There is a misconception among the masses that Apple’ updates are monotonous, nothing changes, nothing improves. To clarify this misconception, one should read the features introduced by iOS 10 and iOS 11. They are a true reflection of how Apple is continuously evolving its devices. Both iOS 10 and iOS 11 not only introduced new features, but there was a massive improvement in different apps’ functionality too.

Group message was one of the features introduced with iOS 10. It instantly caught the eye of many users; mainly the young people who prefer texting over the phone calls. To be able to hit up all of your friends in one fell swoop in a single text is indeed an amazing tool to have in your iPhone and iPad’ arsenal. Now, you won’t have to separately ask everyone’s approval for some hangout plan.

All you need is to create a group and then add all the relevant people in it. The people in the group would be able to see all the messages and replies even if your message is directed towards a particular person in the group. In short, there is no privacy in group messages. Here is how you can add someone to group messages on the iPhone.

How to Group Text People Using iPhone:

1. Launch the Message App on your iPhone.

2. If the app opens to the main screen then fine. If it opens in a conversation window then tap the back arrow in the top left corner to go to the main screen.

3. Now tap the New Message icon which is located at the top right of your screen.

4. Now you would be able to add a recipient or recipients in the field TO. If the recipients are already in your contact list then simply type their name followed by a tap on the icon + that shows across their name. you would have to separately add the recipients’ name in the field TO.

5. If the recipients aren’t in your contact list then you would have to type in their numbers. If the recipient is using an iPad or iPad Touch then you would have to provide their Apple ID. You would have to separately type in the numbers and Apple IDs for different recipients.

6. Now type in the message you in the Message Field. It is up to you what you want to type. It is recommended that you greet and inform all the recipients regarding the members of the group and the reason why you created the group.

7. Tap on the option Send. The message will channel across all the name or numbers/Apple IDs listed in the field TO.

This is a text group message which means that both Android and Apple users can be a part of it. This group will be able to entertain iMessages only from the members that have iPhone, rest would be charged as per their carrier charges.

You would be able to differentiate between iPhone and other OS users by the tick that appears next to the message. If it is green then the person isn’t receiving/sending text as iMessages. If it is blue then it is the iMessage.

Group Name:

There will be an automatically generated group name (Name of all the members) which you can change later. It is entirely up to you whether you’d like to change the name or not but changing it to a proper name would give a better outlook. Here is how you can re-name the group.

1. Open the Messages App on your iPhone.

2. Open the group chat you want to rename.

3. Tap the icons of the people in the chat at the top of the screen. Then tap the Info icon.

4. Now tap on the option Enter a Group Name.

5. Type in the name e.g. Family group, Friends Group, or Colleagues and then tap on the option Done.

Mute, Leave, and Remove someone From the Group:

If you have mistakenly added someone irrelevant or you yourself are a part of a group that doesn’t interest you then you can mute, remove, or leave the text message group with relative ease. Here is the process:

To Mute:

1. Go to the Messages App.

2. Open the group chat you want to mute.

3. Tap on the Group Name at the top of your screen. It will display a group of icons.

4. Tap on the Information icon.

5. You would see the option Hide Alerts on the screen. Toggle it on and the notifications from the group would be muted.

6. You can also swipe left on the group (in all conversations list). It would allow you to enable Hide Alerts directly.

To Leave:

1. Go to the Messages App.

2. Open the group chat you want to leave.

3. Tap on the Group Name at the top of your screen. It will display a group of icons.

4. Tap on the Information icon.

5. Tap the option Leave this Conversation.

To Remove:

1. Go to the Messages App.

2. Open the group chat from which you want to remove someone.

3. Tap on the Group Name at the top of your screen. It will display a group of icons.

4. Tap on the Information icon.

5. Now you will see the list of people involved in the group. Swipe left on the person’s name to remove them from the group.

6. Only the group creator (admin) can prompt this action. Also, you won’t be able to remove a person from the group if total participants in the group are less than four. There must be at least three people in the group to remove a contact.

So, that’s how you can Add/Remove people to/from the group message. The article also explained how to mute the group chat, and how to remove someone from the group chat too. There is no limit on adding people in a group text, but if you create an MMS group then the limit to add people would be ten (including you).