7 Best Alcohol Tracker Apps of 2020

In movies, the best party is when you get home and don’t remember a thing. You have too much to drink, you pass out, and then, you realize you’re waking up to a splitting hangover.

The entire situation doesn’t really sound safe with all the news about theft and harassment so with that said, it’s of grave importance to ensure that you get home safely after you go out for a night of drinking. This review is for everyone old enough to drink. Here are 7 best alcohol tracker app for Android and iOS:

1. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

The AlcoDroid app is an alcohol consumption tracker, drink diary, and blood alcohol content calculator, all in one app. With this app, you’ll be able to get an estimate of your blood alcohol content based on the kind of drinks you input on the app. You’ll also be able to plot and check your blood alcohol content development in a chart and the app will show you when you go below the legal limit or to sobriety. The chart is available in a daily, weekly, and monthly view.

The app will also display and export your alcohol consumption statistics in daily, weekly, and monthly view. Using the app will allow you to set your drinking goal and compare your current consumption to your goal. You’ll also be able to setup your own list of drink presets and pin your most frequently drank alcoholic beverage. This app is so good that it can even track the cost of you what you drink.

AlcoDroid is exclusively available for Android devices. Download it from the Google Play Store.


2. Leaf – Your Discreet Drink Tracker

Leaf – Your Discreet Drink Tracker

The Leaf app allows you to take more control over what you drink on a night out, a celebration, or a simple drinking session with a friend. This app will allow you to track the amount of drinks you’re currently consuming. The app will make you aware through alerts and notifications when you’ve had enough for the night or when you’re over the limit especially when you setup a personal target.

The app also gives you a variety of challenges, useful tips and puzzles to make sure you minimize on your alcohol consumption. If you’re looking for a tracker and an intake minimizer, this one is for you.

Leaf was created by Action for Change for iOS users. This app can be exclusively downloaded from the iTunes App Store.


3. DrinkControl – Drink Tracker

DrinkControl – Drink Tracker

The DrinkControl app not only tracks your alcohol intake but it also converts your alcohol intake qualities like glasses, bottles, or cans into the standard units of alcohol. With this app, you can set your drinking guidelines and it will let you know when you are about to go over your limits.

Using the app, you’ll also be able to track your alcohol expenses and know the amount of calories with each beverage you consume. So if you’re knocking down beers and want to keep away from the tummy, consider downloading this app.

DrinkControl has a calendar where you can see statistics and charts of your progress. You’ll also be able to compare your alcohol intake, expenses, and calories for a specific time interval.

The app supports in-app purchases, which will provide more statistics from your previous intakes by month, quarter or year. You’ll also be able to customize your favorite drinks, export these data in Excel or Numbers and back it up on Dropbox.

This app is exclusively available for iOS devices. Download it for free through the iTunes App Store.


4. AlcDroid: Alcohol Track and BAC Calculator


This AlcDroid app helps you in keeping track of your alcohol intake. It also has a blood alcohol calculator that does an alcohol test using the Watson formula which will consider your age, gender, height, and weight as part of the computation.

The app is intuitive and slick. The interface lets you choose a theme and you can either be in day or night mode. The app also gives you detailed stats whether it’s weekly, monthly, or yearly. It supports presets for fast and quick operability. If you like to use something straight out of the box where you don’t need to do a lot of configurations, then consider downloading this app.

Aside from the core alcohol tracking, the app gives outs random alcohol facts or trivia which is kind of fun and interesting. It may be good for your next pick up line.


5. SoberTool – Addiction Recovery


SoberTool app is specifically designed for people going through a bout of alcoholism or those who have a strong need of alcohol or are heavily dependent on it. So if you’re on the road to sobriety, this app is great for you.

The app has a combination of features from other apps, too. On this app, you can log the days you’ve been sober and you can also calculate the money you’ve saved since day one of trying to be sober. It gives you rewards for all the times you’ve stayed clean and sober. The app also constantly gives you motivational messages so you’re very well reminded of the effort.

With this app, you’ll also be able to share your personal comments, messages, and stories. This way, you can get support and give advice to others who are trying to be sober through the chat forum.

SoberTool is exclusively available for iOS devices. Download this app for free through the iTunes App Store.


6. Blood Alcohol Calculator

Blood Alcohol Calculator

The Blood Alcohol Calculator app is quite a comprehensive app. It lets you input the drinks you’ve consumed through its hundreds of built-in drinks list and you create your custom drinks by adding it into the app. The app is great because with little basic information, you’ll be able to easily calculate your blood alcohol content as well as your friends’.

The app also gives you possible side effects related to your blood alcohol range and a detailed graph to let you know what your blood alcohol content will be over time.

This app is available for Android devices only. Download it for free from the Google Play Store.


7. Sober Grid

Sober Grid

The Sober Grid app is another app for people on the road to sobriety. It’s considered as a sober social networking platform for people that don’t use illegal drugs and alcohol.

It’s a fun app with activities where you can unlock badges as you get more clean and sober over time. This app lets you discover people who are sober and want to be sober, like you. You can easily find them in your neighborhood and talk with them.

This app is an essential tool for recovery and lets you choose what you share so you can remain completely anonymous if you want to.


Bottom Line

Alcohol and sobriety are serious matters which are most often dealt with simple solutions. If you’re going out for a fun night, consider having an alcohol tracker with you so you can be sure to stay sober enough to get home. If you’re on the way to beating a drinking condition, then you’d best have a go at an app that can improve your current situation.