One of the wonderful perks of paying for a streaming service — other than having access to a mind boggling library of movies and TV shows to watch — is the ability to download the aforementioned TV shows and movies to select devices for use offline. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your movies and TV shows, and you don’t always have a Wi-Fi connection, nor do you want to run your phone bill high.

As of late it’s been implemented in many streaming services, Amazon Prime being one of them. But before you go thinking you can download the entire library (who has that kind of time?), you’ll be sorely disappointed. Simply put: there exists a limit to the number of downloads you can make on Amazon Prime, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to limitations. Cue the smallest violin.

The Amazon Prime Download Limit

The number of Amazon Prime titles you can download is a hard number to pinpoint because a number of factors are at play. You have to be concerned with the devices using it, the region you live in and even the content itself.

Your Region Matters

For example, according to the company, you are free to download a maximum of 25 total Prime Video titles, but only in select areas. Other regions might find that they are only allowed to download as few as 15 Prime Video titles.

That’s quite a number of titles, and arguably generous. That doesn’t seem like a lot of room to work with, but how many movies do you actually put on the back burner? Whether you’re limited to 15 or 25, that’s still a good number of downloads. Once you’ve downloaded the movies and or TV shows, you can freely watch with or without an internet connection. It’s a great way of frontloading some content to watch while you’re on the bus or especially on a plane.

However, once downloaded, hold off on watching the movie and or TV show until you can dedicate the time. You can hold onto content for 30 days, but once you start watching it you’ll have 48 hours to finish it before you’ll have to download it again. It’s a strange limitation, but now you’ve been forewarned.

[Note]: If you happen to be in a region that limits you to 15 total Prime Video titles, perhaps you should consider using a VPN to change your region. It can change your location to make you appear in other parts of the country. It’s how some countries with stricter laws content to view movies and TV shows that aren’t available in their area.

Not All Content is Available for Download

Amazon Prime’s limitation reaches past the number of downloads you can have into the content itself. Not all movies and TV shows are available for downloading — most are, but there are a few that aren’t. You’ll generally see new movies, new releases specifically, and new TV shows that aren’t available for download.

If a title is available for download, you’ll see the “Download” option appear under “Watch Now” if you can download it for later. Once you’ve downloaded it, the title will count against your download limit. If you don’t see the option there, you can’t download it.

On top of that, you should also be aware that not all titles are available in your area. It depends entirely on your region’s laws. You can potentially bypass such limitations by investing in a VPN, but be sure that it will work with your version of Amazon Prime Video app.

Not All Devices can Download from Amazon Prime

One of the worst limitations to downloading content from Amazon Prime is not so much the download limit, but the devices that are allowed to download content.

For example, if you’re using a computer, well, you’re out of luck because you can’t download content from Amazon Prime. If you want to watch content you pull from Amazon Prime, you’ll have to do so with the Amazon Prime application, and that’s only available on mobile devices and tablets.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Amazon Prime’s download limit is, by far, the least concerning limitation. Sure, 15 or 25 unique titles may sound low, but that’s still plenty to work with even on the low end. The limiting factors are more so the region you live in and the devices you’re using to download Amazon Prime content.

And if you feel that 15 titles is too low, using a VPN is always a possibility. Now, you should be careful which one you choose, because the good ones will be paid for and not all may work with Amazon Video Prime. You will have to do some research before you make the plunge.