AirPods are Apple’s flagship headphones and they allow you to connect to your other Apple devices seamlessly. With AirPods, you can add them as an iCloud device so that you can sync them with all of your other Apple devices.

To connect your AirPods to your other devices, you’ll have to set them up as a Bluetooth device. If you’re connecting to your iPhone or Mac, you’ll see a pop up as soon as you open your AirPods which will allow you to connect them straight away.

When your AirPods are connected, you can put them back into the case to disconnect them straight away. Sometimes when you put your AirPods back into the case, it can still remain connected to your device. This means that your device’s audio doesn’t get routed to your external speakers, but to your AirPods instead. This can be frustrating but luckily there are ways to force your AirPods to disconnect when putting back into the case.

Turn Off Bluetooth

The first way to force your AirPods is to Turn Off Bluetooth on your device. AirPods need a Bluetooth connection to connect, so once the connection is lost, they’ll be forced to disconnect. To turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone or any other device, you have to go to settings and turn it off in Bluetooth. Once off, your AirPods will remain disconnected and once in the case, they won’t connect even if you turn Bluetooth back on.

Reset AirPods

If the problem persists each time you put your AirPods in the case, then you’ll have to reset them. There could be a software issue within your AirPods that don’t force them to disconnect when they’re put back in the. Resetting your AirPods will put them back in factory default mode – this is the same condition they were in when you first bought them.

To reset the AirPods:

1. Press and hold the setup button on the Charging Case

2. Let go if the setup button when the status light flashes orange, then flashes white

3. The AirPods are now reset to factory status

After you’ve reset your AirPods, you can connect them back to your device. Once they’re connected, you can place your AirPods back in the case and they should disconnect automatically.

Reset Network Settings

If this problem is happening with your iPhone, you can reset your network settings. The problem could be happening from your iPhone and resetting your network settings will help fix this. When you reset your network settings, it wiped the Bluetooth setting back to default so it may get rid of any issues with your AirPods.

To reset network settings:

1. Go to the Settings app

2. Tap on General

3. Scroll down to Reset at the bottom