Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editor in your Windows, MAC, even on your mobile phones like Android and IOS which is very compatible and has a lot of versions that you may download for your convenience. This is also called Adobe Photoshop. This is a photo editor that will really help you in enhancing the photos that you want to post in your social media accounts and also if you want to keep the edited version of your raw photos.

Photoshop can come in different versions with different specific features in the editor itself. There are tools that are in the Adobe Photoshop in your Desktop that are not there in your Android device. There are also tools in your Android device that is easy to use and that are not in your Desktop. So it’s a win-win situation for the Android and Desktop when downloading the Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is not just about enhancing the photos that you have, it also enhances your editing skills and make your life even easier.



Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app that you can download to your Android device because it’s not only free, it’s also simple and very easy to operate. This photo editing app will never leave you hanging because there are a lot of features and tools that you can use to edit your photos in a timely manner.

This will not just help you simply in editing your photos, this will also help you in enhancing the appearance of the photo, from the brushes up until the very corner of the photo can be edited and can be enhanced. This photo editing app will show you the tools that you can use to enhance your photos.

If you’re a new user or a first time user of this photo editing app, this is the right app for you because it will help you to go in an advance editing skills if you would allow yourself to discover the deeper tools or the advanced tools of this editor. If you just want to have a simple photo editing, you can just edit it by clicking the filters that are below the raw image and you can see the differences of the filters that you want to select.

If you want to edit your photos in a broader or in an advanced tools, it will also appear for your references, there are a lot of photos that you may use like the brushes, perspective, crop, rotate, healing, vintage, portrait, double exposure and many more. These tools will actually help you in making your photo even more beautiful, normal, and not obvious. Every after selection, a preview of your selected tool will reflected on the image or photo you want to edit for you to see if there is still a need to enhance or not. This is a free app to download and there’s no advertisements included.



Pixlr is also included in one of the best Android mobile photo editor that can be downloaded in your mobile device because it’s also free and easy to use. This is one of the best alternatives that you can download aside from different versions of Adobe Photoshop in your devices. This app will allow you not to just edit but also enhance your editing skills since the tools that Pixlr is using are simple and can be easily learned.

This app will allow you to choose whether you upload your chosen photo, you can take a photo right away, or you can choose photos to collage. When choosing whether to upload, take a photo, or make a collage, you may be encouraged to upload and every photo that you have in your device and also, you may be encouraged to or you may be amazed by the service that Pixlr offers.

If you’re fond of editing your photos is a double layered style, this is one of the best double layer effect that you can have because you can see clearly the effect of it when you use double layer from one photo to another, there’s an amazing effect that you can be addicted in using that tool. There is also a lot of tools that you can use for you to enhance your photos, like the smooth tool, blur tool, crop tool, rotate tool, and many others.

There’s also an auto-fix tool where it will automatically edit and fix all the problems that the photo has. This will also correct the errors that can be seen. You can also select filters if you want to edit the photo easily, you can choose in a variety of filters that are shown in the app. This is a free app in which you can download it to your mobile devices. You can use it online or offline for your convenience.


Toolwiz is an app in which you can edit every little detail of your photo accordingly because of the number of tools that it have, you may select and choose the right tool for your photo editing. With Toolwiz, you can choose whether you can simply edit your photos, have a water reflection edit, a slideshow, moments, check your album and a lot more.

Toolwiz is one of the exception in photo editing because of the service it provides for the people who really likes to edit and enhance their photos and also create something unique in one app. Toolwiz is something that you need to discover every piece of the tool for you to have a broad idea on how to use the tools that Toolwiz is providing.

Toolwiz will give you an extraordinary tools that you can us to enhance your photos, for example, the blur tool, Toolwiz does not only offer a blur tool it offers a different kinds of blur for you to use, and for you to choose the specific and most accurate one when you edit your photos. There are also tools that are included in this app in which you can draw or paint the photo or the blank page, for you to draw or put a line in the photo that you’re editing, the purpose of these tools are to make the photos even more natural and realistic.

These tools includes, texture, crayon, color lead painting, quick sketch, line drawing, oil painting, gouache, and abstract, these tools will make your photos even more beautiful. This app is free when you download it, but, there’s also an in-app purchase so you can go ad free.


PicsArt Photo Studio is an all-time favourite when it comes to photo editing in your Android device because of its simplicity at the same time complexity. It has great tools to help edit, make a collage, create digital vectors, memes, stickers, and so on. When you choose to edit your photos in your library, the tools that are related and with accordance to the photo editing process will appear and you can just select and choose the best tools for your photo.

PicsArt also provide a retouching app that will help you correct and enhance the photo that you have chosen. This app is a great photo editing app because there are a lot of tools and features that you can discover and use while editing the photos.

When you’re an experienced photo editor, you may use the complex tools like the clone tool, brush tool, and other tools that can be used in enhancing your photos and all other projects. This is a free app that you can download to your mobile device.


Airbrush Photo Editor is a great way to enhance your photos. This allows you to beautify the photo that you have selected for you to enhance the photo itself and for you to enhance the style of your images. AirBrush Photo Editor focuses on beautifying one’s image like for example removing your blemishes for you to have a smoother skin, same with the removal of your freckles so when you want others to zoom in your photo we you upload it in your Social Media Accounts they won’t see any freckles in your face.

It can also help you remove your pimples, because pimples are like red spots that can be removed when you use AirBrush Photo Editor. It’s not just the face that can be beautified, even your teeth, with AirBrush Photo Editor it can also whiten your teeth of course you just need to choose the best tool for enhancing your photos and other images that you want to be enhanced.

This app is a photo editor that will not just add filters to your photos but also enhance the photo itself. If you’re using Photoshop to edit and remove your blemishes, you can do it easily by AirBrush Photo Editor.