The Apple Watch series has been redesigned continuously since it came out in 2015. Now starting at about $400 each, the Apple Watch allows you to make calls, send messages, set reminders, stream music and so on. Created to augment your iPhone, the Apple Watch has become increasingly popular for its features and sleek design as well as its applications. Apple Watches pair with iPhone using WiFi and a Bluetooth connection.

The user can pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone to experience even more capacities. As with other devices, sometimes the Apple Watch can be problematic. Pairing the Apple Watch to your iPhone can be challenging. This tutorial will provide you with the steps to pair your Apple Watch along with troubleshooting tips for the Apple Watch that won’t pair.


Apple Watch needs an iPhone 5 or later to set up. Apple Watch with 4G connectivity will require an iPhone 6 or later. If your Watch is not connected to WIFi or your cellular, it will disconnect. Therefore, you need the iPhone to properly manage the Apple Watch. If you have trouble pairing the two, take these steps first to make sure that your Apple Watch and iPhone can successfully be paired:

1. Pair only one Apple Watch at a time

2. Keep the iPhone and the Apple Watch close together while pairing

3. Make sure both devices are charged and powered up at the time of pairing. Your Apple Watch should provide up to 18 hours of battery life.

4. Make sure the Apple Watch and iPhone share the name account phone number

5. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your iPhone cellular network

6. Turn Bluetooth option ON

7. Turn LTE Voice and Data option ON

8. Make sure the iPhone has the WiFi connection ON

Note: Apple Watch doesn’t pair to iPad or Android. The pairing must be with an iPhone.

Try to Manually Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

If you have had problems trying to sync your iPhone and Apple Watch, first try to manually pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone:

1. Press and hold the Side button on your watch to power it up. You should see the pairing information on the screen.When you see the Activation Lock screen that means your Watch is linked to your Apple ID. Enter your log in information.

2. Select Start Pairing

3. Select Pair Apple Watch Manually on your iPhone

4. On your Watch, select Info

5. Verify the 5 digit name on the iPhone that matches the same on the Watch

6. Enter the 6 digit code that shows on your Watch

Once your Watch has confirmed the pairing, you can go on with the set up:

1. Select Set Up Apple Watch. (If this is not the first set up for this Watch, Select Restore from Backup and follow the steps)

2. Pick the wrist you will wear the watch on in your iPhone. Select Digital Crown Orientation > Left or Right

3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

4. On your iPhone, choose whether you want to use Location Services and Siri

5. Select OK

You can select whether you want to use a passcode for your Watch. You can choose whether the Watch passcode will unlock your iPhone. You can also choose to sync your iPhone apps with your Watch.

If Your Watch Won’t Pair Manually

If you see a red iPhone icon or a red X on your Watch, this means that your Watch didn’t pair with your iPhone. Also, if you aren’t receiving messages, alerts and notifications on your Watch, that is also an indicator that your Watch isn’t paired.

1. First, try your Watch connection. You can check your connection status at the Control Center:

2. Go to the Control Center on your Watch

3. Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch screen and open the Control Center

4. You should see a healthy blue WiFi signal, cellular signal, and 100% battery power on the screen.

5. Make sure the iPhone is disconnected from the Watch

6. Check Your Watch Settings to make sure they aren’t interfering with the pairing

7. Turn the Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb options OFF

8. Turn Airplane Mode OFF as it shuts down the Internet connection and the capacity to pair with the iPhone

9. Turn your Apple Watch Lock ON

10. You can choose to play a sound if you misplace your iPhone

If your connection is restored, you should see a green iPhone symbol on the Home screen.

Reboot Your iPhone

Troubleshoot the pairing problem between your Watch and iPhone by restarting your iPhone. Hold the Sleep/Wake button down on your iPhone until you see the Slide to Power Off notification. Or, you can go to Settings ? General > Shut Down and wait a few seconds to restart After you have powered your iPhone back up, check the Apple Watch connection again.

Check Your iPhone Operating System

Sometimes, your Apple Watch and iPhone won’t pair if your iPhone needs updating. Check your iPhone for updates by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update

2. When prompted, select Download and Install to accept the latest iOS update

After the update is complete, check to see if your Apple Watch and iPhone will pair. If your Watch and iPhone still won’t pair, clear your iPhone network settings by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset

2. Select Reset Network Settings (You may have to enter your password to complete the task.)

3. Check to see if your Apple Watch and iPhone will pair.

Note: You will have to go back and personalize your iPhone settings again.

Reboot Your Apple Watch

After you have restarted your iPhone, if the connection is still not there between the two devices, try restarting your Apple Watch:

1. Locate the button just below the crown on your Apple Watch and hold it down

2. Wait for the prompt, and then slide the white Power Off button to the right

3. Wait for a few seconds and then select the crown to power the Watch back up

4. Check the connection between your Watch and the iPhone

Reset Your Apple Watch

You should troubleshoot your iPhone before checking your Apple Watch to find a solution to the problem. If the troubleshooting steps for your iPhone did not solve the problem, try resetting your Apple Watch. Using this option, all of your data that has not been backed up on your Apple Watch will be lost. You will only be able to recover data from your last backup. To reset your Watch, follow these steps:

1. On your Watch, go to Settings > General > Reset

2. Select Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings

3. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app

4. Select My Watch at the bottom of the screen

5. Choose your Apple Watch at the top of the screen

6. Select the Information option next to your Watch

7. Choose Unpair Apple Watch and confirm

Check to see if you can pair your Watch and iPhone once again.

Note: After the reset, you will need to setup your Watch once again.

Check the Apple Forums

A great way to troubleshoot the connection between your Apple Watch and your iPhone is to visit the Apple forums where other users share their experiences with the same products. These forums will give you more insight as to your own personal experience with streaming content and the amount of storage space you really need.

Contact Apple Support

Your Apple Watch comes with a one year warranty for hardware repair. If you have further questions about your Apple Watch, or if you could not get it to pair with your iPhone after following these steps, contact Apple Support or the Genius Bar for assistance.