When your AirPods have stopped working, you can’t listen to music anymore which is the reason you bought your AirPods. You’ve just gone to put your AirPods into your ear and you realised that there’s no sound coming out.

You’ve put the AirPods in the case and pulled them out again, but for some reason, it’s not working. You’ve even turned Bluetooth off and on but it’s not working. Down below are some tips to fix this issue.

Why are my AirPods not Working?

There are a few reasons why your AirPods aren’t going to work. Your AirPods run on a W1 chip and if this isn’t working, you’re going to have problems with the earphones themselves.

The W1 chip is the new chip on the AirPods that controls their battery, sound, and allows it to connect to other devices. If this is broken, the rest of your AirPods aren’t going to work.

The next reason why your AirPods aren’t going to work is that there’s a software glitch. A software glitch is a short failure in the software that causes unexpected results for the AirPods.

This can cause the sound not to work for a short period of time which may be something you’re experiencing. The last reason your AirPods aren’t going to work is that they aren’t connected to your devices properly. If the Bluetooth connection isn’t there or it’s very weak, you’re going to experience issues with the AirPods. You can read all the possible solutions down below to fix the issues.

Connect the AirPods to the Device Properly

As I said earlier, one of the reasons why your AirPods aren’t going to work is that the connection between the AirPods and the music source is not apparent. Your earphones require a wireless connection to work because they don’t have any wires.

If you’re using your iPhone or iPad to connect to your AirPods, the connection is very simple and you can follow the steps below to do it. If you’re connecting your AirPods to your Mac, you can read the steps below that.

To connect AirPods to iPhone:

1. Get your AirPods charging case and open it

2. Tap on Connect on your iPhone or iPad

3. Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case

To Connect AirPods to Mac:

1. Click on System Preferences in the Apple menu

2. Click on Bluetooth

3. Wait for Bluetooth to turn on

4. Get your AirPods charging case and open the lid

5. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case

6. Do this until the light flashes white

7. Choose your AirPods and click Connect

After you’ve made the connection, you can play some audio to check if your AirPods are working properly. If they aren’t working properly, you can go to the next step. If they are working properly, you can carry on using your AirPods.

Reset AirPods

If your AirPods weren’t experiencing connectivity issues, the next thing you need to do is to reset the AirPods. A factory reset is going to wipe the AirPods and it’s also going to wipe any issues that come with it.

Factory reset means that it’s going to be taken back to the same condition that it was in in the factory, meaning that the AirPods are going to be fully wiped. When your AirPods are fully wiped, you can easily tell if the problem is a bug in the software and not anything permanent like a damaged chip.

To reset the AirPods:

1. Press and hold the setup button on the Charging Case

2. Let go if the setup button when the status light flashes orange, then flashes white

3. The AirPods are now reset to factory status

After you’ve reset your AirPods, you can try the steps above to connect them to another device. Once they connect, you can test out the AirPods and check if they work. If they didn’t work, go to the next step.

Reset Network Settings

If you’ve tried the steps above and none of them worked, you may still be experiencing connectivity problems and the best step to take in this situation is to wipe the network settings.

When you wipe the network settings, all the Bluetooth devices, WI-FI networks, and call settings are going to get wiped. If the network problems are wiped on the AirPods, this means that you’re going to be able to hear your AirPods again.

To reset network settings:

1. Go to the Settings app

2. Tap on General

3. Scroll down to Reset at the bottom

After you’ve reset your devices network settings, you can set up the Bluetooth connection between the AirPods and the iOS device after it’s been rebooted.

If the problem was connectivity issues, this should have got rid of them.