Web surfers depend on privacy, security, and protection when using a web browser. Yet, how many times have you opened a website only for ads to pop up on the screen, blinking and blocking much of the information? Sometimes, clicking on the ad to get rid of it brings even more ads, or takes you another a completely different website!

These annoying ads can be controlled (to some extent) by using an ad blocker tool. Ad blockers are designed to remove the ads while your surf the web in popular browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Mozilla. Some ad blocker apps perform as ad blockers and anti-virus for free!

Some ads are malicious and can harm your device or steal your information. Ad blockers can also make your Internet browsing activity safer and more private. Yet, all ad blocker apps do not all offer the same features or perform on the same level. Some do access the user’s sensitive data during the ad blocking process. Others are no longer free and cost as much as $19.99 per year. This tutorial will provide information about some of the best ad blockers available. Choose an ad blocker that meets your needs and your budget!

1. AdBlock

AdBlock has been around since 2012 and is very popular among iOS users. After installing AdBlock, swipe the bottom of the AdBlock display to activate it. Choose which ads you want to block and the rules to be followed. Trackers are blocked from viewing your information. AdBlock offers a number of features and can be used across all networks.

The whitelist and Today Widget are popular features used to control the app. New users can access the built-in AdBlocker tutorial. However, AdBlocker no longer blocks app ads and can be a bit high maintenance. The cost of AdBlock is now $1.99.

2. AdGuard

AdGuard is one of the best, most advanced content blocker apps around due to the many popular features, to include parental controls. The AdGuard app boasts an awesome, simple to use interface that will work with iOS, OS X, Windows, and Mobile Android. Get rid of the swarm of intrusive ads and online trackers. The app boasts close to 50 built-in filters that can be applied to your browsing experience. The user can pre-make custom filters. Block social media widgets. What’s more, the basic AdGuard model is free and comes with 24/7 live help. AdGuard Pro is available for $1.99 or $19.95 per year.

3. 1Blocker X

1Blocker X has had a major overhaul from the 1Blocker design and has also become popular as an ad blocker app with iOS users. iOS limits the number of rules for blocking to 50,000. Activate 1Blocker X in Share Sheet and select data to block Adult sites, annoyances, trackers, comments, international rules, and ads. 1Blocker X also now includes regional blockers. The user customizes a personal browser experience to block unwanted ads using some of hundreds of thousands customizable rules. The blockers that you select and activate are synced with your other iOS devices through the Cloud.

Use 1Blocker X to block Facebook and Twitter widgets online. Annoying data can be hidden in Safari without closing the app. 1Blocker X can block more than 5000 trackers from viewing user information online. 1Blocker X has become essential for some who use Safari. 1Blocker X is available for $4.99.

4. Crystal

Crystal is popular and reliable ad blocker app that captured many users by the frequent updates and improvements to the ad blocking capacities. Crystal is affordable and high performing with an interface that is easy to use. The performance across browsers has been very consistent. Block ads and trackers using Whitelist in Safari and Share Sheet. Crystal boasts of to 50% in saved data and 4 times faster page loading. However, Crystal only works with Safari. The price for Crystal is $0.99.

5. Purify

Purify is designed to block ads and tracking for iOS users. The app also uses whitelists and comes with tracking features. Purify blocks features that use up the device’s battery and has been proven to preserve the battery life while enhancing the browser speed. Users with slow WiFi connections find Purify to be ideal. Block social media comments, buttons, and some online scripts.

Purify is fully optimized for iOS 12 and reflects a highly improved performance blocking ads. Contact the Purify developers directly from the app. This ad blocker app has been recommended by many, to include Wall Street, the NY Times, and CNBC. The price of Purify is $1.99

6. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is all about security and ranks high among iOS users. The ad blocker immediately goes to work in Firefox and Chrome out of the box. Ad blocking and Privacy functions are built-in to the mobile and desktop devices. Whitelisting, Brave Payments, and selective blocking are just a couple of the app’s features. Some boast that Brave Browser can load pages 8x faster on a mobile device and 2x faster on a desktop! Encrypt and sync preferred settings and bookmarks using Brave Sync.

Brave Rewards can be activated to give back to websites you use the most. Your contributions are distributed based on the amount of time you spend on websites. Or, you can manually choose the sites. The cost of Brave Browser is free.

7. Onion Browser

Onion Browser focuses on privacy from the ground up and is for users who want to access Tor anonymizing network devices. Fighting malware and tracking are top priority along with guarding your information. Onion Browser offers access to exclusive websites, a built-in browser, and a Privacy Protector. The user can customize the shield settings based upon the browser or the website. OrFox and the Orbot proxy connector features support the Android users. iOS users can access the OrFox which is an improved Firefox version.

Onion Browser is for users with a serious ad problems. The cost of Onion Browser is $0.99.