Nothing is more annoying than having trouble with technology before you even have it set up. This is an issue that many people have when they’re setting up their Alexa app. The app is necessary for using so many of the Amazon devices, such as the Amazon Echo, the Echo Spot, and other Alexa devices since to use these devices, you need the app for the set up process.

There are a few things that occur that is an indication that you’re stuck on the set up process. if you see that the app is stuck on a white screen or the ring light of the device isn’t turning orange. There are a few reasons that this issue may be occurring.

What Causes the App to be Stuck on Set Up?

Here are a few of the causes:

  • Compatibility- This issue occurs when you download the app on a phone that isn’t compatible with the Amazon Alexa app. The app may malfunction during set up and fail to work, which will cause you to be stuck in the set up step of setting up your Amazon Alexa device.
  • Incorrect Time and Date- If you have the wrong date and time on your phone, then this will cause the app to malfunction.
  • Smart Network Switch- Alexa users often report issues during set up when this feature is turned on. To avoid this, disable this feature during set up.
  • VPNs and AD guards- If your device that has the Alexa app installed on it has AD guards or a VPN, you should turn these features off during set up. They often interfere with the app during the set up process and make the app malfunction.
  • Outdated system- Users often report that their outdated system made the app pause or shut down mid set up.

Device Compatibility

If you have an older device, you should check to see if your device meets the requirements for the Alexa app to ensure that your device is compatible prior to set up. The Amazon Alexa app will work on devices with Android version 4.4 or higher. To check what Android version your device is, follow these steps:

1. Launch your Settings app. The app icon resembles a grey gear.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings menu and tap “About Phone.”

3. In About Phone, tap “Software Information.”

4. Look under the header under “Android Version” to see the number that your device is on. If it’s over 4.4, then the app should work fine on your device.

If your app is malfunctioning and your Android version is high enough, then device compatibility isn’t your issue.

Restart your Device

Restarting your device

Restarting your device usually fixes most minor issues when it comes to crashing apps or general phone issues. Restarting your phone usually helps you get rid of any temporary configuration issues that may be preventing your device from running smoothly. This usually helps with the overall performance of your device, especially if you haven’t restarted your device for a while. Press and hold on the power button on the side of your device and select the “Restart” option on your device.

Changing the date and time

If there’s a conflict with the date and time on your device, then the Alexa app will pause. To prevent you from having trouble during set up, you’ll have to fix the date and time, especially if it isnt on automatic. To put your date and time settings on automatic, here’s what you have to do:

1. Launch the Settings app on your phone. The app icon resembles a grey gear.

2. Scroll down the Settings menu and tap on “General Management.”

General Management section

3. In the General Management section, select Date and Time.

Automatic Date and Time

4. Make sure that the switch next to “Automatic Date and Time” is turned on so that the date and time is always correct on your device.

If this switch is already on, then the date and time isn’t the issue.

Disabling Smart Network

Not all devices have a Smart Network feature, however, if your device does, then you’ll need to turn this feature off. Here are the steps to disable Smart Network so that it can stop interfering with the set up process of your device:

1. Launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Enter the settings option that leads to your Wi- Fi. You might see a “Connections” or “Wi- Fi” section that you can tap on.

3. If your device has the Smart Network option, you’ll see a switch or a box that’s on or checked. Tap this to turn the function off.

4. Relaunch the Alexa app and continue with set up to see if you’re still stuck.

Uninstall the Amazon Alexa App

You might want to try uninstalling the app to see if this will solve your issues.

1. Open the Google Play Store. The icon resembles a multicolored triangle.

2. In the search bar, type in Amazon Alexa.

3. Tap on the app when it appears in your options menu.

4. Tap the green Uninstall button.

Reinstall it when it’s done uninstalling from your device and restart the set up process to see if this will solve it.

Update your Android System

Assuring that you have an updated system and updated apps is likely to fix any issues that you may be having. You’ll want to make sure everything is updated if you’re having issues setting up your Amazon Alexa device through the app. Here’s what you should do to assure that everything is updated:

1. Launch the Google Play Store on your device.

2. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for “Android System Webview.” The app icon should resemble a black gear with a blue circle in the middle of it.

3. When the app appears, you should be able to select “Update.”

Retry settings up via the Amazon Alexa app.

One of these options should help you continue with the Amazon Alexa set up process.