As most of you already know that AirDrop is a peer-to-peer technology for wireless content exchange across iOS and OS X devices. However, AirDrop is also being labeled as a technology that never works properly. Honestly, it is a tad harsh to label is as useless, but at the same time, users indeed face a lot of issues while using AirDrop.

Luckily, most of these AirDrop related problems that users encounter can be resolved easily. For instance, Mac users are always complaining about how the AirDrop doesn’t show up on their device. Again, this isn’t a major issue to be worried about. Have a look at the methods that can help you in sorting out this issue.

Are You Discoverable in AirDrop?

The first thing you need to be sure about is that if you are discoverable. Some users may not be aware of the fact that AirDrop has a few settings that control if others can see your iOS or Mac device. These setting will control who can see you and vice versa. For those who do not know, AirDrop use three discovery settings and they are:

Off: It means a complete cut off; no one will be able to see you.

Contacts Only: As the name suggests, people in your Contact list will be able to see your device in the AirDrop network.

Everyone: Everyone, whether they are in contacts or not, will be able to see your device on the AirDrop network.

Now, if you are having AirDrop related issues then you should consider keeping this setting to everyone. You can do that by:

1. Select AirDrop through Finder Window Sidebar or Finder’s Go Menu.

2. In the AirDrop Finder window that opens click on the text named Allow me to be discovered by:

3. Choose the option Everyone on the next screen.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled?

It may sound silly, but sometimes AirDrop not showing on the Mac is solely down to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth being disabled. It can happen to anyone so the best way to reassure is to check if both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled. If you find both these features enabled then you can turn them off for a few seconds and then enable them back. This little trick also pays off sometimes.

Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb:

One of the primary reasons why this issue occurs is due to Airplane mode or DND being enabled. You may have forgotten to disable either of these two features and that is why you could be encountering this issue. Do Not Disturb in iOS devices and on the Mac can prevent AirDrop from working correctly. The users will not get any AirDrop request and their device will become undiscoverable when the DND is enabled.

All you need to do is to double-check if the DND is enabled or not. Just click on the Notification menu bar item to bring up the Notification panel. Scroll upwards to reveal the DND Settings. Now simply toggle off the switch for DND to disable it. Doing this will likely address the AirDrop issue for you.

Go Old School:

Most of the Apple users may not be aware of the fact that it’s possible to use AirDrop on a Mac without having to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In reality, you can actually use AirDrop over Ethernet wire as well. This doesn’t only allow the Mac users with old devices to use AirDrop, but it can be one of the troubleshooting techniques if AirDrop isn’t showing up through a conventional way. Sure, it’s a tad long workaround, but it can be helpful then why not?

Is Mac’s Firewall blocking all incoming connections?

If you have enabled and set OS X’s software firewall feature to block all incoming connections, then it will affect the AirDrop as well. Enabling this setting means that you are blocking all sharing services, such as File Sharing, Screen Sharing, AirDrop and more, from receiving incoming connections. To stop OS X’s firewall to do that, you can:

1. Go to System Preferences.

2. Choose the option Security and Privacy.

3. Next, choose the option Firewall and then click Firewall options.

4. Now, untick the box next to Block all incoming connections. You must enter an administrator password to change this setting by clicking the lock in the lower-left corner of the window.


Many AirDrop users have successfully addressed the issues within the AirDrop by applying one of these tricks. You can try all of these trick one-by-one and one of them will surely deliver from you. Remember, this issue isn’t a major one and can be addressed by the users on their own. Do not pay any money for third-party apps to get this issue addressed.