Signature at the end of the email was once considered a cool thing. Later, it became more of a professional thing, and hence its usage became less. Likewise, people start using signatures for text messages too. For example, there was a trend where people were putting Sent via Blackberry at the end of their messages. Blackberry’ fame evaporated and so did the trend.

Many iPhone users use their phones for professional/business purposes. Adding a signature at the end of a text message or iMessage gives it more of a professional look. Therefore, many people prefer to use it as a necessity rather than a trend. You would think that you will go to iPhone settings where you will be able to add a signature in text messages just like you do for mail, don’t you? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, there is no direct way to add a signature to text messages on the iPhone.

The good news, however, is that you still can add a signature to the text message by using alternative methods. Sure, they are a bit trickier and not as straightforward as adding a signature to emails, but they aren’t as difficult as you would think. Just comprehend the guideline below and you will be able to crack the code.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut to your Advantage:

Since there is no direct way on inserting a signature, using a keyboard shortcut is perhaps your best bet. It will take a moment to set up a keyboard shortcut but then you will be able to use it forever. Here is what you are required to do:

1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the option General.
Locate the option Keyboard and tap on it

3. Locate the option Keyboard and tap on it.
Text Replacement

4. You will see an option Text Replacement on the screen; tap on it.

5. Now tap on the + icon located at the top-right of your screen.
Phrase and Shortcut

6. Now you will see two option on your screen; Phrase and Shortcut.

7. Next to the Phrase field, you will be able to type whatever you like to keep as a signature. Keep the signature short and avoid using a long line/phrase etc.

8. Next to Shortcut field, you can provide 2 or 3 letters that will bring up the signature within a text. For example, if your signature is Stay Blessed then you can use SB in the shortcut field.

9. Once done, tap on the option Save located at the top-right of your screen.

The shortcut has been made now so you can try it in the text messages. You can do it by:

1. Open the Message app.

2. Create a new message.

3. Compose your message. Once the message is composed, use the shortcut letters (SB) to bring up the signature (Stay Blessed).

4. Hit send, your receiver will get the message with a signature at the end.

This is far from a perfect or direct method, but it is the best you can improvise. The other alternative is using a third-party app. There is a good number of people who do not prefer using third-party apps. For them, the keyboard shortcut is the best option. However, if you can trust a third-party app then you can search the App Store as many apps can be assistive in inserting signatures to texts.

Additionally, some tweaking methods can also help, but they only work on jailbroken iPhones. Jailbreaking an iPhone just to add a signature to text messages would be naïve, and therefore, it is not recommended. Jailbreaking is also illegal in many countries which makes the tweaking methods irrelevant. However, if your iPhone is already jailbroken then you can search for these methods.

Signature in emails makes more sense than a signature in text messages. Perhaps, that is the main reason that iPhone’ Mail app accommodates signature but text messages or iMessages don’t. iOS 13 is expected to make several changes, and hopefully, adding a signature to text messages would be one of them.