Do you talk on the phone a lot? Have you ever had to have conversations in a public place? Even if you don’t talk on the phone a lot, you probably have to sometimes, and this can be hard if your phone only works on speakerphone.

While speakerphone is great for those moments when you have to go hands- free, being forced to use it because your phone is stuck on speakerphone is frustrating. While this might seem odd, there are two types of reasons why this might occur. You might have a damaged earpiece or a noise-canceling microphone. Here’s how you fix that.

Fixing Your Device that Only Works in Speakerphone

1. Clogged Earpiece

Check to see if there’s anything stuck in the earpiece. The earpiece is at the top of the phone and you should see it in the shape of a thin sideways oval. Get anything that you can out of that speaker. You should pick out the small pieces with a tweezer if you see any. If the grill on the earpiece is metal, then you might need to get professional help to remove it and clean it thoroughly. This is one of the first things that you want to do since you can get a lot of stuff stuck in it while you’re placing them in your pockets.

2. Dirty Mic Hole

Usually, smartphones come with multiple mics so that you can always here the sounds that are coming from your device clearly. Most likely, there’s a regular mic and a noise-canceling one. Then standard mic is located underneath the phone, and you’ll need to look at it to see if it’s blocked. You can usually see quite clearly with a flashlight. You can usually blow lightly on the mic to clear the dust or any blockage. You don’t want to try to poke anything out of the headphone jack because you could mess something up, so only use light blows.

3. Misplaced Screen Protector

Make sure that the screen protector is properly placed. Sometimes, if you’ve installed the screen protector yourself, you place it on the screen incorrectly. Because of this, the screen protector might be covering the earpiece and preventing the sound from being loud. Take a look at the earpiece and see if it’s being covered. If it’s covered, removed the screen protector carefully and get one that doesn’t cover your phone’s earpiece. While this doesn’t commonly happen, you just want to check to see if this is the issue that you’re having.

4. Volume Not Up

Volume Not Up

Make sure that the sound on your phone is up. Use the volume keys on the side of the phone to turn up the volume. Look at what volume was increased. There is a different volume control of media, ringtone, notifications, and the system on most phones. If you press the volume key down and look at the word above the scale, you can see which volume you turned up. Make sure that the System has the volume turned up so that you can hear the calls that you answer. Having the System volume turned down could be the reason that you can’t hear the calls that you answer.

5. Take Off your Generic Case

Sometimes, a generic case is blocking the earpiece on your device. Generic cases can be very tricky since they aren’t on made for your device. This means that’s holes for your earpiece or speaker might not be cut out. While cases for your device might be very expensive, it’s worth it so that you have access to ports and speakers while the device is in the case.

If none of the above choices work, then you should try factory resetting your device. This should be the last thing that you try since you’ll lose everything on your phone if you don’t back it up. Also, another thing you can try is taking your device back to where you bought it. Cell service providers often have stores where they have repair centers and they might help you find the cause of the broken earpiece. Hopefully, your device begins working once you receive help. If not, then you might need a new device.