Surfing the web can be filled with ads if you aren’t using an ad-blocking software. The ads now are more annoying than ever and can even block content that you are trying to see on a site. Because of this, the ad blocking industry is growing fast and has went from a nice tool to have to almost being a necessity in todays online experience.

Ads can be hacked, and malware can be put into the ads directly, which makes it a really good idea to block ads as well. Two of the biggest and best names in the ad blocking industry are Adblock and Adblock Plus. Surprisingly, these two products have no connection to each other even though their names are almost identical. They both function similarly and do the same thing as one another. So, if they are both similar in name and function, which one is the better choice?

Using Adblockers

Using adblockers while surfing the web is becoming more and more popular and not for no reason. Ads can be invasive, annoying and can block the content on your screen which can make it difficult to navigate certain sites. A lot of websites rely on ad revenue to pay for the site and pay the people that work for them. Some people say that these ad blockers are a way of preventing websites from getting ad revenue, and others say that if ads weren’t controlled by third party ad services and weren’t so intrusive and the websites controlled the ads themselves there would have never been the creation of ad blockers to begin with.

Hackers can crack the servers that these third party ads work from and can inject malware ads to the servers and they end up looking like legitimate ads and end up going to websites just like regular ads. The ad model that is followed online now is extremely obnoxious and because of this, the ad blocking industry will continue to grow. Even if you don’t mind seeing the ads covering your screen and websites taking longer to load, you still might want to look into ad blockers to protect yourself from an ad server that has been injected with malware.

Adblock vs. Adblock Plus Features

Adblock Plus was the first ad blocking extension that was made for Firefox and quickly grew in popularity and was made available for all the mainstream web browsers. Adblock came out after Adblock Plus and began as a Chrome extension instead of Firefox. It was also made by one person instead of a company like Adblock Plus.

Both of these ad blocking programs are extremely similar in the way they look, feel, and function. They both offer whitelists, blacklists, counters, tracking control, infected domain warnings, and other features. Both of these programs also allow what they call acceptable ads and also have blockers for Facebook and YouTube ads. They both use the same ad filter which means that if one will block an ad the other will as well. Same goes for acceptable ads. If one finds an ad acceptable so will the other.

Adblock does have one feature that Adblock Plus does not. In Adblock you can right click on an add to block that ad. Just right click on the ad and select the Block Element option. As long as the creator of the ad isn’t paying the ad blocker to ignore it, it will block the ad when you do this. So, when it comes to features Adblock wins out over Adblock Plus.

Adblock vs. Adblock Plus for Usability

Just like any other program you use, the easier it is to use, the more successful it will probably become. Both of these programs are simple to understand and use, so that’s a plus. Neither of them take long to download and install. They both also don’t require you to do any additional set up or setting changes unless you want to. You can turn both off the same way as well by clicking on the icon in your browser. These two programs also allow you to create blacklists to block sites and whitelists to allow sites along with being able to customize other options.

When you click on the icon in your browser both will show you plenty of options and info. The Adblock Plus program does show you how many ads were blocked on the current page while Adblock doesn’t do this. So, when it comes to usability Adblock Plus squeezes in just ahead of Adblock.

Adblock vs. Adblock Plus Performance

The only real difference between these two programs in performance would have to be that Adblock seems to be a little slower than Adblock Plus when you have multiple tabs open in your browser. Adblock Plus seems to deal with multiple tabs better and doesn’t have a noticeable difference in browsing speed like with Adblock. So, performance wise Adblock Plus takes the cake because it can handle a bigger work load than its competitor.

Final Thought on Adblock and Adblock Plus

It is really up to you which one of these fits your needs the best. But, if you weigh the performance, usability, and each of their features it’s a tight race. The winner would have to be Adblock Plus though when you take all of these things into account.