Amazon Package Opened? Do This

Amazon Package Opened

The most common problem is simply the concern of customers finding packages being simply opened when they are not supposed to be. Here are some situations that most likely explain your problems regarding open packages and what you can do to solve them.

Why Was My Amazon Package Opened?

1. It Was Damaged During Transport

When transporting a package for a long distance in a large van, it is likely that packages won’t always get stored properly.

There are no restraints or harnesses that could keep the boxes in place, which can cause a big load shift if they are not properly stored. This is a serious problem for more fragile objects, especially when placed next to hard ones.

The best strategy for the driver is to store all the heavy packages on the bottom and the light fragile ones on top. However, when dropped off at multiple places, the packages are not always in weight order.

In fact, they often must move off the light packages to get to the big ones. A tight turn could throw a lot of the boxes around if the driver is not careful. The employees driving their vehicles are experienced professionals, but anything can happen while on the road.

2. The Seller Did Close It When Sending It

The sellers who want to give their products would no doubt want to ensure the package was safely kept. If that package was not already sealed, it’s possible that the seller simply didn’t close it properly.

There are many items a merchant has in their inventory, so it’s very difficult to keep an eye out for all of them.

It is still in the best interest of the seller to ensure that their products are sold properly. No successful business makes profits by selling nothing.

To Find information on that ground, go to Reconcile your shipment on Amazon’s seller central website. There you click on Manage FBA shipments, and they provide your track shipment, then click the contents tab.

3. The Tape or Sticker Was Weak

Retail companies like Amazon use different types of tape for certain packages. For large Packages, Amazon uses a tap made by Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), which manufactures quality bindings.

The IPG tap is highly favored by Amazon because it is water activated and becomes part of the cardboard package.

This makes it a better tape to use compared to other brands since most don’t stick to cardboard well, as it wants all of its products to be properly sealed and safely delivered. It is also possible that either Amazon or the seller simply ran out of tap in the first place.

There is also a possibility that your package got lost because your mailing sticker that contains the address fell off. Whether it’s because the sticker was wet or improperly attached, if there is no address on the box, it could get re-sorted for a long time.

4. The Delivery Driver Opened It

It is not unheard of for a delivery driver to open or tamper with their customer’s packages, but it rarely happens.

Amazon’s policies carry fire-able penalties for their drivers who steal. Each driver has to go through an extensive background check. Furthermore, both the vans and the packages are tracked, ensuring the headquarters of their destination.

The chances of the driver stealing your package are very slim, obviously, they don’t want to needlessly risk their jobs, but the temptation is always there.

A few thieving drivers are always going to be around, but Amazon has a vested interest in preserving its reputation for reliable deliveries. If your package was already open, it is more likely another cause that’s harder to report.

5. A Neighbor or Passer By Opened It

In recent years there have been more and more reported cases of neighbors and, indeed, random people stealing other people’s mail.

That’s especially the case when there is a large, likely expensive package that is unguarded on another person’s doorstep.

If the thief is smart, he will try to look inside to see if there is anything valuable first. It’s much more rewarding to the theft than just steel a worthless package.

If you do suspect this to be the case, call first your next-door neighbors, then the ones across the street. They may have seen or known someone who looked at the package and opened it. It is always best to seek help from your community.

Amazon Package Arrived Opened and Empty

If a package is open, there is a reasonable fear that an item inside is stolen. Should your desired Item disappear, here are some outcomes that could have happened. It could be either the find held in your neighborhood or from the company.

1. A Neighbor or Passerby Stole It

Leaving a Package on your front porch leaves a massive opportunity for any trespasser to just take it without leaving any alarm. If your neighbors do have information, then it is best to report this theft to the authorities.

Increasingly there have been cheaper smart cameras installed in people’s houses that have caught trespassers swiping people’s mail.

Fortunately, such events have been noticed more and more online. Increasingly affordable electronic smart cameras have been capturing the perpetrators in action. It has revealed trespassers, neighbors even drivers stealing packages from people’s front doors.

2. It Fell Out During Transportation

As much as we want to hold our trust in retail outlets to deliver our packages safely, there’s always the chance they get lost in the mail. There are places where it could get lost there, is Amazon’s distribution centers.

These warehouses hold thousands of products and employees with machines to sort out the work. Ether by mechanical or human error, its likely your package would have got lost there first.

The other place it would have been lost would be the delivery Truck. There is a likelihood that the package has either got jumbled in a load shift or delivered to the wrong address. If a package is not on your door at the drop time, wait 48 hours before Contacting Amazon.

3. The Seller Forgot to Include the Item

There are numerous items a seller needs to make a profit. As such, it is difficult for them to keep track of their merchandise. Whether it’s a slip-up or in a rush, they can forget to put their product in the bag.

This reflects the need to contact the seller itself to be sure it was not a mistake from the top. As unlikely as a scenario of forgetting to pack your boxes seems, it does happen.

What to Do If Your Amazon Package Was Opened

If your object is missing, then it is necessary to call the company to see if there is anything that can be done to find what is missing. There are several parties to call should you encounter this situation. Here are the most important players to contact.

1. Contact Amazon

If there is nothing inside the box, then the first thing to do is to contact Amazon. They were the company that delivered the packages, so it’s up to them to inform you of your box’s status.

Whether it’s a mistake or missing, Amazon is usually quick to respond to your services.

To contact Amazon, it is important that you state your tracking number since you likely ordered the same kind of package as hundreds of other customers. If your package is missing, wait 48 hours.

2. Look Inside the Box Properly

if it is a very small item, it is wise to look carefully inside the box. Sometimes the item is accompanied by popcorn foam or bubble wrap. This is especially the case if it is in an oversized box; the trash could bury your item where it’s hard to dig out.

It is best to carefully dump the box contents on your table and sift through the material. It is easy for a small item to be camouflaged in the debris.

3. Contact the Seller

As a retail business, Amazon is. There is the possibility the seller was in a rush or had a lot of packages to content with.

Still, it is also your job to contact the original seller. You may be able to receive a refund or a second package depending on the urgency of the customers’ demands.

No successful businessman profits from selling empty boxes. If this were to happen, there would be any retail businesses left. You can find more information by looking at Contact, a Third Party seller that provides basic information about the place you buying from.

This includes It is also important that you understand that the product was either new or used as variable sellers use different qualities of the same item.

4. Contact Your Courier

If there is any chance that you can contact the person who regularly delivers your mail, it’s best to contact him/her as well. Some retail outlets have a manifest where you can look up the courier’s name and business number.

If the package was a recent drop-off, there is a chance that you can contact the driver to see through any out-of-place packages that may have been yours.

You can’t contact this person via customer service online under its Carrier Contact Information site. Here you will find basic information on major carriers and their phone numbers. They should be able to deliver tracking information and provide a possible name of your carrier.


To recap, there are plenty of reasons for your package may be open. It could have been damaged, insufficiently sealed, or simply stolen, but that doesn’t mean your package is gone.

Sometimes the item inside is intact, but the box could be open for one reason or another.

When it comes to handing over your package, mistakes would be made by several parties for many reasons. If your item is lost, call Amazon’s Customer service. If not, the seller and courier should also be informed.

A business, whether on top or on the bottom alike, never likes displeasing its customers.

Many of us have used Amazon to deliver our biggest and most important packages. Various Personal Items such as electronics, furniture, toys, and everything in between have been handed to our doorsteps thanks to this company.

However, every complex system has its flaws, even one as minor as your opened box.

If you have mini cameras, it could find the culprits and perhaps your missing products.

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