In an age where just about everyone owns a home computer and a smartphone in their pockets, having access to easy-to-use graphic design tools was a natural step. And since smartphones are, more often than not, equipped with cameras, the ability to edit on the fly is far more valuable than ever.

Editing tools come in various shapes and sizes: desktop programs, mobile apps and even dedicated websites where you don’t have to download their program.

Several programs listed are entirely free, offering more options if you opt for their subscription, and others are paid for upfront with all its bells and whistles.

Sometimes you only need a border for your photos, a touch of color around a memorable moment. These programs, ranging from online to app, can serve that singular purpose and more.

1. Canva

Not everyone wants to download a dedicated program for something as simple as a border. Canva can be your go-to, with free templates and designs, but also offer the opportunity to buy additional tools and styles.

And signing up is easy. You can sign in to Canva through your Facebook account, if you own one, or a Google account if you own one. It’s free to sign up either way.

Choosing to sign up through Facebook will prompt a small box from Facebook. If your Facebook account doesn’t allow platform apps, it will ask to turn it on for Canva.

Signing up through Google will also prompt a small box. You’ll be asked to choose which account to sign up with.

  1. Select Create A Design. This is near the upper left corner of your preferred web browser. From here, you’ll be given a list of templates to choose from, from business card templates to poster size.
  2. Choose which template best fits your needs. Canva will then send you to their online tools. On the left-hand side, you’ll see several tabs that open menus of their own. upload photo
  3. Click Uploads tab. This will allow you to upload a picture.
  4. Select Elements.boarders
  5. In the search field, type Borders. Here, you can stretch, shrink, rotate, enlarge and move your borders where you see fit.

2. Fuzal Collage

For editing on the go, you can rely on Fuzal Collage, offered on both Android and iOS. Fuzel Collage keeps it simple with its minimalist interface as well as allowing over 20 frames and borders completely free.

  1. Select + sign near the bottom. This will allow you to add a photo.
  2. select the photo of your choice.frames
  3. Select Frames.
  4. Edit your borders to how you see fit.

Fuzal Collage offers paid packs for new editing options, however, it also encourages participation by having a weekly challenge where you can win a chance at free credits. These credits can be redeemed for more editing options.

3. LunaPic

When you aren’t looking for something fancy, just a colored border, look no further than LunaPic.


  1. Select Upload near the top left corner.
  2. Choose File. It will be uploaded instantly.
  3. Hover over Borders and select Border Tool. The photo you uploaded will carry over. Another drop-down menu, Tiled, gives you options for different textures and, if you so desire, a color from a color wheel.thickness of boarder
  4. Alter Thickness of border. This will allow you to decide the thickness of your border by altering
  5. Click Save located below your photo. Your photo will download automatically.

4. ShakeItPhoto


Polaroid frames were the norm when smartphones were a pipe dream. This vintage aesthetic is brought back in one of two ways: buy a Polaroid camera or download ShakeItPhoto.

ShakeItPhoto is an iOS device that doesn’t do anything else, but add that vintage flair to your photos.

5. Microsoft Paint

Yes, this dinosaur of a program can easily add a border with a few simple clicks.

fill color

  1. Select Bucket Tool. This will allow you to choose a color and fill the blank canvas. Or you can upload two separate photos, perhaps a textured one of your choice that fits in the background.
  2. Click the Clipboard icon to upload a photo. Underneath is a small arrow.paste from
  3. In this drop-down menu, select Paste From.desired thickness
  4. Crop the borders to your desired thickness.


PiZap is another online website that offers editing tools, much like Fuzal and Canva. Its easy-to-use interface is incredibly handy and useful for creating collages.

There are a few tidbits to know about PiZap before you use it. It does allow you to test it out before you even bother signing up, but you’ll want to create an account–it’s free–if you wish to save the images you’ve edited.

Like the other services previously mentioned, PiZap offers many free options to choose from but follows the same practice of premium designs for users.

To begin, PiZap will ask you where you’re getting your photo from.

  1. Choose your photo destination. After choosing, you’ll see your photo and the various tools available.boarders icon
  2. Click the Borders icon. It looks like a picture frame. From there you’ll be given several categories of borders to choose from.
  3. Decide on the border you want by clicking.
  4. Click Save and follow the process. The picture can then be saved to your desktop.