iTunes is a music player that Apple provides with its macOS, but it’s more than just a music player. You can use iTunes to backup your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It also works as your music library, which can be shared across your devices. For those who own an iOS device and a Windows PC, iTunes is the only way to backup their devices safely.

While you don’t need to authorize an iOS device on iTunes, you will need to do so with macOS or Windows. If you want iTunes to have access to your apps, music, ebooks, movies, audiobooks, backups, and more, then you will have to authorize your computer.

Basically, you are giving iTunes the permission to access all your content and then make it available on other authorized computers. Apple allows authorization of 5 computers, no more.

You can only authorize a computer by installing iTunes on the system. You will not be able to authorize via another computer or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. In this post, we are going to show you how to authorize a computer on iTunes. We have provided steps for both Windows PC and Mac computers. Let’s get started!

Authorize a Computer on iTunes (Windows PC)

Before you begin, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Windows PC. In this how-to, we are going to show you how to authorize a computer on iTunes on Windows 10 OS.

1. Launch iTunes on your Windows 10 PC.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID, if you haven’t already. You can do this by heading to Account > Sign In.

Authorize This Computer

3. Once you have signed in, go to Account > Authorizations and then select the ‘Authorize This Computer’ option.

4. Input your password and then hit Enter.

That’s it. You have now authorized your Windows 10 PC on iTunes and have given it access to your music, movies, books, apps and other data.

Authorize a Computer on iTunes (macOS)

The process to authorize a macOS computer on iTunes is the same as Windows. Follow the steps below to authorize your Mac.

1. Open iTunes.

2. Navigate to Account on the menu bar located at the top.

3. In Account, select Authorizations and click on Authorize this Computer.

4. Type in your password and confirm.

Once again, you have authorized your computer on iTunes. Simple, wasn’t it? If you wanted to deauthorize a computer, then follow the same steps, but instead of selecting the Authorize this Computer option, choose the option that says DeAuthorize this Computer.

You will have to enter your password once again and then the computer should be unlinked. This will be required if you want to remove older computers to add new ones. The method is the same on both macOS and Windows PCs.

Check number of Authorized Computers on iTunes

Now, what if you wanted to check the number of computers that you have authorized so far. You may want to keep a count since Apple only allows 5 computers to be authorized. To check this, follow the steps below;

1. Open iTunes once again.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID, in case you haven’t.

3. Head to the Account menu.

4. Select the option that reads ‘View my Account’.

5. Enter your password and then select the Sign In option.

6. In the following screen, scroll down to find the Apple ID Summary section.

7. Look for Computer Authorizations.

In the Computer Authorizations section, you will find the number of authorized computers. You also have to option to deauthorize computers from here. If you have used up all your 5 computer authorizations, then you may have to remove some to make room for new computers. The above method to find the number of authorized computers is same for both macOS and Windows devices.

As you can see, it is very easy to authorize a computer on iTunes, both on macOS or Windows. For iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you don’t need to authorize them. Also, iOS devices will not use up the available 5 computer authorizations, so don’t worry.

You can also Manage your iOS devices from iTunes on your computer. When you View your Account, you will have access to a section called iTunes in the Cloud. From here, you can manage all the iOS devices that are connected to iTunes.

Most recently, Apple has discontinued the iTunes software and split it into three different apps, so we are not sure if there will be any need to authorize computers in the future.

With the next version of macOS Catalina, users will have access to three new apps known as Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts. For Windows users, you will still have access to iTunes and can continue using it.

We hope you have now learned how to authorize a computer on iTunes.