AirPods Mic Not Working? Try These Fixes

Using your Airpods you can easily communicate via the built-in mic and communicate with others without having to touch your smartphone. As long as your smartphone is within Bluetooth range, you’ll be able to use the mic on your Airpods to effectively communicate with others. You can even walk around and carry out errands around your house, without having to pick up your phone.

Using the Airpods mic, your communication experience is taken to new heights as you’re provided with ease and feasibility. However, although Airpods have revolutionized the headphone industry, they aren’t perfect. It’s not uncommon for users to experience issues with their mic. Users usually experience this problem when attending a phone call. If you’re one of these people, you may find that your mic only works when you speak directly into it, which can be inconvenient. This isn’t what you want after you’ve spent so much money on your Airpods. Luckily, the problem can usually be easily fixed.

For the most part, new users of Airpods tend to experience this problem often. This may be due to the fact that new users are unaware of where exactly the Airpods mic lies, or due to other simple reasons, such as not positioning Airpods correctly. Whatever the case, you can usually fix mic problems from the comfort of your home. The troubleshooting methods below are easy to carry out, and only require a few moments of your time. In order to get started and fix the mic issues with your Airpods, follow the easy methods below.

What To Do If Your AirPod Mic Doesn’t Work

If your AirPods Mic doesn’t work, then you need to for phone calls but it works for other things, then you need to make a few adjustments to the mic that includes changing your settings. Some people buy their AirPods brand new with the mic not working on calls for the jump and for others the mic just deteriorates over time. If you’re in this situation, then you need to follow the steps below.

Locate the Mic on Your Airpods

You’ll be surprised to learn that not many people know where exactly the mic is on Airpods. You may be even more surprised to learn that you’re one of these people. The microphone is located on the bottom end of the device. You’ll notice it’s the silver thin part with the silver grills beneath it. The reason it’s important to know where the microphone lies is so you can be sure of the area that you want to speak into.

Position Airpods Properly

Now that you’ve ascertained where exactly the mic is on your Airpods, you have to be sue that you’re positioning them properly. Many people experience mic issues not due to a hardware or software problem, but rather because they simply aren’t positioning their Airpods correctly. Often users have the microphone end of their Airpods positioned straight down. This is a mistake. Ideally, you want to position your Airpods at an angle that points towards your mouth. Through this simple repositioning method, you’ll find that the person on the other end of your phone can hear you much better.

Adjust Bluetooth Settings

This is an unconventional solution, but one that often works for many people. When you use your Airpods mic, the default setting is set to automatically pull the input mic from one Airpod or the other. This can often cause a delay as your Airpods to decide which one should pick up what you’re saying. You can easily fix this problem through the settings on your phone by pulling the mic from one Airpod or the other. The process is very easy to carry out, and only requires a few moments of your time. In order to get started and adjust the mic settings of your Airpod, follow the simple instructions below.

1. Launch the Settings app. It has a grey background with an icon of a gear on it.

2. Tap on Bluetooth.

My Devices

3. Under My Devices, tap on your Airpods.

4. Tap on Microphone.

Always Left Airpod or Always Right Airpod

5. Tap on either Always Left Airpod or Always Right Airpod.

It’s as simple as that. This solution will often solve your mic problems. As you can see, it was very easy to carry out, and only required a few moments of your time. If you find that none of the solutions above worked, you may want to consider making a trip to the Apple Store.

If your warranty is still in effect, it’s likely Apple will fix your problem free of charge. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so avoid tinkering with your Airpods too much, otherwise you may cause further damage.