If you own a PS Vita, you’ll quickly realize that after you delete a digital game from your library, chances are that your game progress will go with it if you aren’t careful. There goes several hours of progress with a single press of your button. But it doesn’t have to be that way; in fact, you can backup your PS Vita data to your PC, as well as to Sony’s own cloud storage.

Once you’ve saved it in a safe location, it can be retrieved at a later date should you feel the need to reinstall that particular game again. If that appeals to you, then use one of the methods below and never lose your PS Vita data again.

If You’re Backing Up to a PC…

What you’ll for backing up your PS Vita data to a PC is a pretty short list, one with some variations.

You will need:

1. Either a Wi-Fi connection or a USB cable: To transfer data, you can transfer through the use of your network connection–your Wi-Fi–or through the use of a USB cable. If you wanted a recommendation, the USB cable will suit you best, and far less chance of losing data.

2. A computer with Content Manager Assistant installed: The Content Manager Assistant app is a desktop application that Sony provides. It helps manage the communication between your computer and your PS Vita, and provides the necessary data transfer.

If You’re Backing Up to Sony’s Online Storage…

The prerequisites for using Sony’s online storage is short and sweet. All you need is a network connection and a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you don’t have one, and would like one, visit Sony’s website for more information.

How to Backup PS Vita Data to PC

Backing up your PS Vita data is the easier of the two methods considering it doesn’t cost you a dime to download or install the Content Manager Assistant to your computer, nor do you need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

1. To get started, download and install the Content Manager Assistant to your computer, if it isn’t already. It’s developed by Sony, not by a lone developer. On the download page, click “Download Latest Version.”

[Note]: If you’re using a Mac OS, you can the Mac OS version here.

2. Once installed, launch the Content Manager Assistant on your computer. In the same move, power on your PS Vita and launch the Content Manager app as well.

3. Once Content Manager starts on your PS Vita, select “Start.”

4. Your next step is to decide where you’re transferring your PS Vita data to. In this case, choose PC.

5. Next, you’ll have to decide how you will be establishing the connection. Are you using a USB cable? If so, select USB Cable after you’ve made the proper connection between your PS Vita and your computer’s USB port. If you select Wi-Fi, ensure that your PS Vita is connected to the same Wi-Fi signal as your computer.

PS Vita System -> PC

6. On the next screen, under the subsection “Copy Content,” choose “PS Vita System -> PC.”

different categories

7. Now, from here you can select the data you would like to copy over to your PC. It’s broken up into different categories, such as Video, Music, Photo, and Applications. Simply select data (indicated by the checkmark) and press Copy.

8. Your files will start copying over to your computer. Be sure not to jostle the USB cable or halt the connection.

Documents” folder

9. When the copy is complete, you can find your data in your “Documents” folder, by default, regardless of the operating system you’re using, unless you specified otherwise when you installed the Content Manager Assistant to your computer.

How to Backup PS Vita Data to Sony’s Online Storage

Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers, you can upload your PS Vita data to Sony’s online storage service. With a Wi-Fi signal and PS Plus subscription, you can dive right in.

Here’s how:

1. If your PS Vita isn’t already powered on, do so now. When you’re greeted by the XMB, launch the Content Manager app.

2. Once Content Manager starts on your PS Vita, select “Start.”

Online Storage

3. Now, your first choice is to decide where your PS Vita data is going. In this case, select Online Storage.

Copy Saved Data

4. Next, under the subsection “Copy Saved Data,” choose “PS Vita System -> Online Storage.”

5. Select the data you would like to backup. Any data that has a checkmark next to it will be sent to Sony’s Online Storage. Select Copy to start backing up data.

Sony makes it incredibly easy to backup your PS Vita data whether you’re using a simple USB cable or Wi-Fi or you have a PS Plus subscription and take advantage of their Online Storage service. And you can always retrieve the data at any time.