5 Best Android Keyboards with Clipboard

A clipboard is an essential software or app that you can have in your mobile device. You can copy and use the clipboard to paste the one you copied recently into a specific location or particular message. If you’re an Android user, you can look for the clipboard button, and it will show you the things that you have copied, captured, and saved in your mobile device.

Some Android keyboards sometimes automatically paste the things that you have copied recently, but if you’re a long term Android user, you know the process and know the options on how to use the clipboard. Some apps in your Android device provides options or images and text that you saved in your clipboard and select them before pasting. In this guide, you’ll find the five best Android keyboard apps with a clipboard.



Chrooma Keyboard offers a different kind of features in using your clipboard when you have this keyboard app for you. You can simple click on the Plus icon to show all the options that you can use like images, photo taking, clipboards, files, and a lot more. If you see a clip icon it means you’re going to to the right place because you’re tapping or clicking the clipboard which you can use in copying and pasting words.

You can pin and save the items that you want to save if you want to use the clipboards that you pinned once again. Chrooma Keyboard allows you to save and locate your saved items in your mobile device, if you want to look for your previous clipboards you can just select and add it to your texts. Chrooma keyboard offers a lot of options for you to use in adding a clipboard to your options.



Ai.type Keyboard app fills the missing pieces of the other keyboard apps that offers clipboard icons. You can add clipboard, you can also edit the clipboards that automatically paste in your list, and you can also copy and paste it if you need the clipboard for some purposes. You need to tap or click the triple bar icon and it will automatically show you the menu for the things you need using the triple bar icon.

You see the clipboard item, if you’re done tapping or clicking the icon, you can now start editing and adding the clipboards that you have in the list. You can edit, add, and remove the clipboards that you have used. You can also put a lot of options if you want your clipboard to be more meticulous and creative. You can also add emojis to your clipboards to make it more fun and beautiful if you want to use it.



Swiftkey Keyboard gives you a simple option to find and look for things you’re looking for in your clipboard. Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to save and pin a lot of clipboards that you want to keep on your mobile device for a particular purpose. You need to click the Plus button and click the clipboard icon in the menu. If you cannot look for the keyboard button right away, you’re going to click or tap the ellipses icon, and in there, you can find the clipboard icon.

If you want to add clipboards to save and use for future purposes, you can add clipboard and pin it. You need to go to your settings, tap or click on the pencil icon and tap the Plus icon and you may add your new clipboards. You can save it by pinning so if you want to use it sooner or later, you will type the word and it will automatically appear in the options button.


Touchpal Keyboard gives you ways to access and go to your clipboards if you need to use them and if you need to put some clipboard item for future purposes. First, you need to click or tap the Edit Cursor button in which it is unique and effortless to do when you need your clipboard right away.

Once tapped or clicked, you can see the word Clipboard, and it will directly lead you to your clipboard items. Lastly, you can see the Touchpal button or the menu button in the center of the keyboard, and it will show you the menu of the things you want to do in your device. You can click the clipboard icon, and you can now start to select the specific clipboard you want to use.

You can edit the clipboard that you have saved in your clipboard, if you want to add more, you need to click the pencil icon, and you can now start to add clipboards. You can also make shortcuts to your clipboard and later on, it will give you a complete phrase if you need them sooner.


Hitap Keyboard allows you to create, edit, remove and also translate the things that you have in your clipboard. This keyboard app will show you easily where is the location of your clipboard icon. At your keyboard, you can see the clipboard icon at the center of the keyboard, if you click it, you’re directed to the clipboard section in which you can see your list of your clipboards.

You’re not just creating clipboards, and you can also edit the clipboard that you made, you need to hold the word you’re going to edit you can do everything you want when you edit. You can also do the translation process of every clipboard that you want to translate, you can also translate a specific word, the word that is being translated will be shown beneath the original word, and you can copy and paste the word to a specific text or location.

Bottom Line

In this guide, you’ll find great productivity tools that can help you improve the way you work with your Android devices. If you haven’t tried using a digital clipboard, then you need to start now because they will make data entry so much easier.