You don’t have to be a movie star or an accomplished musician to be famous on social media platforms like Facebook. You can just be you, doing what you do and gain followers. With the invention of social media, you, too, can post interesting content that garners enough attention to make your name known, famous, maybe revered, if only for a moment.

But, Facebook fame is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, excellent planning and, most importantly, a lot of your time. You’ll be sinking hours into your profiles just to stay on top and relevant. It’s practically a full-time job.

And yes, profiles, with an “S.” Facebook fame isn’t necessarily tied to Facebook alone and very rarely is it ever. You’ll be juggling several social media accounts. If you’re willing to pay the price, then proceed.

It’s All About First Impressions

What’s the first thing you see on someone’s profile page? Their profile picture or their profile banner. Viewing both can tell you quite a lot about the environment you just stepped in. Imagine every potential follower or friend to be like a job interviewer. If your profile picture and profile banner are pleasing to the eye, you can get a follower with just that alone.

What kind of image are you going for? For example, seeing a banner relating to video games can tip you off that the person loves video games. A clean, maybe even edited, profile picture can give you a hint that the individual is concerned with a particular image. After all, how many famous individuals do you see with profile pictures of themselves at their worst?

have a good intro

Use your intro wisely, too. The small blurb you see below your profile picture? Start with that. It forces you to use as few words as possible to convey the goal of your profile page. You’ll gain attention from it by crafting an intro that resonates with others, especially if it’s something humorous and relatable. Skip the jokes about airline food unless you want an empty friends list.

Open Your Facebook Profile to the Public

Making your profile public doesn’t give much for people to go off of. Generally speaking, if a potential friend or follower likes your first impression, they may need further convincing. This is done by viewing recent posts you’ve made or thumbing through more of your profile pictures and profile banners. By keeping your Facebook profile private, you cut that opportunity off, thereby, hindering your gain of followers and friends.

Making your profile page public is easy enough through Facebook’s settings. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and launch your preferred web browser and head on over to Facebook’s homepage.

2. Log into Facebook, if you aren’t already logged in, with a valid Facebook account and password, preferably the account you’re shooting for fame with.

tap the bell icon

3. At the top, to the right of your notification bell, click the very small arrow. Doing so will open a drop down menu.

4. In the drop down menu, click Settings. Doing so will redirect you to your profile settings.

tap privacy in settings

5. On the left hand side is a column full of different settings to alter. Near the top of the column, click on Privacy.

set it to public

6. In Privacy Settings and Tools, go to each individual setting and click Edit. Make sure each setting is set to Public. Do this for every single individual option.

  • Or, alternatively, you can alter them how you see fit. For example, friends and followers being unable to view your friends list is unlikely to hinder your fame. There’s no reason to think otherwise.

What You Post is What Matters

So, you’ve got followers that liked the first impression you gave and want to see more. Well, what do you do? You post and do so frequently. However, if you post too much, your profile can come off as spammy and, quite frankly, it’s one of the worst moves you can make with internet fame. People are very sensitive to spam. There does exist a fine line and knowing what that is can be hard to pinpoint. Generally speaking, if you’re posting every hour, on the hour, you’re posting too much.

As for what you should post, that’s entirely up to you. Post your own content or share relevant content that means something to you. Generally speaking, you should aim for content that matches the audience you want to attract. If you decide to attract a specific audience and then do something that audience, as a whole, dislikes, well, you lose that audience, but don’t be afraid to experiment with new content.

post good statuses

If you go from makeup to video games, it can feel disjointed and unnatural. Aiming for new content should be fed to your audience in small doses. In fact, update videos and posts are a great way of alerting your audience to new content. For example, you could let them know that you want to introduce a more diverse base of content. You can garner a lot of attention if you ask your audience for opinions. It makes them feel good that you’re engaging with them specifically.

Above all else, aim for content you have a considerable amount of knowledge in. Not only is spam one of the worst mistakes you can make, but the other side of the coin is a lack of knowledge on a subject. The internet doesn’t take too kindly to ignorance and many will outright unfollow you or unfriend you for an uneducated comment or post. Do your research, at the very least.

Engage With Your Audience

Speaking of content, engage with your audience. It’s the cornerstone of being famous, at least in the sphere of social media. Individuals with fame from other sources, music and movies, don’t really have to engage with their audience and very rarely do. As for fame strictly earned from social media, you have to be willing to talk with your audience.

Join Other Social Media Platforms

You’re unknowingly crippling yourself when you choose to strictly use Facebook. There’s a handful of other social media platforms that are ripe for the picking, you just have to go out and pick the fruit.

You see, not everyone uses Facebook. Some individuals use certain social media platforms exclusively; just because someone has a Twitter account, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have a Facebook account, too. It’s all about expanding your reach. By setting up camp on other social media platforms, yes, you are expanding, but the expansion comes from reaching individuals that you’re missing because they don’t even know you exist. Facebook could be a “no-go-zone” for them.

Expand your reach by using Twitter or Instagram or Reddit or all three. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, don’t overreach. Remember: the more platforms you have, the more you have to juggle. At first, you can stick to just Facebook. Once your profile picks up traction, start introducing Twitter and Instagram.

Use the Power of Advertisement

Speaking of other platforms, by expanding your reach, you are unknowingly engaging in advertisement. Not necessarily for capital gain, but it’s advertisement nonetheless when you link one social media account from another. In fact, there’s a great way of advertising yourself on Reddit that doesn’t break community guidelines.

To be clear, Reddit doesn’t appreciate self promotion. It’s a big no-no on the platform. Unless you get permission from moderators, don’t attempt self promotion. Instead, utilize subreddits like Ask Me Anything. Once you garner a big enough audience, you can use r/AMA as a way of engaging with your audience even further while, at the same time, advertising your Facebook without actually linking your Facebook account. It’s a win-win.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face with Facebook fame is keeping it. Again, it takes a lot of time and dedication. Choosing to disappear for a week can be a death sentence for many.