Airtel Sim Not Working in USA? Try These Fixes

Airtel Sim Not Working in USA

Artiel is a telecommunications company based in India. It is a telecommunications company that offers services that can be used in a vast number of countries around the world.

If you have an Airtel SIM in the USA and it is not working, there are several explanations and fixes for this problem.

Why is Airtel Sim Not Working in the USA?

You are in the United States and find out that your Airtel SIM is not working. What is causing the SIM to not work correctly in the USA? There might be problems with the SIM itself, which means that there might be damage to the SIM itself.

It might also be possible that the error is coming from Airtel. Since Airtel is an Indian-based company that offers its services to countries all around the world, there are protocols to ensure that every user gets what they need out of Airtel plans.

If you are traveling, make sure that you buy the correct roaming package for the country or countries you will be visiting. Let’s explore why your SIM is not working in the United States

1. There is a problem with the SIM

One reason why your SIM might not be working is that your SIM does not work properly. Your SIM might have been damaged by water or by a physical impact.

The connection with the SIM might also be damaged without being able to read the SIM you inserted into the phone. Make sure that the SIM you are using is in optimal condition.

Fix 1: Take out the SIM and check for any damage

The first thing you must do to see if there is anything wrong with the SIM is to expect the chip itself and check for any damage. Taking out the chip to see if there is anything wrong with it is important to see what is causing the problem with your SIM.

If there is a crack anywhere on the SIM or if you are able to see any water damage on the chip, this might be what is causing the error with the SIM.

Since chips are now so small for most modern phones, any damage, as small as it might be, can cause great problems on the chip.

While inspecting the SIM, make sure to note any differences in the color of the metal connections of the chip, cracks on the body of the chip, and even saline corrosion can create a short circuit on the SIM. Take as long as you need to check the SIM in its entirety.

Fix 2: Reinsert your SIM

Once you have taken out your SIM and checked to see if there is anything that might be causing trouble for the chip, try to reinsert your SIM onto the phone.

Reinserting the phone onto your phone will give you the chance to reload all of the available roaming services in the USA.

Even if after you checked to see if the SIM had any noticeable damage and there was none, it might be the case that the SIM was not inserted correctly in the beginning.

If you have previously taken out your SIM and reinserted it and there is still no improvement, try this fix a couple more times before you give up.

Fix 3: Check if your SIM is active

It might be the case that the SIM you are currently using is not activated yet. If the SIM you are using is too current, it might be the case that the process of activation has not been completed correctly.

The first thing you will want to do is insert the SIM into your phone while it is shut off. Turn on the phone, and if you are asked to insert a pin number, the default pin is 1234. After the phone is turned on, call *123# to activate the number.

If the number you are activating is not ported from another company, activate your Airtel SIM card by dialing 59059.

If you have previously activated your phone number and believe that there is no need to do so again, you might need to reconnect your number. You can do this online by emailing and explaining your circumstance.

You will need to provide your phone number on your email and any further information that they may ask for. Another solution will be to go to an Airtel store and activate your number in said store.

Since this is a store that is based in India and your problem refers to signal problems in the United States, you might be unable to do this. You might also want to head to Airtel’s site to see if there are any other means you might be able to contact the company.

Fix 4: Check your SIM connector

If you have tried everything else and there are still problems with your SIM, try to see if the problem is not with the SIM connector. The SIM connector is the part of the phone in which you insert your SIM.

Check to see if there is nothing that is causing problems when reading a SIM. This might be dirt trapped on the SIM connector, saline corrosion, or cracks in the connector. Since not all phones are able to open up completely, you may not be able to inspect the connector.

This is the case for phones like the iPhone, which have a compartment on their devices that opens on the side of the phone to insert your SIM.

If you are not able to see the inside of the connector, do not try to use tools like toothpicks or pins to insert it into the connector.

You might be able to clean the connector with a small cotton swab, but beware that parts of the cotton swab might be left behind on the connector.

If you can’t access the connector, the best thing to do is to take it to a service shop to have your phone serviced. Using computer dusters might clean your connector better than a cotton swab without infringing any damage on the connector.

Fix 5: Call customer service

If you have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working, contact customer service. After you have tried to fix the problem yourself and none of the fixes seem to be working, reach out for help.

If you call customer service and explain your situation they may be able to tell you what is causing trouble with your cellular connection. It might be that there is currently an error on their network, and none of their connections are working for the time being.

If there is no widespread error on their network, there may still be problems that are happening from their side. Contact customer service to let them know that there is a problem and let them handle the problem.

While you call customer service, you might be asked to perform certain tasks, so being in a place with a computer and internet might be necessary to fix your problem.

If you are completely unable to reach customer service through your phone device, try to reach them using your computer. The Airtel Thanks app is an app available for mobile devices in which you may reach out to customer service.

The app works with an internet connection, so if you are having problems with your mobile signal, connect to an available Wi-Fi connection. Reaching out to customer service is quite easy since there are many means available to do so.

After calling customer service, the odds are that you will get a reference number that deals with your case. You will be able to use this number to follow your case and see if the fixes were made.

2. Mobile service errors

It might be that the problem you are having is with the mobile service your phone is connected to while in the United States. Since there are no Airtel connections in the United States, the most likely service that your phone will use is AT&T.

The signal that your phone is receiving might be too weak for Airtel’s services to work. If you are having errors with the local service provider, there are various fixes you might want to try.

Fix 1: Move around to find an area with better service

If you are currently traveling through different areas in the United States, move around different areas to see if your connection becomes stronger. Areas with no connections are a possibility, even in urban places where telephone connections are widely available.

If your phone is currently only getting 1-2 bars, this might be what is causing the problem with your connectivity. Even if you are in a space in which you are not able to move around as much, there might be areas in the space that do not receive quality signals.

It might also be the case that the problem is not with the local service that is available in the United States but with Airtel. If the company is having problems with keeping up with the service of all its users, there might be problems popping up all around the world.

Fix 2: Turn on your phone’s roaming

Since the company Airtel is based out of India, whenever you find yourself in a foreign country, the service you receive will not be directly from Airtel.

If you are currently in the United States, you must first turn on your roaming option to receive a phone signal. If your roaming option is not turned on on your phone number, it will be unable to connect to networks outside of Airtel.

Head to your phone settings, and under cellular settings, turn on the roaming feature. Roaming means that even if you are outside of the service area from your server, the phone will be able to connect to other networks.

Roaming connections will react differently than the actual Airtel connection, so the functioning of the service might be very different than the one you are accustomed to. Roaming will also create extra charges on your phone bill, so keep that in mind.

Fix 3: Manually connect to an available mobile carrier

If your phone has the ability to connect to a mobile carrier manually, this might be something you will want to try. Depending on your cellular service and the phone you are using, the ability to connect to a network manually might not be available.

To see if you are able to connect to mobile service providers manually, go to your device settings. Under the cellular settings, you might find the option to connect to a cellular provider.

Once you are on the settings that make it possible to change your cellular provider, look for a connection that is strong and compatible. As previously stated, the most likely connection that is going to be available to you as an Airtel user is the AT&T connection.

Connect to the one that shows the strongest signal and most availability in your area. You might want to check and see what cellular connections are available in your area before you decide what service to connect to.

3. You did not pay for a roaming package

Even though the company does offer a great deal of roaming packages, you will still need to contract these packages before you travel. If you did not pay for a roaming package, your service would not be available outside of India.

Every roaming package is different for every single country, so make sure that you contact the correct roaming package before you go out of the country.

Fix 1: Head to Airtel’s site and select a roaming package

On the app or the site for Airtel, you will be able to see the roaming options that are available for the country you are visiting. If you have not previously chosen any roaming packages for your plan, your service will not be available outside of India.

On the Airtel Thanks app, you will be able to surf for different roaming packages for you to choose from. Once you choose a roaming package, you will be able to use your phone in the United States.

Depending on the amount of time and gigabytes that you will be connecting to a roaming connection, the plan that you decide to get will tailor to your needs.

4. There is unpaid balance

If you did not pay for your most recent bill, your service would not be available in the United States or any other country. Check your account on the app or the site to see if there are any outstanding balances.

If there is an outstanding balance on your account, you will not be able to use any of the services provided by Airtel.

Fix 1: Pay your bill completely

The logical fix for this problem is to pay any money you owe to the server. Artiel has plans that are prepaid and plans that are postpaid. Postpaid plans are plans that are paid monthly with certain texts, calls, and internet being granted to the users.

Payments can be done through the app, or they might also be done by the site. All the payments that you make on your account will be posted to have a log of all the payments you have made.

If you believe you have paid your bill the past month and yet there is no reference of the payment anywhere, reach out to customer service.

Once you call customer service, make sure that you have information about the payment available, such as bank statements. If your payment is not reflected anywhere on your account, it might be that your payment was not processed.

If the plan you have is a prepaid plan, it might be the case that you have used all of the provided messaging, calls, and internet.

You are also able to check the balance on your account by heading to the app or site. If you see that your current balance is zero or a negative value, this means that you have no means to use Airtel services.

Airtel is a communication company that is based out of India. This company has great plans that deal with international roaming. Since this is a locally based company, the service provided by Airtel will only be available in India.

If you are currently in the United States and are having trouble connecting to your Airtel SIM, there are many problems that cause a lack of service on your mobile device.

Maybe the SIM that you are using is damaged in ways that do not let the SIM work properly, the roaming connection that you are using is not working, or maybe you did not purchase a roaming package.

If you are having problems with your Airtel SIM, check your chip to see if there is any damage on it, check the balance on your account, make sure that your SIM is active, connect your phone to a roaming network, and contact the customer service is some of the ways you can try to fix your problem.

There is always a fix to your problems, even when you are far from home.

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