Amazon Sent Me Two of the Same Item? Here’s Why

Amazon Sent Me Two of the Same Item

You hear a knock on your door, and as you go open it, you see the package from Amazon you were waiting for. You start opening your packages, and you notice one of the items that you ordered came with a duplicate item. What now?

Why Did Amazon Send Me Two of the Same Item?

Most likely, the reason that Amazon sent you two items is that there was a mistake made by Amazon, and a second item was shipped to you. It might also be a deliberate action by the seller wanting to surprise you or wanting to get rid of stock.

So while you might want to return the item on ethical grounds, you don’t always have to do this since it might not have been a mistake in the first place. Getting two items most of the time won’t require you to take them back to be delivered to the seller.

Even though it is not necessary for you to return any item that is duplicated on your order, you might return it if you deem it necessary to do so.

Whatever action you choose might be keeping into consideration what receiving a duplicate item on an Amazon package might imply to all of the parties involved with the delivery of the package.

1. They Made A Mistake

The main reason that there is a duplicate item in your packages from Amazon might be because there was an error while processing your order.

If you check your order and it clearly states that you only ordered one item while you got two, the probability of an error grows. The mistake may have been made by the seller or by the fulfillment center where your package came from.

Whichever the error might come from, there was an error that resulted in a duplicate item. If there was an error by the seller of the item, it might be the case that they will ask you for the item back, especially if the store where the item came from is a small one.

If they do require you to return it, don’t worry, the instructions to do so will be made clear. If the seller later sends you a message stating the error that was made but does not ask for the item to be sent back.

It might be that the seller will require their item back since the results from mistakenly giving an item of their inventory away will be counterproductive for the company.

Receiving an email from the person that sold you the item will be the best way to decide to have all parties’ opinion’s heard.

If the duplicate item did not come from the same box as the other item, there also is the possibility that someone else ordered the same item and the post office delivered the other by accident.

Check the box attentively to see if there is any indication that the package might not be for you. Since items still follow the idea of popularity, it might be possible for the item to be ordered by a great number of customers.

If you have ordered a common item, such as an electrical cord, it might be possible that you got a similar product from a different store.

The mistake might come from any point of the distribution chain of the product, but the only way to be sure is if you receive a direct response from the seller about the circumstances caused by the duplicated item.

2. The Seller Wanted to Surprise You

It might also be the case that the seller wanted to surprise you. If this was the case, it is most likely that they placed a message on the package where the item came from or by email explaining why you got a duplicated item.

It is not likely that a company will send you a present as a surprise without taking credit for giving you an extra item since it is more likely for you to tell your friends or family about the company.

Even if you might not have received any sort of message from the seller, it might still be a present from the company, while it is still less likely to be one. This is even more likely to happen around dates that might cause special deals on certain products.

Say that it is Black Friday, and you decide to purchase some plates and mugs for your kitchen. After your order is delivered, you find out that the number of mugs and plates that you receive is double the number of utensils you ordered from Amazon.

It is much more possible for this instance to be created actively by the seller of the item since deals are to be expected from this date even when you might not remember it.

If there is a certain anniversary for the seller in question, the idea of doubling items might be what the company is currently focusing on. Oftentimes anniversary gifts will come with some sort of commemorative reminder of the event.

Check the store from which you bought your product as well as the product itself to find out if you got the item as a gift. As always, checking your notifications and emails is integral to finding out the reason why you obtained a duplicated item.

Once you receive a response from the seller, you are able to make your informed decision about the additional item you’ve received.

3. They Thought an Order for 2 Was Placed

As a part of the mistakes that they might have made, the seller might have thought that the order made was for two items instead of one.

If this is the case, then the paper found on the package stating the number of items delivered might be different from the one found on your Amazon profile. If both amounts match, it might still be a mistake, but the mistake was not printed on any labels.

This is another explanation that might mean that the seller will ask you for the product back. At times there are products that tend to be sold in pairs rather than single units. If this is the case, the number of products that they usually ship is larger than one.

If you happen to have ordered 3 items and the company expects to sell 4 rather than 3, the seller might make the mistake of adding another item to the package.

While this is a clear possibility of why you have recently received an item you did not expect, most of the time, this happens when you buy one product and receive two of the same.

If before you bought it, you were fiddling with the idea that maybe you needed two items and changed the number of items on your cart upon seeing your order, it might appear as if you ordered two.

Always make sure that you take into consideration the ideas and feelings of others when it comes to a decision that might affect not only you.

4. The Item is Expiring, so They Wanted to Get Rid of Stock

If you ordered an item that may expire, they might have sent you a duplicate product to get rid of the items that are about to expire from their stock. If the item you ordered might expire, check the expiration date on both items.

If one or both of the items are close to expiration, you may have gotten the item because of this.

If the date posted on the expiration is about one month or less, the way to get rid of stock that will soon be expired is to send more items than the ones ordered so that the items will at least get some use instead of heading to the dumpster.

The company might even be trying to get rid of old stock in order to make more space for products that are new and that they want to add to their line of products.

If you order food or products that need to be kept only for a certain amount of time, the odds are that you might receive an item that still has a good amount of shelf life.

5. You Actually Placed an Order for 2 But Didn’t Realize

If you check your Amazon profile and see that you actually placed an order for two, the charge will appear on your recent orders. If this is the case, you might want to return the other item to get your money back.

This might be necessary if you do not have a need for the second item you got. If you ordered the second item, this is the only case in which you will get your money in return for giving back the item.

If you find out that you made an order for two but later realized that you do require two items, you might keep the second item without the worry of being asked for the item back in the future.

Since this is the only explanation in which you did pay for the item, this is the only explanation that will give you an accurate answer as soon as you receive your package.

If you do receive two items of a product that you only wanted one of can always be solved by returning the item to the seller. The only reason the seller might not return any money for the item is if it was explicitly expressed that no returns will be accepted.

If they have a no-return policy, it might mean that getting any money back from the misplaced order might be more difficult than anticipated.

You might, of course, argue that the sale was made by mistake and explain why your situation shall lead to a return being made by the seller.

It is likely that the store will not have a policy against returns, but even if you do, you are able to plead your case to the company.

Can You Keep the Duplicate Order?

You can keep any duplicate order that you receive. The best advice for any duplicate order that you might get from Amazon is to not open the item for at least a couple of days to see if you do not receive an email asking for the item back.

If no email is sent that explicitly asks you to return the item that you received, then there is no real need to return the item to the sender. If the item was sent as a gift, it was meant for you to keep it.

If the item was sent because it was expiring, you were meant to get the item, or if the seller did not ask for the item back, even if it might have been a mistake, then there is no need to get the item back from the seller.

There are very distinct options you will have to consider when you decide what you are going to do with the item you received. Remember, you are the only one that will really have a say if this was to happen since the product was meant for you from the beginning.

What Will Happen If You Keep the Duplicate Order

What might happen to you if you decide to keep the duplicated order is most likely nothing, or the seller might ask for the item back.

Since it is likely that a single item might be hard to find missing, especially if the inventory from the seller is too vast, the item might not even be required by the seller.

To keep or not the duplicate item will be only chosen by you and no one else, but be sure that you have taken into consideration all the information you might need to proceed with your decision.

1. Most Likely Nothing

If the seller has not explicitly asked for the item back, most likely, the seller does not need the item back.

So if they do not ask you for the order, then nothing will come from it. Waiting for a few days to see if anyone will ask for the item back is the best way to be sure that the item was not needed by the seller.

2. The Seller Will Ask For It Back

If, on the other hand, the seller does ask for the item back, the best thing you can do in this situation is to give it back.

If you received a duplicate item, if the seller needs the item back, the seller will reach out to you even before you receive the package or in the span of a few days.

If you have waited over a week and there has been no attempt to get the item back, you can keep it since the seller will not likely ask for it back.

What to Do If You Receive A Duplicate Order From Amazon

You have received a duplicate order, and now you do not know what to do with the extra item. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wait a few days before you decide to keep it.

If you believe that you must send the item back for any given reason, then you might go ahead and send the item back. Whatever you decide to do has to come from you. Use your own parameters to see what the best approach might be.

1. Wait For A Few Days, Then Keep It

The best choice you might take if you receive a duplicate item is to wait and see if the seller will ask for the item back.

The best approach you can take is to wait at least five days before you decide to keep the time to make sure that the seller will not ask for it back.

During the time you wait, before you keep the item, you must make sure to check your email as well as your Amazon account regularly.

You must look for any piece of information, including emails and pop-ups created by Amazon or the seller of the product. Waiting for a response is one of the most responsible ways to deal with the problem.

If the seller tells you they need the item, you will simply send the item back to the seller.

2. Send It Back

If you believe that the best approach to the incident might be to return the duplicate item you have received, returning the item will be the best approach you might have available.

If you receive a message from the seller asking for the item back, then sending it back will fix any problems with the duplicate item. The process to send back any item is as if you sent back your item for a return.

3. Contact the Seller and Notify Them

If you are not sure if the seller actually needs the item you’ve received, messaging them directly asking if they will require the item or not is the safest way to go. If you are having problems deciding what the best option for you is if you are dealing with this conundrum.

If you decide to write a message to the seller to ask about your situation, the best thing you can do is send them a quick email to the email they left on their amazon profile.

You might even go ahead and use your secondary account in order to keep your email anonymous for whatever reason you may find. Asking about the duplicate is the first step in deciding whether or not to return the item.

You should wait some days to check if the seller decides to answer your first email.

It might be that the seller needs the item, it might be that they sent the item as a sort of present for you, it might be that they do not need the item anymore, or the seller might not even respond at all.

We have to consider that no answer is an answer by itself. No matter what your choice is, whether you receive or not receive a message from the seller, you will have a straight answer after asking.

4. Give It to Friends and Family

If you have decided to keep the duplicate item, giving them to your family or friends might be a great response to your situation since you will already have the original item.

If there is a birthday coming up, a special event, or any reason to give the other party a present, give a present to friends and family.

If you decide to give away the item, it shall be made clear that if the seller decides for the item back, there will be no way to return it other than to return your own. Keep in mind all of the tips previously mentioned.

From time to time, even corporations as big as Amazon tend to commit mistakes with their inventory.

If you have received a duplicate item and would like to know what the best path will be for dealing with the situation that is presented to you.

Asking the seller directly what has to be done with the duplicate item you received is the best way to ensure all of the parties’ needs are being taken into consideration.

If you do not believe that there is a need to directly send a message to the seller, the next best option will be to wait a few couples of days to see if the seller decides to ask for their item back.

It might be that the company sent the product on purpose even if you did not directly buy the item from them.

It is no secret that receiving an extra item in an Amazon package feels like lady luck smiling upon you but be sure that you consider what the pros and the cons will be of keeping the item.

You might also decide that giving the item back to the seller is the best approach to this problem, so you might return it to the seller.

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