Many people keep a flame war about which is better, iOS or Android. However, there are a lot of similarities between those operating systems. No matter what you choose, you will derive benefit from any of them. The basic functions of iOS and Android are alike. For instance, you can use any of these devices to make a call, send a message, do browsing, or have a video chat. The phones also have maps, voice commands, and many other similar features.

As a student, you might be familiar that any phones can be used to search for assistance in your studies. For example, making a request, “Can you write essays for me, please?” is possible on any device since they both have 4G cellular networks, which are crucial in our everyday lives, work, and study. In addition, the status bar on iOS and Android will share similar information about battery life, time, app notifications, and wifi.

The user interface has very similar features, so if you switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa, you will find no difficulty managing swipe, tapping, pinch or zoom. Be sure that privacy is relevant in both systems. Users are offered app permission to avoid data leakage.

Thus, you can consider any operating system for your study or work because each of them would provide you with reliable work and quality. However, there are features Android presents which you will never find in the system created by Apple Inc.

Top Android Features That You Will Never Find in iOS

Android and iOS have many similarities. However, some differences make each of these systems unique. If you are the owner of an Android system, you can be sure that the customization with your phone will go more smoothly and easily because Android is more open than iOS. However, you may notice that the running speed of iOS is more consistent over time while the Android’s tend to decrease gradually. The ones who already used both devices know that the voice assistant is different. Google Assistant is more powerful than Siri, and for some users, it might matter a lot. But let’s see now what special features Android has that iOS doesn’t.

Alternate keyboards

Many people experience difficulties typing on their phones. Whatever big or small your screen is, it will always cause some inconvenience to type a text quickly. Android creators did their best to design a keyboard with various options and functions to make the process less painful. Besides, it’s very easy to install. You can get any keyboard choice on your phone to make you satisfied with typing. The iPhone has different keyboards. It requires you to put the text to another program with a special app, which complicates working with the texts.


Tasker is one of the best features you can find in Android. It’s very efficient and helpful for making your phone more functional. With the help of Tasker, you can access the deepest setting on your phone and turn it into a superphone. It’s very convenient when you can operate your phone on your own and do whatever you want with settings, whether it’s turning on or off different applications or monitoring and controlling their condition.

Custom home launchers

One of the benefits the users of Android can get from applying their devices is that customization is possible with custom home launchers. You will never find this feature on iOS unless it is jailbroken. Even this fact will minimize the chances of having your screen property customized. Custom home launchers for Android would enable you to add extra features to your device’s home screens, which will help to speed up the old phone. Different kinds of shortcuts will become available after doing a simple procedure of customization.

Removable battery

One of the hardware advantages you can apply while using Android is taking out a battery and swapping it into a new one if necessary. You can also upgrade it or use an upgraded SD card. When the storage on your phone is maxed out, you can insert a new card and have more storage to play with, while the iPhone doesn’t allow you to do such manipulations. One more thing that is possible to implement on your Android is to swap out a spare battery to enable your phone to last longer without being charged.

Custom ROM’s

As was already mentioned above, there are third-party apps for Android that give you many benefits. The greatest thing about it is that users can take a feature installed on the phone and replace it with a new one with a new version. It enables you to do various tweaks on your device, deriving the most from it. You can even make your phone operate better and more productively by installing special apps that will help to launch various processes on your OS. The iPhone, however, doesn’t offer you such possibilities.