Emojis can express a range of tones and emotions fairly well, not as well as conversation, but enough to make a point. You can change the tone of a message that might sound rude to someone not in on the conversation, but slap a “laughing” emoji in there and, suddenly, it’s a joke between friends. However, emojis tend to be too simple–graphically basic. That’s where message stickers come in to spice things up.

Message stickers aren’t really any better than using emojis to convey a specific tone or emotion, maybe slightly considering stickers can often come with text. Instead, it brings a better, much more appealing graphical quality than any basic-looking emoji ever could. Why use a “smiling” emoji when you can use the face of your favorite cartoon character smiling, instead?

You can happily go on using emojis for as long as you want, but message stickers offer a far better fun factor to messages that emojis wish they could be. Luckily, for everyone, message stickers are available for both Android and iOS.

A caveat to understand, first. Message stickers aren’t normally installed by default. You’ll need to visit your device’s parent store for them. Once they’re downloaded, they’re immediately made available to you. There’s hundreds and hundreds to choose from that are both paid for and free. As far as content goes, one could argue the selection is just as diverse as the app store itself. Stickers are always being added. They aren’t going anywhere soon.

Furthermore, it’s important you download sticker packs to the matching messaging app. Most, if any, won’t work across all messaging apps. If you want a sticker pack for something like WhatsApp, you’ll have to download WhatsApp sticker packs. This includes all messaging apps and sticker packs.

Downloading Message Stickers with Android Devices

Again, stickers aren’t always made available by default. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find some on the Google Play Store. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open the Google Play Store app.

2. In the search bar at the top, punch in Stickers.

message stickers android

3. Select the sticker packet that looks the most appealing.

4. Tap Install. The download will begin. The stickers will now be made available for use.

Adding Message Stickers with Android Devices

Adding message stickers to your conversation is easy. Once you get the hang of it, that’s all you’ll be sending. Why hold a meaningful conversation when you can passively-aggressively send your friends and family a sticker that partially conveys your feelings? Here’s what you do to get started:

1. Open your preferred messaging app.

2. Select the person you’d like to send a sticker to.

3. At the bottom-left corner, depending on your Android device, tap the “+” icon or Google G icon.

4. In the image menu, scroll to the stickers category. Its icon is a peeling sticker with a face. You can choose any stickers that are currently available.

Tap the message sticker and Send

5. Tap the message sticker and Send. No adhesive required. If you didn’t find the stickers you were looking for, head on over to the Google Play Store and snag some from there. You can find out how under the “Downloading Message Stickers with Android Devices” section below.

Downloading Message Stickers with iOS Devices

Downloading message stickers with your iOS device isn’t much different, if at all, to an Android device, except with an Apple aesthetic. Here’s what you do:

1. Open Messages.

2. Select the person you’d like to send a sticker to.

3. Near the bottom, select the grey App Store icon made from artist’ utensils.

Click the App Store icon

4. Select the blue App Store icon. The App store screen will show up.

Download stick pack iOS

5. Download your desired message stickers packet. The stickers will be made available when the download is complete.

Adding Message Stickers with iOS Devices

Adding message stickers to your iOS device is nearly identical to Android devices. And it’s done this way:

  1. Open Messages.

2. Select the person you’d like to send a sticker to.

3. Select the App Store icon, made from artist’ utensils.

4. Select a sticker currently available. When you’re ready, send it to an unsuspecting friend. If you don’t find any stickers here, you’ll need to install a sticker pack.

Stickers can be more than just a silly graphic. Message stickers are a great way to accentuate a conversation, especially a conversation that needs some extra weight–a point. They don’t always have to be funny. Telling a person you love them can be much more endearing and impactful if you send off a lovely sticker of kisses and hugs.

And it goes without saying, messaging stickers, like emojis, can turn a potentially harmful message into an inside joke. Tag responsibly.