

4. Google Home

Google Home

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. Since Google Home is typically pre-installed to most, if not all, Android devices, it can serve as the perfect answer for your mirror casting needs. While not riddled with features, and also developed by Google, it does exactly what you would expect.

Unfortunately, like Mirroring360 Sender, your Android device will need to be running version 5.0 and above. You should also take a look at supported devices, to ensure you have a suitable device for casting purposes.

Download Google Home for: Android | iOS

5. Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View

Though it’s limited to Samsung TVs, Samsung Smart View is still one of the best Android mirror casting apps, provided you have a Samsung TV that can make use of it.

However, Samsung Smart View is more than a screen sharing app, it’s an entire hub that you can use. It gives you the power to thumb through your favorite content.

Download Samsung Smart View for: Android | iOS | Windows

6. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Like Chrome Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop provides similar features but from Microsoft. Considering the nature of Google, you may not want to give Google the time of day, but you still want to cast to your Android. Microsoft Remote Desktop is that answer.

In the same Chrome Remote Desktop needs to be installed on both devices in question, Microsoft Remote Desktop also needs to be installed on both devices.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for: Android | iOS | Windows

7. AllConnect – Play & Stream

AllConnect - Play & Stream

If you aren’t interested in a bunch of fancy features, then take a look at AllConnect. You can enjoy your music, check out your photos, and watch your shows and movies all through mirror casting with All Connect.

In the case of AllConnect, less is more.

Download AllConnect for: Android | iOS

Take Advantage of Native Features

If you don’t want to add yet another app to your Android device, you should be aware that your device may already have the native ability to mirror cast to other devices. For example, if you have a TV that supports Miracast or Chromecast support, you can simply connect to the device.

It’s certainly the most efficient way of utilizing mirror cast considering you’d already have everything you need right in front of you–no downloads required. Check within your TV’s menu settings for anything referring to Miracast or other similarly named technology.

Bonus Entry – Plex, a Streaming App

Plex isn’t like other streaming apps. In fact, it doesn’t stream content of any kind. Instead, Plex streams content you provide. And while technically speaking it isn’t a mirror cast app, it does cast your content to your device of choice.

If you’re willing to do the leg work getting Plex all set up, then Plex can be an invaluable tool for those of you looking to cast your own library of content. Just remember: you need one device to be the server, generally your computer, and other devices that you would like to cast to need the application installed. Plex is compatible with a lot of devices, like gaming consoles and Smart TVs/ Visit their site for more details.

Remember: it’s your content. Plex does not stream content of any kind. Techzillo does not condone the act of pirating. The content you add to Plex is by your own hand.

Download Plex for: Android | iOS | Desktop | Visit Site

Bottom Line

Mirror casting isn’t as popular as it should be, but it’s certainly a wonderfully niche piece of technology with a lot of quirky opportunities. If you game primarily on your mobile device, and your screen is somewhat tiny, you can always expand your view by casting to your TV. Games like Fortnite and PUBG are played far more comfortably with a bigger screen.

And let’s not forget the business opportunities. With mobile devices having access to presentation apps and such, you can cast to a nearby screen, hook up a mouse and keyboard to your phone, and you’ve got yourself a temporary computer. Make changes to your documents on Google Docs or send a few emails to your coworkers.